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iPad Pro 12.9" 2020 128 GB Wi-Fi Model $1,528.63 + $9.90 Delivery (NSW Metro) @ Mediaform


In mediaform the price for Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (4th Generation) Wi-Fi 128GB - Space Grey including shipping is $1538.53, but I was able to successfully price match with Officeworks price beat guarantee over the phone for $1452.20 (click & collect).

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  • It's insane that for the Pro iPhones you have to pay more for much less hardware.

    • can u elaborate? u mean the cheaper normal ipads are better?

      • It’s not the size that counts….

      • I assume he means you pay more for an iPhone Pro than an iPad Pro.

        I tend to agree, though I get the miniaturisation that goes into the phones is likely a bit more complex than a tablet.

        This is a great price for a 2020 12.9.

  • Gosh this so tempting, except factor in the price of keyboard and pencil which have surely gone up since purchasing my 2017 iPad Pro.. might have to wait out another year to get its value back :/

    • I always buy a generation or two behind. Save a bit by doing so.

      And I keep checking Apple’s refurb section to see if there are bargains to be had.

    • The standard smart keyboard case looks to be the same price as when I bought mine with my iPad Pro 11 two years ago. The newer Magic Keyboards are far more expensive.

  • +4 votes

    Is it really space grey? asking for an ex friend.

  • you could price match in JB the Apple edu price

    • Don’t you need student email ? I know Officeworks don’t price match education price , price it’s not for everyone

      • When I called them they didn't asked for student email.
        This is for the people who is looking for an iPad Pro and not everyone.

    • Please tell me which $1500 laptop weighs 641 grams and can edit 4K footage with zero stuttering?

      • This is legit all anybody ever says when justifying the price. That is such a niche market, honestly. I recently bought, then sold a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9’ because it falls short of a laptop in almost every way.

        • That’s fan speak for you!

          I use my iPad Pro for work and play. I love it’s form factor, weight, battery life, stability and iPadOS has come a long way.

          It hasn’t replaced my MacBook Air. But I never intended it to. Rather both work together for the things I do.

          Ultimately that’s what we want any of devices to do.

          • @sillywalks: Agreed, it was a beautiful machine to use but it didn’t deliver $1,800 worth of value. I got over having to take my laptop with me just in case something got thrown at me that the iPad wasn’t capable of doing. Even though I own an iPhone, I ended up with a Tab s6 that is ideal as a secondary device.

        • It's a product for creatives; I don't think that's very niche. I agree that video editing on a laptop or desktop is much much superior; but editing photos or graphic design on an iPad is so satisfying

          I absolutely despise Apple, but the iPad Pro is a great product

          Edit: Overpriced for sure though. Can't argue with that

  • How much is it normally?

  • RRP on apple is $1479 for 128G. So not much difference in price?

    • RRP on Apple is for $1649 for 128GB. So the difference is $197 approximately which is not that bad I guess.

      • I mean RRP for education price.

        • RRP for education price is for offering ongoing support for teachers, students and staff members. Unfortunately most of us including myself don't fall under any of the category leaving us with RRP option only on Apple store and website :-(

  • The new iPad Air 4 64GB is $833 which seems a great price also


    $791 if you could get the officeworks price beat

    • Probs quite hard when it out of stock at the moment. You could try educations though or get lucky with a staff that doesn't check the details.

      IMO, no luck for me with education even though I proved I had a kid.

  • Is iPad Pro stock constrained at the moment? I'm looking at a 256gb 11" wifi in Space Grey, and it's out of stock at both Mediaform and Officeworks.

    • It’s showing available in NSW officeworks. I just collected mine (128gb version 12.9”) from officeworks today.

      • That's bizarre. If I change my location to Sydney, I can order online (no click and collect though), but if I change it back to Adelaide, then I'm told it's unavailable online. That's pretty shit of Officeworks.