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Omnidesk Pro 2020 Electric Standing Desk $720 (20% off) + Free Cable Management Bar (RRP $35) + Shipping @ OmniDesk


20% off base spec - now just $720 (was $900) - but discount applies to any spec (e.g. larger desk size) you create
Free cable management bar (RRP $35)
This is marketed as their Halloween sale, however I'm aware these desks are often on sale for 20% off and also aware of the $399 Black Friday 2019 sale.

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    I want one but I did say i'd hold out to get the black friday deal.. i'm sure they've made bank with selling these over the work from home surge earlier this year so let hope they get closer to the Black Friday deal.

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    Still very expensive for the large bamboo desktop option at about $1200, not sure its worth it over the alternatives. If you get a frame from groupon and a beech or bamboo table top from ikea you can basically get the same specs for about $520

  • Waiting for the wood options.

    I want one in front and one behind me so it'll be costly.

    • Have they said they’re releasing more options other than bamboo?

      • Yeah, they sent me an email and looks like it's out in other regions.

  • That PC mount is so tiny. Jesus. I've got an Ncase M1, and it still is too big.

    • doubt it is for any normal rig. should be meant to be for office m-atx builds without gpu's and etc.

      • Mine is a Matx build. It's a tiny 12L build.

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      The point is to be able to stand.

  • is there a frame only version of this? I have the IKEA benchtop and looking for a standing desk frame.

    Interested to buy one, but $720 is too expensive

    • There is. search omnidesk in ozbargain. They were selling that sometime last year.

    • The finish and weight of it is worth the cost. I've had cheaper desks and now couldn't go back after owning an omni desk

      • Thanks for sharing your experience.
        I'll wait until if there is any Black Friday sale.

      • Ditto. Bought the big one earlier this year and absolutely love it. Switching to standing is such a luxury!

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    I have the the Omnidesk Pro 2020 edition with 72' top.
    Got it with a PC mount and it also came with the cable management bar.
    Loving it so far. Happy to answer any questions.

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      Any wobble issues when raised? Do your monitors or anything shake when typing or mousing around? The IKEA IDESAN has legendary stability at height, unlike the BEKANT.

  • Absolutely worth it. Best desk I've used. Happy with the straight edge version.

    • Any downsides? Have you used the BEKANT or IDESAN?

      • I haven't used those desk sorry. Only downside is if you sit with the desk in a low position, the center bar can get in the way of your knees if you sit very close. Most desk seem designed this way though.
        The desk has a very premium feel and I really like the black desk surface. Coming from a mid priced IKEA desk it was night and day.

  • Got it on the last black friday sale (not for $399 though!) and very happy with it.

    • what size desk did u get? hoping for a black friday sale this year!

  • I know this probably isn't the right forum, but if anyone wants a brand new (still sealed in box) Omnidesk 72" / 183x76cm signature ergo-curve desktop in black, PM me. They didn't collect it after I had issues with my order and I ended up getting a bamboo desk from another company, so I still have the top sealed in a box in my garage from a few months ago. You'll just need legs :-) Even factoring in the cost of legs, you'll pay less than $720.

    Funnily enough, I was going to dump it last week, then I had a thought about putting it on the Classifieds section of OZB but haven't had a chance to as I was away on the weekend. Good timing I guess!

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      This would go well with the current Dual Motor deal.

      • Yup, for sure. I don't see why you'd need to spend extra on an Omnidesk specific frame so whatever works to bring down the costs I say!

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      How much do you want for it? I'm in Sydney.

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        Just PM'd you

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    Compared to the Ausergo offer, this seems a bit pricey.

    Both have 3-5 yr warranty. I guess the omni desk's desk looks a bit more sleek.

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