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Dell S2421HS 24" 1080p IPS 75hz AMD FreeSync (Height and Angle Adjustable) $162.10 Delivered @ Dell AU


Great value monitor, especially for those who aren't planning on using an external VESA mount as this is height and angle adjustable.

Also the HN (not height adjustable) for $148.05 here

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    Can also still get the 27" S2721HN from eBay for $188

    Good value for money.

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      Yeah that's excellent value. Probably the cheapest 1080p IPS 27" monitor right now. Personally I'm not a huge fan of 27" FHD monitors as I sit fairly close to my monitor, but great option for those who don't need high pixel density/sit further away from their monitor.

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        Agree with you on that. 2 x 24" would have suited me better. But I had already brought it from the last deal.

        But overall great screens for the price, also has duel HDMI inputs if you use two devices.

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          duel HDMI inputs: Place your bets and watch the devices fight over it. =)

    • Need this price on the dell site to use a dell advantage coupon

    • Given the adjustable stand is usually $80 more, I think OP’s deal is much better than this eBay one. Also this non-adjustable stand one is $40 cheaper on the Dell website with the codes.

  • Dual HDMI (HN) or HDMI+DP (HS)?

    I didn't think the extra bandwidth of DP 1.2 vs HDMI 1.4 would be worthwhile on a FHD monitor. But I could be missing something…

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      Generally people tend to like DisplayPort better but I think the larger difference you're paying for are the monitor stands

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      DP matters for nVidia users, no FreeSync with HDMI

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      Depends on the devices and cables you have. Do you have some devices that use DisplayPort. At 1080p and without freesync support, it doesn't really matter.

      At 1440p, it gets a bit tricky, if you have older Intel based systems without discrete GPU. That's because some old Intel HD graphics only supports 1440p and better on DisplayPort. Even in Intel NUC 8th gen, the HDMI port technically is wired to a DisplayPort with LSConn chip.

  • is FHD better or IPS panel?

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      FHD is the screen resolution which is 1080p (the standard for 24" monitors, you won't find many monitors with a higher screen resolution as there's not really much point). IPS is the panel type. The main panel types are TN, VA and IPS. For the average person, IPS>VA>>>TN.

      This monitor is both FHD and IPS.

      • you won't find many monitors with a higher screen resolution as there's not really much point

        P2415Q. All laptop UHD screens are lower than 24”. Resolution dictates rendering quality. For comparison, iPad Air, now sold with laptop adaptor, has 264ppi.

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        So rule of thumb is go for IPS. I see many deals with QHD etc..is it different or superior quality than IPS?

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          QHD describes the screen resolution, which for QHD is 1440p (compared to 1080p for FHD).

          IPS is the type of panel used in the monitor (as caffeine69 mentioned).

          What you use your monitor for will dictate which resolution to aim for (1080p, 1440p, or 4k), and which type of panel it should have (IPS,VA,TN).

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          QHD is resolution, it's higher than 1080p (1920 x 1080, that is 1920 columns of pixels across the screen, and 1080 rows of pixels down the screen; the amount of dots horizontally and vertically)

          IPS is screen type, as mentioned above 3 main screen types are IPS, VA, TN.

          QHD, is quad hd, generally 2560x1440.

          As a note for comparison:

          HD (High Definiteion) is 720p (1280x720)
          FHD (Full High Definition) is 1080p (1920x1080)
          QHD (Quad High Definition) is 1440p (2560x1440)
          UHD (Ultra High Definition; also commonly known as 4k (newer TV's) is 2160p (3840x2160)

          These are all in the generic 16:9 aspect ratio (standard widescreen) There are other ratios, ignore those for now. Remember the old TVs that were square in shape? 4:3 ratio :)
          Hope that helps, without being too over the top with info.
          Also, other correct anything I've written here.

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    What's the point of having this on sale when they can't deliver?

    Been waiting for my order for more than a month and still no news.

    • Is it really that bad? I ordered this monitor on 2 Oct and it arrived on 13 Oct.

