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Bonus $600 Gift Card with $99/Mth 12mth Telstra SIM Only Plan, $400 GC with $69/Mth Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Found out about this deal when I called one of the stores this morning but just got around to posting it now.

Website has been updated to reflect these deals.

The $10 off each month deal has also ended. $99/mth plan usually gets a bonus $500 gift card.

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    any news on an iphone 12 pro max plan similar to the $800 off outright?

    • Which deal was that?

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      I call the new one "pricey". Hanging out for any deals around black friday

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    When I went last week they were doing $800 off iphone on a $89 plan

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      Comparing the price vs $500 GC w/ $59/monthly, they’re pretty similar

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        yeah fairly similar but both are much better than these current offerings

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    Still pricy .

    I am using amaysim 100G data unlimited calls for only $30 per month no locked in conyract then buy pro max from Costco for saving few more bucks. Bit more cost effective

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      4G on a 5G Phone

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        You won't get revolutionary speed on Australian 5G network anywah, plus shorten battery life.

        For me, at least doesn't really matter

        I play Lol and have no issue at all

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        I turned off 5G on my both phones as it's terrible

        • Yeah I've used telstra for about 2-3 weeks. Used speed test the result was awesome but in real life it sometimes slower than my previous vodafone 4g. Even 4g speed of telstra is slow.

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          Same. It just chews through the battery on 5G and the difference for regular mobile use is simply not noticeable.
          5G is also terrible indoors, slower than 4G as it struggles to penetrate even my windows. 5G = FAIL.

          • @DisabledUser110907: 5G is short wave signal which is hardly transmitted through barriers like walls and doors.

            Apparently 5G indoor signal is not as good as 4G.

            I still prefer 4G, at least for now

      • 4G is more than sufficient for 99.9% of what you'll be using your phone for anyways.. for now

    • Same here. The icing on the cake is the unlimited overseas calls too. I wish I had taken the deal for the OH too.

    • which plan is that? amaysim showing 50Gb for $30? Is that plan still available?

  • So can anyone tell me… I read these gift card deals all the time…. you port over grab the gift card spend it Ofcourse on stuff and then say 4 months later you decide to go back to say Optus or belong or somewhere else do you have to pay back the gift card or some sort of fee cause it’s all month to month plans right

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      They have exit fees for the plan, normally 50% of the remaining monthly fees.

  • too bad this doesn't apply to existing customers.. currently on a month to month with telstra and off contract and thinking whether to recontract or not..

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      I'm getting a cheap pre-paid (outside telstra network) for a month and will consider if any offer towards x'mas. Given still working from home and no where to go I am using nearly no data and calls are all unlimited aus wide.

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      I usually port out of Telstra, wait 30 days then sign up again.. Wait the 12 months & do it again :)

      • ooof.. when you port out, who do usually port out to that you can retain your number to sign up again? I'd hate to lose my number and need a new one.

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          Always Optus. Pre-Covid they could port my number and get the sim to my house in 1 hour.
          When I ordered it in October - took then 1 business day which was fine honestly considering it takes 1 week within vic for a standard package.

          I would never port to a new/cheapie carrier. Sometimes they stuff up the port and its 2-3 days wait which personally I just hate.

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            @Lostoutback: thanks mate. so you basically port out to one of their month to month plans, use it for 30 days, then sign up with telstra again? does optus have any cancellation fees when you port out from them back to telstra?

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              @itsmehuey: Yup, that's right.
              Nope, no fees besides pro-rata fees (pay what you've used of that month).

              On a side note - I also do this for NBN deals, I move around a lot so I keep getting free 100/20 or 100/40 plans between Telstra, ABB & Superloop (yet to try Optus). No fees when you leave either unless you used their modem (I have my own).

              • @Lostoutback: ah, that's great to know!

                re: nbn - my 6 months of $10 off is coming to an end soon with AussieBB, so if I move over to Superloop for 6 months with their $10 for 6 months, I'd be eligible to move back to AussieBB with their $10 off for 6 month offer (assuming they'd have one at the time)?

                thanks again for all your inputs!

                • @itsmehuey: Depends on the company technically and what's in their terms & conditions. I know sometimes they do mention "new customers only" for ABB but for Telstra I know you can do that (ie move between Telstra & Optus etc)

                  My ABB price increase does go up in November too so I"ll be moving to Telstra when they have their next deal to get free speed boost.

                  • @Lostoutback: yeah my ABB price hike hits me in December along with the end of my $10 off deal, so, I'll be searching for a better deal. Might actually look at Telstra for that too.

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    Btw, does anyone know if Woolworth mobile (telstra wholesale network, apparently not on JB's exclusion conditions) is eligible for JB plans?

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    I got the $59 with 80gb and $500 gift cards last week.

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        • Is that still going out had the superseded?

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            @Lostoutback: Rep in store said they will likely have something between now and christmas

            • @cheapsuit: Thanks mate, I'll pop in store today

            • @cheapsuit: Popped in today, they only had the 2 deals $69 and $99.

              There was also a $49 with 60gb but no gift card

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                @Lostoutback: Sorry, yeah I had meant that they will run a deal sometime between now and christmas, not that there was one on now

    • How? Hehhe I want that as well

  • I still have one month on an existing Telstra contract. Can I sign up to this and then swap the plan over when the existing plan expires?

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    Ouch, this is a lot to pay for any any BYO plan. I'll pass.

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      I agree with you. $100 and no international calls? Come ON telstra. Everyone should go amaysim imo. They've even upped their data!

      • Amaysim is much better considering the unlimited overseas call. And you’re right about the data too.

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    This deal is actually pretty bad compared to the last offering with the 59 plan and $500 gift card. A savvy shopper would wait till that’s on again or go to another provider.

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      Don’t need to downvote for that lol

    • 😂 Come on

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      This may not be the best deal ever, but it is the best deal out there right now for anyone who wants to be on Telstra with loads of 5G data. Effectively $35.66 per month for 80GB + unlimited talk or $49 per month for 150GB data and unlimited talk.

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    Why are phone plans not allowed to be posted by L/P platers?
    I saw this deal posted yesterday, but now its been deleted… Seems to keep happening

  • waiting on an iPhone GG promotion, hopefully by the end of this month?

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    Went to a JB store today and the deals are $59 with $400 gift card and $89 with $600 gift card. So the $10 credit still on and apparently will finish on 15th Nov.

    • Oh really awesome thanks for that if there is the $10 discount I'll probably get it.

    • can someone confirm this across jb stores?

      also what store did you go too?

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