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[XB1, PS4, PC, SUBS] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Added to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


EA Play Membership Included with Xbox Game Pass

A galaxy-spanning adventure awaits in STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™ – and starting November 10, you’ll be able to begin your Jedi training with an EA Play* membership.

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  • That's good but are you sure it's on PC? Last I checked we still didn't have EA Pass on Gamepass.

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      The EA pass will be coming to PC gamepass in December :)

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        will it be available on the regular Gamepass or do you need to have the Ultimate?

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          I think you're good with just GP

        • There's only one for pc.

        • There is only one 'level' of Gamepass on PC, since Xbox Gold isn't needed for PC gaming.

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    GOD Game Pass stop flooding me with so many games to play!

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      Making the PS+ seem a bit crap tbh.

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        Game Pass is definitely the most amazing consumer-friendly revelation to happen in gaming in many, many years imho and makes Xbox the superior place to play on that alone. I just think about the thousands and thousands of dollars i save with it and honestly there is no competition. Imagine paying full price for new games? LOL

        • It takes years for new games to come to game pass if they aren’t Microsoft exclusives.

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            @piston3461: Plenty of games come to Game Pass on day 1, mate, Bloodstained, Spiritfarer, all the Yakuza games, all the double fine games (full throttle, day of the tentacle etc) just did this week for example. Also pretty sure Jedi Fallen Order hasnt been out "for years".

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              @Iggemo: Yakuza series came to game pass this year after being out for 4 years … all of those others are indie games, Jedi fallen order out for a year .

              It’s still a good deal though, but won’t replace buying the latest best new games . Will be good getting Bethesda games on it from day one though now

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                @piston3461: Yakuza was definitely not on Xbox for 4 years, they launched into Game Pass day 1 afair, same as DraQue is doing shortly!

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                  @Iggemo: Be as it may, the games themselves had been out on PlayStation for many years.
                  As someone who owns both consoles and is a big fan of the series, waiting up to 4 years isn't really viable.
                  Plus, the big titles outside of Microsoft don't typically hang around permanently.

          • @piston3461: Outer Worlds was on there day one as well.

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        It is decent value for the PS5 if you haven't played most of the PS4 exclusive games they're making available on there.

        But for breadth of games GamePass wins easily.

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    I had this on disc on Xbone but then (long story) bought a discless one in March and got rid of my old one, traded in my copy and was hoping it would come to Game Pas after a year or so, but now with the Series X I was this close to rebuying my traded in copy since the game hasn't dipped any lower, brilliant.

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      jeez ppl… dont downvote the poor lad… let him tell us a story

      • I upvoted to offset the downvotes :)

      • lmao wait what? I got downvoted for saying I got rid of a game, was gonna rebuy it soon when I had a compatible console, but am now glad I don't have to?


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          You got downvoted for not playing Duke Nukem

  • PS4? How do we access EAPlay on PS4?

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      You download the EA Play app then pay for an EA Play subscription.

      • Ooh. Didn’t even know it was available. Thanks!

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    Just in time for the series x! Bloody brilliant.

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      Telstra just bumped my preorder to wave 1, so that's nice I guess. I actually forgot all about it.

    • Some people have already received shipping notifications from Microsoft directly, so jealous.

      I'm in the Telstra wave one group, crickets.

      • Same here, haven’t heard anything yet…

  • Good timing! I was googling this yesterday (to see if there was any news on it being added) and almost contemplating a second hand copy.

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    Girlfriend just bought this for my birthday… do i get a refund? lmao

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      For your girlfriend?..bit harsh

      • we live together and share bank accounts lmao

        • even more harsh considering you're that far in. over a game?! XD

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          The force isn't strong in this one….

        • Rip

    • I mean, depending on how recent it actually is, and where you bought it from…maybe.

      Returning gifts and shit isn't the nicest thing but 30 odd bucks in your is better than someone else's.

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      Doing well in the relationship you are

  • Did anyone already have EA Play, did Microsoft or whoever already convert your leftover EA play to Ultimate?

