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Belong $40 Starter Pack - $20 @ Officeworks


I needed a cheap prepaid plan for a few months, was pleased to find Officeworks with this on sale.

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Referrer will receive $20 credit. Referee will receive $20 off next (2nd) payment.

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  • Saw Vodafone have a special instore, $40 sim for $20 in store, with 50GB Data. Might help some.

  • Paid $9 for AMAYSIM 50GB

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    Would never utilise any Belong starter packs ever again….

    Terrible, if you only wish to use short term for extra data etc…
    Belong use your credit card for set up
    You have to email them to cancel
    They take money out of your credit card automatically after 28 days if you forget to cancel
    Too much of my time wasted to cancel

    Vodafone, Optus and Telstra starter pack -
    Use any ID like medicare, drivers licence etc. to set up
    Cancels automatically after 28 days of usage
    Activation very easy & better deals - via coles or Woollies

    • Sounds like you didn't read the customer terms and are negging the deal because you didn't know what you were signing up for.

      You don't have to email them to cancel. You send them a message via the "Support Request" in your account. Takes a couple of minutes.
      You should port out before doing this if you want to keep your number.

      You can cancel your service by notifying us. We’ll cancel your service at the end of the current monthly bill cycle if it’s a fixed service, or within 24 hours if it’s a mobile service. It may take up to 24 hours to process your request, so you’ll need to let us know at least 24 hours before the start of the next monthly bill cycle.

    • To cancel I just used their app msg centre…

      Direct debit is pretty standard for most budget telcos

      Why wouldn’t they charge you if you forget. Are they supposed to read you mind or ask every customer before being charged if they want to cancel?

    • You can't blame them for charging you because you forgot to cancel.

      You can also pay by credit card via Paypal, cancel the Paypal agreement when you're done.

      • PayPal did not work for me for the 1st time I set up. Zip one time use card all the way since then. Never worry about being charged again.

  • Just a heads up for ppl using this, to refer themselves and then transfer data to their main account.

    I tried last month. Did NOT get the double data, during first month. And yes I charged on the right date.

    • not sure what you meant by double data… but the first month I did not get charged.

    • is because they have updated their system , no more double data and you get charge on the day you sign up, useless now

  • Hi OP, in case you don't know… when activate remember to use referral code to get another $20 credit.

  • I'm having to port in manually coz of some stuffup… is someone able to PM me their details (as below) as a referral, thanks.

    "- The promo code
    - The mobile number of the person who referred you
    - The full name of the person who referred you."

  • I activated a starter pack yesterday and there was no option to put in a referral code. I looked everywhere and went through the set up many times. Also, the billing dates are no longer 4, 12, etc, it's the day you activated the card.
    No longer a good deal.

    • Send them a message via the "Support Request" and they will add the referral code manually.

      Comments here say that the billing dates are still the same and double data is working.

  • Not in my case, see the attached screenshot if you'd like. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/112601/84435/belongmob...

    I activated the sim card yesterday morning and barely used any data since I was home and using home internet.

  • today i activated a $25 starter pack on the $25 10GB plan via https://www.belong.com.au/login?redirect=/new/activate-service/:orderId (not https://www.belong.com.au/mobile/connect/1 as above) - $20 referral credit is now applied to the next (2nd) payment, whereas previously it was upon activation, when I would've joined on the $40 40GB plan with $5 credit remaining for the next payment/month - referral code is now entered at the end

    there seems to be no more double data - i'll receive another 10GB on 19th December, which is presumably the next payment/month when the $20 referral credit will also be applied - but i could receive data gifted from an existing number created on the old platform (haven't tried vice versa)

    • Just created a new account through old link/platform above. Next payment $0, Due 20 November 2020 so that I can assume double data will come through tomorrow. Old platform still keeps the 4th, 12th… billing cycle, double data. Even I can benefit from it, I wonder why Belong does not shut down it and save the cost. Maybe some legal terms (nobody bothers to study it) makes Belong keep the old platform open till a certain date.

  • I signed up with the old link on 18Nov, got double data on 20Nov.
    I found the $20 referral credit too but cannot change to $10 1Gb plan. There is no such option online, only $25 and $40 plan for selection.

  • Looks like this one has expired but the $25 pack is available for $10.

  • Where is the referral URL? I found my code, but there is no where for the person you refer to put the code in. The support page says to share the link from the “introduce a friend” section, but it doesn’t exist.