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[PS5, Pre Order] Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales $79 @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like JB Hi-Fi Price matched Amazon and BigW. It was $89 10 minutes ago before I posted this.

P.S. JB Hi-Fi is the only one allowing pick-up at store for $79 at the moment.

PS4 version see: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569731

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  • great price!

  • I knew this was going to be the case…vs the $125 price tags the PS5 games had before.

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      That was for the Ultimate Edition which includes original Spider-Man Remastered. This does not.

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    I wonder if ultimate will drop aswell. I hope so

    • Looks like it. Listed as $109 for me. I took advantage of the 10% off at BigW yesterday, but tempted to cancel in favour of being able to pick up in store.

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        Spiderman sat in my shame pile all year, put 30 min into it. Decided to just sell it for $20 and grab that BigW Ultimate version instead, start over with graphic updates.

        • Haha, I done the same thing.

  • Does EB Games price match pre-orders ?

    • Afaih from my friends, yes if JB HiFi keeps this price till release day (which is very likely).

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      I paid off my Spider-man pre-order to $79. EB told me they would price match on the day.

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    Which version of Peter Parker they have in this game? The original (best) one or the Tom Holland look alike so that they can monetize this game even further?

    • Pretty sure ps5 version have Tom Holland.

      • eugh ugly….

        • All versions of Miles Morales have the same Peter Parker model.

  • Dupe dupe

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    Awesome! Will definitely be price matching with EB Games after utilising the VIP Trade Week bonus!

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    Waiting for Black Friday.

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    All of these deals and no PS5 to play it wih :( Couldn't get my hands on one and bloody scalpers selling for 1200+.

    • only $1200?

  • Cool, was hoping for this price to get updated, to price match @ EB Games. Thanks OP, will try it out when trading in on Saturday.

  • Dam where the PS4 versions at. This is ozbargain they'd probably be cheaper during the first 3 release dates and is backwards compatible you're paying $10 extra for the PS5 wording instead of the PS4. Ya'll need to hand in your ozbargain license.

  • Nice, I'll get a copy when I collect my PS5 next Thursday morning before I "WFH"

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      I plan to just take the rest of the week off =)