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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5kw $825 + $100 Cashback - Free Shipping to Selected Metro Cities @ House of Air Conditioning


Hi everyone,

We still have a launch promo special for our fellow Ozbarginers - OZBARGAIN50 ($50 OFF). This coupon can also be used for all other brands on our website!
We offer free shipping to selected Metro cities, if you're unsure, please message us and we can confirm the delivery. :)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is also doing a cashback promotion at the moment as well. For example by using the $50 off code on our website:

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5kW SRK25ZSA-W AVANTI for $825 + $100 CASHBACK
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 3.5kW SRK35ZSA-W AVANTI for $979 + $100 CASHBACK
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 5kW SRK50ZSA-W AVANTI for $1,349 + $150 CASHBACK
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 7.1kW SRK71ZRA-W BRONTE for $1,619 + $200 CASHBACK
    and so on.

Please feel free to use our interactive air conditioner buying guide on selecting the right system for your room (please also consult with your qualified installer).
If you're looking for a other models of Air Conditioner, please feel free to message us and we can help source it for you (we're in the process of adding LG split systems onto our website as well).


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  • When you say message you re the shipping, do you mean on the website or here?
    In case it's here, we're in San Remo NSW 2262.

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      Hi Stacey,

      You can message here or the website. And we provide free shipping to San Remo NSW. :)

      Kind Regards,

      • Hey John,
        Still assesing our options but we're looking at SRK35ZSXA-W but the Mitsubishi website states that the WIFI adaprter is sold seperately. Is this something you stock? Or do any of the airconditioners come WIFI enabled already?

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          Hi Stacey,

          Yes we do stock the wifi adapter and our price is $205 including GST.
          We’re about to launch the LG split system range on our website and they come wifi enabled. Let me know if you would like more information on them. :)


  • Perth 6000??

  • Hi John,

    Great timing - I was just on the phone to our insurance company about a faulty split system - I probably have to wait for them now, but hoping they will just pay us out so we can manage the replacement ourselves… I have a few questions, if that's ok?

    A) How long is your promotion running for?

    B) How much is shipping to Perth?

    C) Looking for a Hitachi RAS-E25YHA (have heard nothing but glowing reviews from several aircon techs about Hitachi) - this is going into our bedroom, so it needs to be whisper quiet. Assuming you can ship to Perth, what can you offer on Hitachi?



    • Hi Trevor,

      That's fine! I am happy to help out as much as I can. :)

      A) We don't have an expiry as of yet as we're new. However, the MHI promotion ends December 31.

      B) Flat rate of $60 to Perth.

      C) Yes, they are a very good system as we have installed many before. Our price on the website is the best price we can offer, as we're already giving $50 off. :)

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Kind Regards,

      • Thanks John. Yes, with the $50 code the price is indeed the best I have been able to find, as there doesn't seem to be anyone on the West Coast that stocks them. Shipping is very reasonable too, really appreciate that :-)

        Any idea of usual time for shipping to Perth? I'm still waiting for the insurance tech to inspect the old unit, but I'm going to call the insurer tomorrow to see if there's any issue with me going ahead and just getting reimbursed if the insurance claim goes through ok. It was only 37° last Friday and that was unpleasant enough with only the one A/C unit at the other end of the house functional :-/

        • Hi Trevor,

          Usual time will be 5-6 working days once dispatched, however due to the current pandemic, I believe it might just take a little longer by a couple of days!
          And not a problem, whenever you're ready. :)

          Kind Regards,

          • @John-HouseofAC: Hi John,

            Just two more questions, if that's ok?

            The first one is easy - do you sell brackets for condensers? I'm evaluating wall vs roof brackets, preferably in stainless…

            Secondly, the A/C technician came out today and they've confirmed it was storm damage (yay), but he was very negative about the Hitachi units, saying parts are difficult to source and extremely expensive. He was very complimentary about MHI. I am slightly suspicious of his motives, as I am pretty certain his company doesn't stock Hitachi, but you said you've supplied many of the RAS-E25YHA's and I'm interested to get your feedback on reliability and service - do you find Hitachi to be a reliable brand? What is their failure rate compared with other brands (I've heard pretty terrible things about Samsung recently, for example)? Are there issues with part supply and cost?

            Thanks again,


            • @TrevorX: Hi Trevor,

              That's fine! :)

              Yes, we can sell you brackets. Just let me know and I can make a custom order for you for the brackets.

              Hitachi is a reliable brand, it is brought in to Australia by Temperzone, and Temperzone is an Australian based company that has been in business for many years. Their support will be great! However, out of all the Hitachi's I have installed, we haven't encountered any problems yet. Yes, Samsung split systems are not that great, however they have released their new models which I have yet to try.

              Kind Regards,

              • @John-HouseofAC: Thanks John,

                Yeah it's… disappointing when people choose to give you the runaround due to vested interests. Or maybe just a lack of knowledge I guess.

