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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H (Global Model) $189 ($169 with Plus Rewards) + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Extra $20 off with PlusRewards - Plus rewards is $4 for first four weeks.

Free delivery with Kogan First

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  • has anyone tried the kmart models? any good compared to this?

    • I've been using the Kmart's $159 Air Purifier from past 3 months. They are not bad for the price except the incorrectly shown ppm reading as 12. But I would recommend Xiaomi

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        I had a quick look at these ones. But couldn't see any replacement filters available. Have you had any luck on that?

        • Haha Kmart never checks if you return it back to them saying it's not working. Not selling filters is their problem 😂 and they have to bare this loss. I am ordering this today and return the Kmart one after this arrive.

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    Anyone know if this comes with AU plug?

    • My 2H didn't, it uses a clover 3 pin, Kogan will probably provide one though (mine came from Dick Smith and they included an extra, the one in the box was EU 2 pin).

    • When I bought, they sent me an AU plug.

      • An adaptor that attaches to the existing plug?
        Or a replacement cord altogether?

        • A replacement cord. And they sent it separately.

    • They sent me an AU plugged cord a few days after my air purifier arrived

    • My 3H from Matt Blatt came with a euro plugged figure 8 cable. Just used an AU plugged figure 8 I had lying around and works fine.

  • I highly recommend this. Since putting in our bedroom, my wife's coughing (she's an asthmatic), has pretty much disappeared. Everytime we cook anything slightly smokey it detects the change and automatically increases its power to deal with it. Love it.

    • Wait do you have this in your kitchen or the bedroom?

      • Yes

      • Bedchen

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        Lol… Bedroom. But it picks up the odour from the kitchen…

  • Bought the same one from Gearbite ebay store (Australian stock) for $187 on 2/11 which was arrived earlier today. Apart from the European plug cord, they also threw in the box TWO Australian plug cords!

    Super quiet. It is larger than what I would expect.

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    Can vouch for this product. I have pretty bad hayfever even indoors. Just started using one in the bedroom the past week and now my regular sneezing and runny nose has gone (until I step outside).
    Can highly recommend this for hayfever sufferers.

  • Does this one work with the Xiaomi app connected to the China Mainland server? I had read that the "3" (no H) works with China mainland but the 3H does not, and as a result it becomes hard to control if you are already in the Xiaomi ecosystem using the China mainland server.

    • It will work with the international server only Which is what we need. Why would you want to connect to the China server when you live in Australia?

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        Because some products by Xiaomi are China server based, ie. if a product never made it to the International Market.
        The closest can sometimes be Singapore but alot of the niche products are Mainland only.

  • I have 3 of these at home. Many in the family are asthmatic. These units work like a charm. Connected them to my Alexa for voice control. The MiHome App have automation that can turn your unit on and off automatically above / below ppm threshold that you can set. Mine are set at 20 ppm. A very smart unit for a fraction of the price of the Blueairs we used to use. HEPA filter replacements are only around $50 comparing to over $100 for other brands. I highly recommend it.

  • Thanks OP
    Just picked one up. Was sitting on getting a Dyson one for a while but judging by other commenters this should hopefully help with the allergies :)

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      Now I am tempted too :) sitting here with sniffly nose.

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        I have very bad hay fever and this year I have 2 of these running from morning to night. And this year has been one of the best springs I have had, only little bit itchy eyes. (and working from home helps too)

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          Wish I could work from home. It’s a nightmare to walk out knowing what am I getting into lol

  • How soes that work for normal cold or flue or blocked nose etc? Does it help at all?

    • I don't think it would - those aren't caused by particles in the air

  • Thanks OP.

    • Did you use Plus rewards?

      • Yes I did.

        • Was it available on $4 membership? Just asking because on Plus rewards post someone said they couldn’t get it on $4 membership even though it should be.

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            @Pricebeat: Yup it worked, went through. If you sign up, go to the page linked to this deal, login, and enter the competition. Once you've entered they give you a code which you input into the evoucher page on kogan.

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