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USB Webcam 1080p $29.98 + Delivery ($0 with Prime or $39 Spend) @ Zi Qian via Amazon AU


Lower prices. Choose the price ZIQIAN sells for $29.98
Entry-level webcam

1 Best Seller in Computer Audio & Video Accessories

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  • Only choose the price offered by Ziqian can be purchased at 29.98.

  • Not familiar with this brand. How does it compare with the likes of Logitech C922 and or C920?

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      I bought a similar camera from Amazon. Ended up returning it because it caused my graphics drivers to crash every single time I plugged it in.

      • how does it compare? well this is a piece of shit. some would say you get what you pay for, but I would still hate it at $30

        • Well I ordered it last night and got it already today. The quality is surprisingly superb compared to my XPS (though we are talking 720p on XPS vs 1080p here).
          For this price it's a no brainer.

          • @Gigiolo: you miss the point - the question is how it compares with logitech C922 - not even close.

            • @randomdude14: And C922 is how much exactly? $119 from this deal and it was upvoted nearly 100 times https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570570
              This webcam is fantastic value for its pricepoint.

              I know when I compared the quality shown I am not going to pay nearly 4 fold for small uplift in quality.

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                @Gigiolo: again, value is not what I'm addressing, just the quality. If you want to do a value comparison, be my guest.

                • @randomdude14: It's Ozbargain, not ozquality. You get generally what you paid for. Not being a dick here but you need to use your downvote right.
                  These shops are providing a good deal, all you are doing is discrediting them.

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    this screenshot gives a pretty good indication based off the reviews in the linked product:


  • Got this on the last deal and does the job for wfh and vcing. Don’t need to pay 100++ for a Logitech for my colleague or client to see me!

    No issue with Linux.

  • Same got this during Prime day sales.
    Does the job, much better than my laptop camera.
    The lens is slightly fish-eye, but I’m still happy with the purchase

    • I feel bad about your laptop

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    If you’ve got an iPhone, you can try EpocCam https://www.elgato.com/en/epoccam

    There’s also other similar apps on Android.

  • Bought this, thinking even if it's not great, it'd be better than my 8 year old usb webcam which has multiple issues.

    Came dead. Not impressed so far. Not even an option to get a replacement, only a refund which is disappointing.

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      You can contact Amazon customer service or the seller to resolve this issue. How do you know if you don't try? Ziqian's sellers serve well.

  • I ordered one last night for work. My email says delivery Dec 21-23! Just in time for my work Xmas shutdown…

  • The product is shipped by Amazon, add it to the shopping cart and select FULFILMENT BY AMAZON (delivery fast)
    There are other sellers selling this product. Choose ZIQIAN


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