                What's the price on the wall and roof brackets, is there a lot of difference in cost? Our existing unit is wall mounted, but they've used about 5m of pipe to get there. If we use a roof bracket the pipework will be much shorter, but installers always want to charge a heck of a lot more for the roof bracket (hence organising it ahead of time).

                Thanks again,


    • Hey Trevor,
      How are you claiming via insurance?
      Just had a power surge here (Ausgrid planned outage) that wiped out 1 x compressor powering 3 x split AC's :(
      Any tips on dealing with the insurance company?

      • Circuit breaker doesn’t work?

        • Nope, tried it. Had an a/c electrician out today - enormous quote!

        • Circuit breakers won't protect equipment from lightning strike. They'll kick in and stop two major things from happening - current buildup due to a short, that would overload the cables and cause a fire, and they'll kill power due to an accidental fault that might otherwise kill someone (you'll still get a jolt, but it won't be sustained, and hopefully will be arrested quickly enough that it won't stop your heart).

          The only way to protect equipment against lightning (or other forms of overloading or underloading that could damage equipment) is with some form of isolation. This can come from a 'double conversion' UPS like you'll find used in datacentres to protect servers and network hardware (or in any network I've ever gone near), which provide power to connected devices via an invertor, that draws current from a battery, that itself is float charged using a transformer from mains power. In the event of a catastrophic electricity spike that burns out the UPS's protection circuit and even the transformer, it can't get beyond the batteries to the invertor and affect the connected devices, keeping them entirely isolated.

          You can also get similar protection using power filtering, which again provides connected devices with a perfect power curve, but filters don't contain batteries, so you get clean, isolated power, but the devices will go down during a power outage. Power filters are necessary for critical or expensive high current devices that don't require emergency power. They're pretty expensive though - a 12.5A power filter will set you back at least two or three grand, depending on brand. We've installed some for photocopiers, as it's worth spending that to protect a $24k device.

          But it's worth re-iterating - a circuit breaker won't protect your devices from lightning, a 'power overload protection' power board won't protect your devices from lightning (in fact, they have a one-use fuse - once you've pushed that little red button, they won't protect anything at all ever again), and even a line-interactive UPS won't protect your devices from lightning (as lightning can carry hundreds of thousands of volts and quickly overloads any such protection circuit). The only protection comes from isolation (and even then, your protection device will almost certainly be fried by the experience - it will just protect the vastly more expensive device connected to it).

      • Hey @AskingForAFriend,

        To claim an electrical device on your insurance, you must have:

        A) a contents insurance policy that covers lightning strike damage

        B) A device that has failed electrically, not mechanically or through some other form of damage, and

        C) A valid claim of damage caused by a known lightning storm on a specific date.

        Now, I realise you didn't specify lightning damage, but I've covered it because that's the easiest to claim and prove - you claim a device was damaged on a given date that they have records indicating there was a lightning storm in your area, then they send a qualified technician out to investigate and they concur that the fault is circuit related and likely due to a storm.

        If your equipment was damaged due to a power surge, you're in different territory. If the power company hasn't admitted a fault on the grid at that time, your insurer won't have a bar of it. If the power company admits there was a fault, depending on what your insurance covers, they may take on your claim and seek to recover costs from the power company. But many power companies attempt to legally indemnify themselves from liability, leaving customers out in the cold, and insurance companies are unlikely to be interested. It all comes down to the legal provisions for your electricity supplier and your insurance contract.

        As I wrote about circuit breakers, if you need to protect critical equipment from power fluctuations you need either a double-conversion UPS or a power filter. Nothing else will do. Otherwise you're very much playing Russian roulette risking your connected devices with potential failure due to spikes or brownouts beyond your control, and for which you may have little legal recourse.

  • Hi

    I purchased few 2.5kw MHI last week. All were $770 at Bunnings store in Epping and Mill Park stores, VIC.
    It is cheaper at Bunnings but house of aircon does offer free shipping which is cool.
    All the best.

  • $799 plus $20 delivery at Bunnings. Ordered this week.

  • So, who do i find to install it?

  • Just went through the ordering process and got "We don’t offer shipping to Australia."


    • Hi Numpty,

      I believe if you add shipping, it will cost the same or more. As we provide free shipping to most Australian cities. :)

      Kind Regards,

  • Post to Brisbane (4000)?

  • Just picked at bunnings collingwood today, special price $776 finish tomorrow, also 3.5kw $914. I loaded both unit in my odyssey, no problem.

    • Hi Couger,

      That’s a bargain! Unfortunately we can’t beat their prices at that rate (they have higher buying power). I don’t think that’s nationwide and only available in VIC.

      Do you require installation quote? 😊


    • @couger Hi which model was $776? thanks,

  • Got 2 units for $702 each post price match about a month ago at bunnings picked up

    Edit: should add that still got $100 Cashback on top of this so came to $602

  • Just replaced a Living Area unit with a 7.1kW SRK71ZRA-W BRONTE Installed on the Gold Coast for $2200 - Claimed $200 cashback.
    Installer charged around $600 using these prices…..
    Check with your local installer first…

    • Hi do u have the contact no for the mob who did the installation and if they service the Brisbane region ?