      • Are you serious? Mine took more than a month!!

        • No worries. Same with you.

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        I ordered this monitor on 13th Oct and status is still "In Production".
        Estimated ship date 11th Nov.

        I expected about a month, so if they deliver by the 11th I'll be happy.

    • I got mine in 4 days after ordering.

  • Would it be worth getting 2x of these or waiting unitl black friday? I don't see how there could be any better deals tbh

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      Was thinking of the same exact thing. Gut feel tells me there will be similar or better deals during BF/CM, I'm not in a rush so I might take a punt and wait. Keen to know what others think, perhaps from someone who had the same dilemma last year.

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      I highly doubt that prices for this monitor will go under this on black friday, especially since Australia tends to get fairly average BF deals when compared to the U.S. At the most I can see this reaching $155ish but even that's a stretch. You're getting pretty good value at this pricepoint

      • Agreed.

        Plus I feel like if it's already taking them a month or more to produce and ship, if you order during black friday sales it might take closer to 2 months for them to make enough to fill the orders.

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    Waiting for the 2721DS, although now 24” FHD is tempting at this price

    • Got the 2721DS during the $292 deal last time :)
      Also got to apply my $45 Dell Advantage coupon too.

      • Good price, was that from the lima deal?

    • Yup waiting the the 27 D/DS! missed the last deal!

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          lol. But all I need is an Ebaygiftcard and I can have that monitor ;)

    • Just get this now and when the 2721DS deal comes you can grab that as your main, and use this as your secondary ;)

  • I got this from early October deal. Good monitor for home office setup. Adjustable stand is very useful, but I don't think vertical setup is useful for 16:9 screen.
    I wished i got 27" one because of poor eyesight.

    • Why is vertical not useful for 16:9, is it too wide or too thin for vertical? I have an old 16:10 vertical which is nice, just wondering how 16:9 would be different.

      • I find it's too thin and not comfortable.

        • What do you think is ideal?

          • @s1Lence: I have this monitor and feel the same. I think a 27" 16:9 would have enough width for vertical

  • That code thou/

    • No, You're Breathtaking!

  • thanks! Dell is good and especially at this price!

  • Looks like a good deal! If only it was black, silver monitor is just weird to me lol

  • I ordered the same model last month at the same price. Use as second monitor with my MacBook Pro, no issue at all. I love the height adjustable feature as well. Probably the best monitor under $200! And don’t forget shopback.

  • Just confirming this is vesa mount supported right? Cheers

    • From the user manual:.

      VESA mounting holes (100 mm x 100 mm-behind attached VESA cover)

      • Awesome cheers!!

        • It arrives already uncovered for mounting.

  • I got this on the last deal and I have it connected to my MacBook Pro via 1080p but the system UI seems large and blurry/fuzzy text. I’ll have to have a look at the settings again

      • Haha thanks. I did this just now and I can finally use my current monitor (u2715h) with no upscaling! :O

  • Thanks OP, bought 2 for the office!

  • Bought as Second Screen, Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP!
    Estimated delivery by 4 December 2020

    • indeed!

      FYI who wants to order - i also got a status / ETA of 3-Dec-2020…

  • Thanks OP! Bought two screens - this should last for a while.

    Estimated to Arrive By: Dec 4, 2020 - it is gonna be a long waaaaaiiiiitttt!

  • I ordered this monitor mid October and it just missed the original estimated ship date (yesterday). So at least a month wait should be expected.

  • Although this is expired, adding information for anyone searching later…

    I finally ordered on 30 November 2020 and the expected delivery date is 6 March 2021.

    Although I'm surprised by this I'm also reasonable OK with it, since this is being bought as a spare… well, really to make another old monitor a spare. If it was something I needed quickly then I'd be looking for a refund.

  • Anyone got an email from Dell advising a delayed shipping? mine went from mid December to early March 2021.

    Wanted to know if anyone successfully got a refund because of this. imo 4months is way too long.