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Designed to be comprehensive, balanced, academic, and life-changing. You don’t have to be a scholar to love this program. You don’t even have to have had any theological background at all.

You begin with the Introduction to Theology course and get the “rules of engagement,” as we like to call them. Then you will progress in order to Bibliology and Hermeneutics, then to Trinitarianism, Humanity and Sin, and so forth, following the chart here. While each course builds on the previous, once you have taken Introduction to Theology, you are qualified to move to any of the others. We just suggest you go in the order shown here.

This program is very intentional, breaking down what you believe and how you believe, examining it, and putting it back together.

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  • +3

    Everything about Ozbargain is a sin

    • Everything Ozbargain is intentional

      • +1

        Or irrational

  • +8

    Do you actually ever sell this propaganda for real money? Or is this the tactic, to pop up every now and then with a "bargain" so you might catch an unsuspecting bargain hunter into your cloud fairy cult?

    Is this really a bargain?

  • +2

    Will this work on me, the antichrist?

    • try

      nxivm or scientolgy

    • Only if you play the recordings backwards…

    • Never know until you try it ..

  • +1

    The vendor has a massive history of lying to clients. I expect this to be no different.

    • What credibility do you have to say this? Proof??

      • +1

        Hahaha, a (seemingly) religious person asking for proof, now that's ironic!

        Have a look at my posts in the previous credo listings.

        • -1

          Hahaha, a (seemingly) religious person

          So you have a hatred of religious people, just because they are religious?

          Any other groups you hate???

          • +1

            @jv: I don't hate religious people. I hate organised religion affecting others' lives.
            I laughed because of the irony, given that religion never ever provides any proof.

            • -2


              I don't hate religious people.

              Well, you're attacking one just because they asked you for proof of you statement.

              That's how Donald Trump reacts.

              • +2

                @jv: Laughing at hypocrisy is an attack?

                None of this course's claims will provide proof.

                • -2


                  Laughing at hypocrisy is an attack?

                  Calling someone a hypocrite is an attack.
                  All they did was ask you for some proof.

                  Rather than reply back that you have no proof, you attacked them. That is what Trump does.

            • -2

              @MEnergy: That’s doesn’t mean you can spout non sense- well you can.. Likewise the OP can post anything he wants..

        • Lol your comments as proof lollll 👌

    • +1

      It's all in the training manuals. What did you expect?

  • Hallelujah. Praise Marty Moose

  • +1

    Doesn't seem like theology to me. It seems very abrahamically- and dare I even say christianity - orientated, with topics such as homilies, gospels and sin.

    Not a deal I don't think. There's heaps of YouTube videos you can watch on this stuff that will give you a better world perspective as a side product whereas this stuff seems liable to just turn you into a nutter

  • Thank you, OP. God bless you, protect you and preserve you for his glory.

  • +1

    Not a bargain. Plenty of churches offer similar courses/"knowledge" for nothing. Not to mention the time wasted on it is valuable time lost finding actual bargains here.

    P.s. It's kinda odd mentioning hermeneutics and Trinitarianism in the one sentence like that, as if to suggest that the latter is the result of the former when it is clearly not.

  • Unless you find the same course with the same teacher. To claim it's the same thing is not right. There are different viewpoints. And different teachers have different approach.

    Should we not post any course because there are similar courses somewhere else? Weird arguments.

  • This type of gobbledygook is available free from many sources completely free for decades, so its clearly not a bargain or deal. Its just whacky religious spam for anyone daft enough to swallow it lol.

  • -2

    Some people believe everything is created from nothing. And think they are smarter than everyone else. 🙄

    • +1

      Oh, look, it's the classic strawman argument. Fancy it making its rounds here.

      • Explain how it's a strawman argument. I bet you can't. I don't think you even know the meaning of strawman argument.

        • Skepticism/rejection of religion/theism isn't automatic grounds of a belief in a universe coming into existence ex nihilo.

          • +1

            @Jeffie: Read the first two words I used. Your explanation was a complete failure. Next time use word that you understand.

            I did not claim it's an automatic ground. Thank you for proving you're the one using a strawman argument.

            Calling it a strawman argument to do a strawman argument. Good one, that was funny. Lol

            • +1

              @gto21: So tell me who brought up believing that "everything is created from nothing"? Entirely irrelevant comment and because you don't want to be guilty of the strawman you now distance yourself from implying the connection.

              You didn't have the guts to own up to what you were suggesting, so why bring it up at all? One might as well mention those who are flat-earthers think they are smarter than everyone else. Who cares if it's not relevant, right?

              • @Jeffie: That's what you thought I'm implying. But that's not what I wrote. It's ok maybe you misunderstood. But at least stop using your strawman argument.

                You have atheist and agnostic who are flat earthers. And you have theist who are round earthers. The atheists and agnostics in this case might think they are smarter. It's possible.

                (I'm not implying all theist are round earthers. And not all atheist/agnostic are flat earthers. Just saying because I don't want you to be confuse again and make another strawman argument).

                You should apologize for misrepresenting what I wrote and for using bad arguments.

                • +1

                  @gto21: Of course you have people from all kinds of backgrounds believing in different models of the earth.

                  Apologise? Lol. So you just figured to add in some completely irrelevant comment because quite clearly you didn't mean to imply at all that some/all naysayers here hold the belief that "everything comes from nothing." You've yet to provide an adequate explanation for your input if, indeed, you did not intend to insinuate such a thing.

                  • @Jeffie: Go back to my previous two messages. I already showed you what word I used to prove its not the implication. Try to keep up with the conversation. Don't ask for an explanation when I ready explained.

                    • @gto21: "Some people" doesn't explain how your comment is relevant if you didn't actually intend to attach it to some of the commenters here. I don't see anywhere where you explained your intention; you only deny you implied that anyone here adheres to the idea that everything comes from nothing.

                  • +1

                    @Jeffie: Dude you're not supposed to feed trolls.

                    • @tromboc: Say the person who's adding to the convo by talking about trolls 🤣

                      • @gto21: I thought I recognised your username. It's usually you attached to this cult BS. I've reported OP for sock puppeting.

                    • @tromboc: I feel you're right but I tend to try to give people a good chance.

    • +2

      People have been quite rude in attacking people's belief in this thread, but frankly this comment was just as bad. Grow up people…..

      P.S If this ain't a deal because there is free alternatives, Please just post one in a comment to help argue the case instead of this 'Look it up yourself hahaha'

      • +1

        It’s been like that since the “beginning” hasn’t it ?

  • Negging due to issues with product.

  • +1

    Summoning @TheDukeOfNukem for some organised negging!

    edit: sad days. I wasn't aware this wasn't a feature yet.

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