    • Hi Bargain-finder,

      That’s a very good price! From being in the trade and a technician in VIC and NSW. The prices do vary from each state to state. 😊


  • Any good and reasonable price installer in Brisbane region that offers some sort of installation warranty ??

  • You get a +ve from me for your responsiveness

  • Thanks, bought one

    • Hi Koole,

      Thank you for your support. I’ll endeavour to get this shipped to you ASAP. 😊

      Kind Regards,

  • Hi John,

    How much is install on average?

  • Any aircons these days not made in China?

  • How much to install this back to back wall second floor bedroom , in Melbourne point cook area?

    • Hi Jaykay,

      I have sent you a message. Just require some photos for a more accurate quotation. :)

      Kind Regards,

  • Top vote in 2020 for courteous replies to all on this Forum from the OP…..

  • How are this MHI Avanti series compared to Fujitsu? I am looking at buying 2 units 2.5kw.

    • Hi Desiboy,

      Both units are great and I've used both. However, the MHI Avanti series is a tad more energy efficient via E.E.R and C.O.P ratings. I'm comparing it to the Fujitsu Lifestyle model. Also, MHI has a cashback promotion, so why not purchase a MHI? :)

      Kind Regards,

  • Just wondering if you have multi split system?

    • Hi spedohero,

      Yes, we do. Feel free to message us the model you wish to purchase. :)

      Kind Regards,

      • Thanks, so assuming i am getting three of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5kW SRK25ZSA-W AVANTI for multiple split.

        So, a total of 7.5kW, what would be the outdoor unit to pick?

        Is the installation still based on $700+Gst for back to back installations?

        Thank you.

        • Hi Spedohero,

          Not a problem, are you able to email me your architecture house plan if you have that on hand? I'll then be able to give you a more accurate quotation base on the drawn plan. You can email it to [email protected]. :)

          Thank you,

  • Do you sell ducted aircon? if so then do you have any deals on 10kw inverter ducted aircon?

  • Any cashback if I buy 8 units for my house, which is owned in a company / trust structure?

    • Hi there,

      I believe you can, as long as it's for residential installation. This is what I found on their website:

      Can I submit a claim if my MHI air conditioner was purchased for business?
      Unfortunately, no. Under the Terms and Conditions of this promotion, only products that were purchased for domestic/residential use can qualify for a Cashback Incentive. Business applications will NOT be accepted. Invoices under a business name and/or with ABNs will NOT be accepted.

      For more FAQs on the MHI promotion, you can check this link. I hope this helps :)

      PS: If you're planning to purchase 8 units at once, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll provide you some discounts. We offer free shipping as well to selected metro cities. :)

      Kind Regards,

  • Hi @John-HouseofAC,

    What is shipping to Newborough 3825 please?

    Also do you do installs in Newborough?

    2x 2.5kw
    1x 5kw

    Don't need electrical, cheers.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Given,

      It will be free shipping for you. 😊
      And unfortunately we don’t travel that far, and only Melbourne Metro.

      Kind Regards,

  • How long is your shipping?

    EDIT: I live in Wollert 3750

    • +1 vote

      Hi Domengshu,

      Free shipping to Wollert and usually within the 2-3 business days after payment clears. 😊

      Kind Regards,

  • Hi OP

    What's the main difference between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 3.5kW SRK35ZSA-W and Mitsubishi Electric 3.5kW MSZ-AP35VG? Where each is made in? Can you supply Wi-Fi adapter too?

    Thank you.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Pupkin,

      They are both different companies competing with each other. However, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries currently have cash back promotion where as Mitsubishi Electric doesn’t have any promotion at this stage.

      Their designs are different, the Mitsubishi Electric is more compact and “squared” than the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries whereas its more “curved”.

      Performance wise, the Mitsubishi Electric is slightly more energy efficient and both are made from Thailand.

      Kind Regards,

  • Just bought Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5kW SRK25ZSA-W AVANTI for $697.50 from Bunnings, Moorabbin after price beating from this site.


    Enjoy :)

    • Ah, not bad Raja! 😊
      Unfortunately we can’t beat their price beat prices though! Basically giving you the unit for free! 😂

  • Hi John,

    Does SRK25ZSA-W need its own circuit, or just plug it into a power point?

  • No stock showing @bunnings in Sydney…

  • Hi John, just checking do you ship to 3338 VIC? looking for 2 units.

  • Hi John,

    Any extra deals if I bought two units? I tried to add 2 units to cart and after $50 ozbargain off it ends up at $1700 ($850 per unit). Should i just put two separate order to get the $825 per unit? :)


    • Hi Jejepz,

      Unfortunately that's the best we can do at this time. You can do two separate orders if you would like. :)

      Kind Regards,