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Garmin Forerunner 935 Black - $374 Delivered @ Rebel


Garmin Forerunner 935 Black - $374 Delivered @ Rebel

50% off

Also available at amazon - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071XY653M

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    Also available at Amazon AU.

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    Wearing one 24/7 for the past 2 years, highly recommended if you don’t need music or payment. Does everything I need as a runner, battery life is excellent.

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      3 1/2 years here. Some issues with the coating on the LED cracking/degrading after 3 years but they replaced with a refurbished model.

      Otherwise a great watch.

      • How many years warranty? They you meant Garmin or Rebel replace it after 3 years of use?

        • Most likely Garmin, I had to deal with them out of warranty because the wrist hr sensor was cracked on the 935, offered me to pay for a refurbished model with 12 months warranty for 175$.

        • Directly with Garmin. Cracking LED sensor casing is a known issue with them. I might have gotten lucky with my request. Or squeaky wheel gets the result etc. Quote Australian Consumer law enough…

          As for years warranty - what does that even mean these days?

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      Wearing one 24/7

      Charging on your wrist? Now that's sleep tracking commitment!

      • Well, given that the battery lasts for 2 weeks or more depending on the use, you can always sleep track.

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        I charge it at my desk while I work. It never leaves my wrist if I am moving.

    • How well does it track/monitor sleep?

      • Very well overnight (and compared to Apple watch), however not at all during day naps.

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    No music or payment? Bit behind

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      Well if you need all that you can always get the high end model Garmin Fenix 6 Pro which has that and more built in:


      But then again its about 3x the cost. I like the ozbargain spirit though demand the latest and greatest at an entirely unreasonable price point.

    • Also in the Forerunner 945

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    Great find! Finally something I can use my Rebel Sport Gift vouchers on! Had $300 worth sitting in my ‘Youi Wallet’ since they had a 20% off Rebel Sport voucher sale in 2018!

    • -2

      I've always been curious what the cost/benefit tradeoff is with buying a voucher that may not be used for some time. At 20% off $300, the voucher cost $240. In my scenario that $240 could have been in my offset account saving interest on the mortgage for those 2 years. But no idea how much interest it would have offset in that time.

      • +6

        $240 will accrue about $7 per year in interest at 3.0% p.a. compounded monthly.

        • Cheers, I wasn sure if that was same way that the offset math works?
          Eg if the mortgage interest rate was 3%, then would having that $240 in my offset save $7 off the total of interest that I pay in a year?

          I tried to work it out once but I think they also compound it daily? If it was monthly and if you pay goes into the offset twice a month, then the first payment would bit be offsetting anything until that month was compounded?
          And if daily it would depend at what time they do that as to what the balance of the offset was.

          Really appreciate any info, I know it's got almost nothing to do with this deal, but have always wanted to know.

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        I tend to go through a pair of soccer boots every year, so I buy the vouchers when they go on sale to use at the end of soccer season sales. I usually get my boots at 50% off, so being able to pay with vouchers that I purchased at 20% off gives me an extra benefit. Only reason I didn't buy at the end of last season was I didn't need to yet, and then Covid halved this season, so the vouchers just sat there. They have no expiry so the risk is minimal.
        Anyway, at the end of the day, you do you :)

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    I don't know… I reckon this deal was better… :P

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      That is the purest definition of first World problem. It's real simple, you buy this for your runs, then swap for every day use, or, use your phone's GPS to track your runs, and not buy this at all..

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        It's almost like they thought they had to wear both watches at the same time?

        • He probably doesn't want to own two watches.

      • Haha spot on.
        First world problem: "Oh no I have to swap watches when I go running".
        Third world problem: "Will I have enough money to buy rice tonight, I better start making my 3 hour trek for water from some open air stream"

        • Thanks for informing me we live in a third world country.

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    What is the cheapest smartwatch that includes GPS, music and NFC?

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      For Garmin, probably vivoactive 3.

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        +1 for Garmin vivoactive 3

        I have it and it’s great

        • Do you know if it supports spotify premium? can't seem to find that out? Can see vivoactive 4 does.

          • @Weisman: I'm not 100% sure what support means in this context, but I can certainly load a Spotify play list onto my vivoactive 3.

          • @Weisman: Make sure you get the vivoactive 3 music

            • @indigo3147: Yep, and in terms of downloading and offline playing from Spotify, Samsung and Garmin are the only watches that allow it (Apple Watch doesn't).

              If you don't need the payment function from a watch, an alternative would be an Amazfit watch that allows storage of MP3s, eg Stratos.

              Edit - this was for Weisman

              • @ShortyX: thanks everyone - this has been excellent info. Will look around for Vivoactive 3 music

  • Be aware this controls music which means you run with your phone… if that doesnt suit go the 245 Music.

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    It is cheap but it was released over 3 years ago, an eternity in tech https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/03/garmin-forerunner-935-de...

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      Agreed. At this price point I was choosing between this and the forerunner 245 (on special).
      I went with the 245, and happy with it. It’s got the same screen size in a much smaller body. Fits on smaller wrists much better.
      The 245 also has the latest heart rate sensor.
      The 245 has a newer version of the software on the watch.
      Main thing you give up is triathlon feature and pressure sensor for elevation / stairs tracking. I find the pressure sensor can be a bit dodgy on runs anyway, not sure how much I trust it compared to map based elevation tracking.

      • The first time I used it for recording flying (paragliding) I had a few track points below ground level, but since then it seems to be good. I suspect it hadn't self calibrated properly.

      • I am still waiting on the 245 music deal come back :)

        • Same here. I think I'm going to finally commit to purchasing one after seeing many deals go by. Will be my first smart watch purchase.

          • @Xpertbastard: It’s a great watch I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.

        • The deal has come back now so u can buy ity

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    Great Watch, Prob an ok price, but I paid $347 - 2 years ago

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