    I activated a EA 1 month trial last week (so it will not get wasted), that worked for a few days and now the subscription says converted to Ultimate but now for the few days I cannot run my EA games anymore. (I cannot see any added days though to me Ultimate).

    Anyone else have issues with their EA Play? Does anyone even use EA play?

    • This is entirely speculation on my part,

      But Xbox bills preorders and whatnot usually 10 days before release, as the EA joining GPU is less than 10 days away, they might have started the merging of time for both together now.

    • I think the older deal discussing EA coming to Gamepass details a lot of that stuff.

  • Haha, I might actually replay it now that I don't have to put the disc in for a while. Digital licenses have made me lazy.

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    Now to wait for that $2 offer for a month on playstation to come back.

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    Lol after waiting for it to come to game pass I gave up and I just brought it yesterday but no regrets it’s really a great game so far.

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      Honestly, good on you for having no regrets. Nothing wrong with supporting a good game. I was in the same boat and was wanting to buy it kind of soon, but just never got around to it. I don't think I'd be salty if I bought it either, it sounds like a good game.

    • +1

      I'm v happy for you also, however, you bought it a day ago, depending on the return policy of where you got it, you might be right to go get your dosh back anyways.

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    Sweet. PC and Xbox for the win.

  • The only game I've ever platinumed 👍

  • $1 game pass?

  • Amazing, this is one of the best SW games EA have released in a while.

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      One of the best SW games released in a while, for sure.

      By far the best one released by EA though.

  • Dammit. Bought it for 29 last week

  • good game this

  • bout time - held it back for the series x launch…

    • 60fps on Series X!

      • think most old titles will benefit from the grunt.. and loading times…

        • +1

          It'll depend if the original game is patched for Series X, or if there's an unlocked framerate option on the One X version.

          Anything that is hard coded, it's unlikely to get much of a performance boost (i.e. Sunset Overdrive and Batman Arkham Knight at 900p/30fps)

      • I see that, but yet somehow the graphics seem kinda dated. I wish I played it when it was new now. It's like CGI in movies, ages fast somehow. You gotta see it when it's hot off the presses, when the ink is still gleaming.

  • Anyone have Gamepass on the PC? thinking of trying these hols for EAplay and some specific games

    • You will need Game Pass Ultimate for access to EA Play.

      • You have to wait for over a month as EA Play on PC is only starting from December 15 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:
        EA Play on PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC subscribers will gain access to the entire EA Play library for PC starting on December 15. Members can use the EA Desktop app to download and play games from the EA Play library on Windows 10 PCs.

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    Game Pass for PC is totally worth. First month for a $1 then $4.99 per month, cancel anytime. Better value than Orgin or Uplay imho. Game selection is decent. Even better now M$ has bought Bethesda.

    Don't forget Deep Rock Galactic has just been added to Game Pass for PC this week. Great 4 player co-op action!

    • I believe DRG is on GamePass console also just FYI to all

    • +1

      FYI - Game Pass for PC is now up to $10.95 per month as it's out of the 'Beta' period. Still exceptional value though.

      • You're right, they have upped it to $10.95. I agree still good value though

  • Sweet! Had been hoping to play this on game pass

  • -1

    That they've put it on their membership so relatively soon after release shows what trash it is.

    (I bought it a month ago, it's not a good game)

  • Has anyone been able to find it yet?

    • Nope. I can see lots of other EA games available for preload but not this one.

      • yeah I turned on my xbox just for this and it's not on there yet.

  • Still not here

    • Same here.. was looking forward to trying it out tonight.

      • yeah you can find the game in store but it's for sale, not on Game Pass. I guess we have to wait for US time for it to be added?

    • It's been added now

      • Can't see it…

        • Try this link. Should be a link on the page to "install on my device".

          • @Shads: "It looks like you don’t have any applicable device(s) linked to your Microsoft account. To install, sign in on a device with your Microsoft account." :(

          • @Shads: Seems that it's coming in early December on PC.

  • This game has been super fun!

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