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Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Anywhere Mouse $59 @ Harvey Norman


Seems Harvey Norman joined the party with Jbhifi and Amazon. Cheaper than JB by $10 and same price as Amazon. Also can price-beat/match @Officeworks for $56.05. Support the local stores.

Edit: OW matched it hence pricematching is not an option anymore

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Heap thanks, on the way to OW lol

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    Thanks finally something worth the money to use my HN Gift card

  • I wonder if they will release a version with USB C charging..

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      They did, it's called the Logitech MX Anywhere 3

      • Ah good! I had no idea!! thanks!

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        Then this is the one should get.

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          The Anywhere 2 is great but I may get the 2S as a backup :) Two points that may have been missed:

          1. The sensor works on any surface. Even a black GLASS table which my steelseries rival 700 will not at all.
          2. Button on bottom is used to switch between other systems.

          I have used it for years with no issues at all. 10/10

        • meniac update:

          1. Got Logitech MX Anywhere 2 and 2S connected to the same 3 systems (3 is MAX)….
          2. unifying receiver works with 6 devices (Keyboard/Mouse/Touchpad) per system….
          3. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S has better Sensor/Battery (Anywhere 2 better colour)…

          Office Works O'Connor had 7 in stock at 8am ;)
          May the Force (Logitech) Be With You !!!

  • Anyone able to comment on how good these mice are? Generally I'd want to pay this amount for a combo keyboard and mouse

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      My fav mouse other than the MX Anywhere 3

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      It’s been a good mouse for me, compact enough to throw in the bag and it’s been used heavily.

      Fantastic battery life, comfortable to use, accurate tracking. Buttons are pretty clicky.

      Only real negative I’ve had is the rubber next to the thumb grip has started lifting after about 18 months, but a bit of glue would sort that.

      8.5/10, would recommend.

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        Yep the rubber on mine has come up in the exact same way. It's not an issue, it's just a little unfortunate.

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      Best mouse they have made and I have been using logitech stuff since 2004

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      if you have tried MX Master 2/3 and its too big for your hand, get this one.

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      I am using the MX Anywhere 1 every day for my office work from last 7 years, I hope the improvements in MX Anywhere2 would be good.

    • I got the earlier model (MX Anywhere 2) and it's solidly made.. Probably the best general purpose mouse in this size you can get. I've had mine for 4 years and still going strong as a daily..

    • Great mouse, I use it for work as well, my only gripe is that the scroll wheel no longer clicks but still works for scrolling.

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        What do you mean by "no longer"? Anywhere and Anywhere 2S never had scroll wheel click - pressing the scroll wheel in switched the scroll mode. (Do you mean you can no longer switch scroll modes?)

        Anywhere 3 has scroll wheel click (but loses scroll wheel tilt).

        • No middle click on the scroll wheel?

          • @Skinnerr: As I said, only on Anywhere 3.

            • @caprimulgus: How does one do a middle click on the Anywhere 2S?

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                @ak47wong: The button below the scroll wheel

                • @Grodmandoon: Bizarre. Doesn't that go against just about every mouse made in the last 20+ years?

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                    @ak47wong: Yep. I ordered this exact mouse a while ago and immediately returned it. I couldn't believe that this mouse didn't have middle mouse-wheel click, which I assumed was standard nowadays especially for this kind of price.
                    Even the crappy $5 mice you can order off alibaba have them.

                    If you don't use that button a lot, then this is a really solid wireless mouse. But the lack-of, or rather the very-uncomfortable-placement of the dedicated-middle-mouse button is a deal breaker.

                    What Grodmandoon said is sort of correct, because it's just a spare button you have to re-map in the logitech software if you want middle-mouse-button functionality.

                    • @Blitzfx: What do you use middle click for?

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                        @John Kimble: open new tabs in browsers

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                          @takuarc: This. For like a decade.

                          Also for gaming. Middle click is useful for many FPS and fast paced games. Middle click was always my frag grenade. Holding it cooked it.

                        • @takuarc: and close old tabs in browsers

                      • @John Kimble: or starts up a new instance/window of a program from the taskbar

                      • @John Kimble: What everyone else said, plus doing 3D modelling stuff

  • Whats so good about this?
    Looking for a wireless mouse for my senior parents. Doesn't need any gaming features; just need to work consistently in their lounge-room to their TV-connected Win10 PC. Their current wireless mouse sucks when used more than 1-2meteres from the PC receiver.

