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Dell 27" Curved FHD 144hz VA Freesync Monitor (S2721HGF) $278.29 Delivered @ Dell AU


Lowest its ever been, decent as it was $311 a few months ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/564979.

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    Dont forget "LOVEKEANU"

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      Cheers, just updated.

    • yep

      for the 34" UW crowd - that with the AW3420DW and 6% cashback gets it down to around $1320

      • How do you get the cash back?

        • Cashrewards or shopback im guessing he means

          • @scud70: yes - CR is still still pending (not yet approved)

            Date Transaction Estimated Approval Date Amount Cashback/Savings
            07 Nov 2020 Dell Australia 10/02/2021 AUD1267.54 AUD 76.05

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      Yeah according to the thumbnail you will receive 2 monitors

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      Some Muppet says this on every monitor deal. 1440p AND 144hz is not in this price range.

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        Saw the price and knew it was 1080

      • "OMG 1080p looks so blurry"

        • 1080p on 27 is fine, i still use 1080p on my 1440p monitor for FPS games otherwise everythings too tiny. Most these people probably never tried it and just mock it. 1440p on 32" is bliss though.

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            @gj123321: That seems strange, I would have thought games would scale their UI to match the resolution so they shouldn't change their size on your monitor when you increase the rendering resolution? What FPS games are you playing?

          • @gj123321: like the guy above me said in every monitor deal these ppl come spreading misinformation

            1440p is obviously better but they make it seem like 1080p is equivalent to 480p

            • @Freestyle: It really depends on how close you are sitting. What I mean is, every display is "Retina" (pixels are indistinguishable) if you move away enough.

              1080p on 24" appears Retina at ~94cm
              1080p on 27" appears Retina at ~107cm

              If your desk even accommodates for such a seating arrangement, from that new distance the monitor isn't really going to take up that much more of your field of view than the 24" @9 4cm was.

              • @ilu: In fact, according to this calculator https://sizecalc.com/, the 27 inch would appear smaller than the 24 inch relative to your field of view when viewing it at the recommended distance for 1080p

  • For this price, is it worth having two of these side-by-side instead of a 32-in?

    • Sure does, much bigger diagonal in total, many more pixels

    • then why not buy the xiaomi 43 ultra wide for similar price. I think its better experience then a black bar in middle of screen

      • Multitasking?

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    I got this, beware it doesn't display motherboard bios (probably doesn't like the resolution)

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      Have you tried using one of the other cables? Sometimes can take a little bit of time to initialize the display and with modern BIOS being so fast you'll miss it.

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      This would a major buzzkill.

    • do you mean the post info as it boots or NO bios uefi panel etc when you open bios?

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        No post info or even when I do an "F2" to enter BIOS, no display

        Had no issues on my LG B7, or even 10 year old TLC TV, had to resort to them to configure things

        I have not tried messing with the settings but yeah, buzz kill…

    • It's almost certainly the BIOS just using the wrong display output. It will default to the iGPU HDMI usually, you can set it to use the device you want but not the port.

      • I have internal GPU disabled in BIOS and I'm only using the single HDMI port on my card for all monitors I tested

        Interested to hear if anyone else had this issue?

        • Have you tried booting from onboard graphics? Or setting the refresh rate to 60Hz? Or hot swapping the monitors when in BIOS?

          And do you have fast boot enabled in BIOS? If so, turn it off and try spamming (not holding) F2 on boot.

          If none of that works then I'd try updating the BIOS.

          It's likely an issue with your system, not the monitor.

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            @DisabledUser130521: I bought Dell 27 Monitor - S2721D in August for $374 and have to return it because no lack to see POST on all my computers. I'd try all possible combination with different cables, but only my old Dell laptop displayed POST. Dell's tech support was not able to help or explain why only Dell device can be used appropriately. Probably they try to stack you to the Dell's only devices? Other monitors have no such problem.

    • I have this monitor and no issues with BIOS post. Using HDMI.

      Weird. What did Dell support say?

      • Great feedback, did not bother with Dell support, did google the issue and not found much I'm using HDMI port 2 so could try switching that, did you change any settings in the monitor interface? I do have dedicated graphics so maybe something there too, just weird that it's only with this monitor

        Honestly, I did all my BIOS things now and have a lot of other work to do so not a high priority for me

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    I got this on a dell deal here oct 14 for 284 but its been on backorder since, updates say next batch of stock available from 16th so maybe you'll be lucky and get it quick rather than wait a mth.

    • Just purchased, I’ll be interested how quick it comes in then..

      • Says on the product page Estimated delivery time of 25 Days.

        • I ordered early october…been over
          a month and got delayed another month. Cancelled both mine.

    • Same. Ordered on 16th and got an email on Friday saying "sorry for the delay - new estimate: 25th Nov"!

    • If it helps anyone, I ordered from the same deal 10 October and it arrived within 3 weeks.

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    27" @1080p in 2020? Kinda meh, isn't it?

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      not all of us are on the ozbargain average wage of 100k plus :(

      • ooh is there ozbargain premium for those on $100k average wage ?

        • dunno, thought ozbargain was for those on 100k or more

      • Well why aren't you all following former Treasurer Joe Hockey's advice? Get a good job that pays good. Jesus.

  • Regret buying the entry level 1080p hn one for $188 now

  • Does anyone have the model name of the really good Dell monitor everyone bought in the previous deal? The specs were 27 inch, 1440p, 144hz, and an IPS panel.

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      Dell S2721DGF

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        it's part of my autocorrect now. Write Dell and S2721DGF pops up 😂

      • Legend thank you so much! Will be keeping an eye out for another deal on that one. Do you happen to know any models with comparable specs I should also be keeping an eye on?

    • *165hz

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    If only this was 4k 144hz

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      If only my wife was Scarlet Johansson.

      • If only my dad was donald trump's dad

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          You want to be Donald Trump?

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            @dust: a smol loan of a milly will do aye

  • This, or the 24" Asus VP249QGR deal from earlier this week?


    Planning on driving it with a 970m. Thanks for your help.

    • Unless you really want an IPS panel, the Dell. The main difference being the height adjustment of the Dell, the larger size and its VA panel.

  • Hmm.. interesting that they're having this deal when they can't even fulfill their backlogs.

    I cancelled my order from October recently when they told me that they will have 60 days delay in fulfilling it.

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      Just received mine, ordered earlier this week

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    FHD, VA, Curved. No thanks.

  • OK for a home office?

  • Hi Guys, i need help. I received my Dell 2721D monitor. My desktop have vga port so i connect hdmi to vga converter in monitor hdmi port. And then connect vga cable but no display is coming. But my old monitor works ok with converter. So what do i need to work my new monitor?

    • Do you have a spare PCI slot? If so, you're best off picking a cheap video card.

      For example,


      • Thanks. Yes that will work but if want to connect my laptop sometimes then still i will have issue. how come old monitor works and dell doesn't work with converter.

  • Is this suitable for a ps5?

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