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Free $10 Club Credit (SCA Membership Required) No Min. Spend @ Supercheap Auto


Just received an email from SCA with $10 free credit to spend upon activation via the included link. Can be used In-store or Online.

Terms and conditions:

$10 credit offer is for Club Plus members with valid email addresses only, and is valid only for the recipient to whom the offer was sent. Only one $10 credit per Club Plus account will be applied. Credit can be redeemed at any Supercheap Auto store or online at www.supercheapauto.com.au. Credit valid from activation until 11.59pm (AEST) Wednesday 11th November, 2020. Club Plus Terms & Conditions apply. See website for details.

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    It's been a long time since I've gotten one of these. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Mine just came through NOW! (1.30pm AEDT)
      There is hope

  • +1

    damnit didn't get the email.

    • Check junk, that's where I found mine

      • thanks bud, unfortunately not there either :(

        • +1

          Yeah nothing for me either. I think it's targeted

          • @knobbs: Just got the email now, so might be delayed

        • I got email, activated it but no credit in the account


      • +9

        Checked my junk. Definitely not down there. Was worth a look though. Hey little fella…

    • +1

      same, no dice

      • +1

        Mine just came in then - must be rolling them out slowly 👍🏻

        • So did mine :)

    • +5

      These credits are usually spread out during the day, so maybe wait a bit and see how it goes as it might come in later :)

      • ta, will check later on :)

        • Just got mine via email so maybe check it soon :)

    • Thanks, search bar found that email!

    • I just received the email so might be delayed

  • Nice little bonus

  • -1

    says credit activated but credit balance showing as $0

    • +2

      Wait up to 10 mins for it to show

  • +5

    Ends wednesday; a good sign their next "bonus buys" or "7 day deals" has some actual loss leaders, or buy-price deals in it.

    They're very clever to not overlap free credit with loss leads.

    • Any chance to find what the next week's catalogue would include?

    • I found that when I've forgotten to use my credit and they've expired (past their due date}, SCA Customer Services team will re-apply and extend the due date. The team have done this a number of times for me.

  • Got the email and activated. But do not see it when I login or go to the payment part of checkout.

    Edit: appears now.

    • how long did it take for the credit to appear?

  • Will check my email later after work as I was looking for my Hex key set yesterday and couldn't find it

    Will use the $10.00 towards a new set

  • Havent received the email yet :(

  • +2

    any good items to buy for $10 or thereabouts?

  • Subject line?

    • +1

      (Firstname), activate $10 CREDIT to spend!

  • Thanks. Must be sending in batches as mine just came through

  • Mine just came in @ 11:am :)

  • Just got mine as well

  • +3

    Thanks OP, may have missed the email otherwise.

    Now I can get 400 balloons for free!


    • +1

      balloon popping is a legit fetish.

      don't ask me how i know this.

  • Got the email 10:52am :)

  • Wow … 85 votes in 1.5 hour …

  • Currently got $20 credit from the previous promo and it expires on the 15th. How does Supercheap determine which credit to use? I'm guessing it uses the earlier one first?

    Really want to hold out for Thursday for new deals as there's nothing good at the moment.

    • It stacks.

  • Targeted?

  • I don't think I've ever gotten one of these free credit offers before.

    I have the marketing and promos checkbox ticked in my account, but never get them

    • +1

      Same - it appears I don't get any emails from SuperCheap - despite having that box ticked

      • you can ring supercheap auto, and they will activate the $10 manually for you. However they seems not able to fix the issue.

        • Thanks

  • Got it, cheers.

  • Got it…thanks OP & SCA.

    What to get now???

  • What are people buying?

  • Not much on special/worth buying

  • Mine arrived, thanks OP. Spent it on an oil filter for the car

  • sweet just got it.

  • Thanks Op…ordered and now to pick up! :)

  • i have two accounts. got the email with $10 credit only in one account

    • probably the one you haven't used for some time. Same here.

  • havent gotten anything from sca for quite awhile…wonder why?

  • if you havent received any marketing from sca login to your account, go to Contact Details & check the box marked "Receive special offers, discounts and marketing."
    …i swear this is new or different? mine was unchecked and explains why i havent been receiving sca emails!?

    • +1

      Mine was checked and I haven't received SCA emails for over a year…can't figure out why.

      • i think the site has been overhauled a couple times in the last few years? im putting it down to that because i certainly didnt change anything and used to get all the credits & promo material

        • +1

          yeah i think either last year or the year before, they reset account passwords. if you didn't set a new password, your account might be marked as dormant?

          • @tdw: hmm….ive logged in successfully recently just havent made any orders online. how do you find out if its dormant?

            • +1

              @franco cozzo: i honestly don't know how you'd find out in your case. i guess short of contacting SCA and asking them why (they also might not know), perhaps you could sign up for a new account? there was a recent promotion of signing up to a club plus account for free, instead of paying $5 and getting $10 credit back.

  • Finally got mine. It came around 9:23 AM

  • what to buy? any suggestion?

  • Spark plu for lawnmower sorted

  • got it! thanks!

  • A little bird told me a sale starts tomorrow. Too late for me though.

  • $4.49 Turtle Wax Hyb Seal N' Shine with Autobarn price match and credit! Worthy of its own deal!


  • I activated the deal but there's no credit in my account? It's been 30mins….

  • Need to pay $5 to become a member?

  • Any recommendations for windscreen washing additives?


    • +2

      Edit: Bar’s bug additive.

      • +1 to this. Bought 2 for 1 when they had the bonus buy. Will last me ages

  • +1

    Very typical of myself - got the credit and went to a shop to buy some Bowden's Own product in full price at $20. Then went home and realised Repco have it at 30% off.

    • Yes, just noticed that too!

    • +1

      Refund and buy again with price match?

      • +1

        nah, SCA was nice enough to give out free money with no min spend. Will let it slide this time.

  • +1

    I usually use these credits to buy air fresheners if I don't need anything else.
    There are hilarious, my favourite. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/emoji-emoji-bad-finger-a...

  • Got mine $10 off a new trolley pickup tomorrow.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I had missed the email & wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t seen this post.

  • +2

    I obviously shop there on a too regular basis, no credit for me :(.

    I think Supercheap is telling me not to shop there so often. Okie dokey ;).

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks OP, didn’t get the email but logged into my account and there was the $10 credit to by 4 January 2021.

  • Nothing on special at the moment. Struggled to find anything that I couldn't get cheaper elsewhere, even with the $10 off.

  • Still nothing in my emails

  • These air freshener sprays are quite nice and come in a few flavours. $5 ea, great for the home/car.

    • Which flavours do you recommend?

      • +1

        The citrus and new car is pretty good. They were only $2.5 on sale a few months back although.