    • Best mouse for its size class. Runs over Bluetooth so no receiver and should be good for up to 10m depending if there's any interference.

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        To clarify: the receiver is optional - you can use Bluetooth or the USB receiver.

  • Do you think it is worth buying for general office work? I am using the basic logitech wireless mouse bought at $10 which is just fine to use day to day for Excel.

    • I use it for my day to day office work. Absolutely love it and I'm sure you'll find it worth, every single cent spent on this.

    • +1

      The main reason to get this mouse if for the portability - it's compact for slipping into your laptop bag.

      If it is desk-bound, then I would get MX Master 1/2s/3 instead.

    • I love the free scroll wheel. I've had Anywhere Mouse 1, 2, for the free scroll wheel.
      I got this 2S to use with Flow on my desktop to Laptop.
      I've gotten use to the middle mouse button behind the scroll wheel, that I find it weird clicking on the scroll wheel on other mice. I prefer this, so you don't accidentally scroll when using middle mouse button.

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    Anyone know if Menulog deliver?

    • +2

      probs not aye

      • +1

        Thanks, I might have to get my driver to drive me out to acquire one.

  • just picked one up at Bourke street store in Melbourne. came to $56.05
    was one more on shelf at 2:30pm

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    Officeworks stock check: https://ow.c0r3.xyz/result.php?product=INLOGMXANY&state=ALL&...
    (Don't know how real-time it is though Stock levels from: November 05 2020 16:36)

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    For the ones that purchased from Amazon yesterday for $69. E.g. myself.

    Open a live chat and get you 10 bucks difference back in credit. This is what they just offered me.

    • That works for me as well, Thanks. Amazon will say they don't do price match normally but will still offer $10 credit in your account.

  • This or double the price for the new one and not being able to scroll sideways, logitech dropped the ball there.

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      The new MX Anywhere 3 supports horizontal scrolling, but in a different way. From the product page,

      Horizontal scroll: Yes, by holding side button while turning the wheel

      • Oh I actually didnt know that I stand corrected! Thanks!

  • I already bought from JB hifi can I return

    • Of course you can as long as the box is not opened.

  • Bought it from Amazon, wouldn't buy it from HN if you payed me.

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      So get it from Officeworks instead?

      • That too, assuming the clerk doesnt try to fight honouring their price match policy (as they have in the past)

  • going to OW and give a go.

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      i had no trouble with price beat at Officeworks earlier today

  • NO MIDDLE MOUSE SCROLL WHEEL CLICK? only middle button below the wheel.

    Source: YouTube comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXwGpTMYGFQ Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Mouse Review: Best Travel Mouse for Creators

  • Thank you good sir!

  • Can office online price match ?

    • yes, over the phone 1300 - Office

  • How does this mouse fare with video editing, like working through timelines ?

    • +1

      I read some very good reviews for video editing, but I'm not into that so cannot confirm

  • Just price matched officeworks online

  • Price matched at Officeworks online. My original MX Master mouse just stopped scrolling. Right in time. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      How do we price match online at OW? Can you provide the link?

      • 'No, you cannot price match items online. You can only price match in store at your local Officeworks store or by calling 1300 OFFICE (633 423).'

      • +2

        Sorry I should have said 'on the phone'. I just called the number. They got my credit card details over the phone and let me pick up in-store.

  • Thanks OP scored one for $56.05 not sure if I need it !

  • Went to office works and they had none on the shelf. I asked and they found one out the back for me.
    No problems price matching harvey norman with 5% price beat.

    Great mouse so far!

    • they have removed them off the shelf and put it in the back as ozb members have been on to it.. you can check instore for stock prior to visiting and ask for one.

  • Bought one and collecting tomorrow…what are weekends for

  • Have this mouse and another convenient feature is that it can store upto 3 connected devices and swapping between the 3 is as easy as pushing a button. theres also some kind of 'flow' where you can flow from one device to another without switching but im yet to try.

    Like others 10/10 would recommend as a daily driver work mouse

  • Got one in office work, I am using it. good value. good mouse. I don't like mx3, because the wheel can't go left and right.

  • Good price but the master is better :)

  • I am looking for a quiet mouse, will it be good in that respect

  • Got one from Officeworks Virginia in Brisbane. No problem price beating.

  • +1

    Officeworks updated price online.

  • +1

    Same price at OW now. No more price match.

    • Seems too many price matches and OW didn't want to lose that additional $2.95 :)

  • This is a good price, I went to JB today they said they cannot match the price.

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