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Kogan 26800mAh Power Bank Pro (102W) with 87W PD and QC 3.0 $59.99 + Delivery (Free Shipping with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Copy-paste of the description

Massive 26800mAh battery with 102W total power
Qualcomm Quick Charge QC 3.0 up to 18W*
Power Delivery (PD) up to 87W for USB Type-C devices*
Samsung Super Fast Charging up to 25W* (PD 3.0 PPS)
Intelligently identifies devices ideal power output
Impressive two-way fast charging with 60W input
UPS – Charge and use your device simultaneously
3 Ports to charge and use devices simultaneously
Smooth aluminium body and finish

Also available in grey

You can create a new account to get a free Kogan first trial, to get the free shipping.

This is the cheapest it has been yet I think.

Usually, I would jump in on a deal like this, but I've way too damn many power banks.

Also note that this thing is really hefty, they aren't too fun to lug around and could easily double up as a brick in a pinch. It's wrapped in metal so I'd be careful with it so it doesn't damage your other stuff.

This 45w PD power bank for $45 also seems pretty okay. Personally, I'd probably go with the Kogan one though.

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    Really tempted at a ~reasonable~ price like this again, since my one of this was recalled. Still using it, but not my brightest idea of all time.

    • +2

      Are you sure it was this one?

      I think it was 60w version that got recalled

      If I were you, I'd probably salvage the batteries or something. The recall seems pretty serious

      • +2

        Yep I considered re-using the batteries but after reading that, dropped it off at the recycling centre

      • Yeah, it was the 60W one (I just don't have anything thay can use more power so didn't make the distinction).
        Like you say, quite a few concerning instances if them actualling igniting in the recall thread. I should dispose of it…

        • Or, like I did get one of these to always keep it in whether storing, charging or re-charging and never leave it in hot or unattended areas. After reading and watching lithium batteries smoke out and burn, I am going to use one of these for many other power banks too, and even bought a steel carry box from bunnings ( could use ammo case or similar ) to put power banks in ( and other wires and gadgets when travelling in car on trips and camping etc for safety reasons.

          The below bag had good reviews and actually works well. Let's just hope you never see it perform in action.

  • Samsung Super Fast Charging up to 25W* (PD 3.0 PPS)

    Now that's an important feature to see listed.

  • The last time I bought a Kogan powerbank, it arrived DOA. Then the replacement (which was a slightly different model) died about 2 months later.

  • +1

    I can confirm it fully powers and charges a laptop (Lenovo that supports PD). I used a 100W cable.

  • +1

    Like the first comment, also bought one before and got the recall notice

    But due to unable to travel for trade events, don't really need a replacement either.

    So I'll hold off 🙂

  • I think 102Wh exceed the max 100Wh battery capacity limit to bring on to airplane.

    • +1

      This isn't over 100wh though, its 99wh or something

    • +1

      You just need to ask permission/alert them.

      Its so they can mark your seat for 'legal explosive'.

      Like people who need to bring an oxygen tank, or transporting patients on life support.

      If smoke or fire breaks out, they need to know where to check. And 100Wh is a pretty sizable bang, if you've ever seen a LiPo catch fire.

    • +3

      Oh, I've just realised that you've confused 102w (watts) with watthour(wh). They are not the same thing. This is about 99wh, definitely not over 100wh

      • Yeah thanks. I misread that. It's W.

  • CHEAP.
    I got two of these, and they are handy to have lying around (in the lounge room, and kitchen) as I don't want the charger and cables running everywhere.
    Use these on my overseas travels for my GoPro and phones - brilliant. Only thing is you need a powerful wall charger to recharge them - for that I use the mbeat Gorrila power charger

    I don't use my 20,000mAh Cygnett power bank anymore.

    • +1

      Use these on my overseas travels for my GoPro and phones - brilliant.

      I don't think you'll be doing much of that for a little while, though…

      • Still havent seen you on discord chazz ;p

        And I dunno, if the oxford vaccine is "somewhat effective" (we will know soon) I can see a "low cases" travel bubble happening within 6 months.

        Japan and NZ rely heavily on tourism, they seem keen.

        I have my fingers crossed.
        It'll be a reason to buy my osmo pocket 2.


      • +1

        Yeah,sadly I had to cancel my trip to see the Tokyo Olympics :(

        But the Powerbank is still handy for the long hiking trips that you can now do locally, so yeah I am wrapped.

        • +1

          True, that. COVID has given many of us the impetus to explore our own backyard. If you're not put off but the weight of this powerbank it would be ideal.

        • "Dee Trance" I have this power bank and really like it's huge power output and capacity too for the right use cases.

          I mainly use smaller/lighter power banks for daily phone/smaller gagets, but for laptops this is awesome.

          When you "so yeah I am wrapped" you mean that you have one, or getting another one at this low price.

          Keep in mind that it looks like Kogan is clearing these out before one or more catches on fire and they will re-call maybe in future as almost same design as their 69W model. I hope not as so far their second version of this being the 72W model has not had any known issues either.

          I am buying another one of these for this low price as maybe I will get it for free after re-call/refund and keep using it in my fireproof bag lol.

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Yes mate I have a 65W version, and a 102W version (for $79.99). They are both awesome.
            I am thinking of getting a third lol

            • @DeeTrance: Good one. I also like them. Have a 2 X 60W Free now ( not entirely as I bought fireproof bag and steel briefcase for

              those And all other powerbanks whilst travelling and camping so actually nice peace of mind ),

              and a so far safe 102W version ( still keeping that in bag also ). I had a Cygnett 20000mAh Pro that I

              returned as could not charge two of my Chromebooks, wheras these will charge most things I throw at

              ( bit more carefully now haha ).

              Also thinking of getting another 102W as cheap for what it is and might end up Free too lol.

  • Are these filled with 18650’s?

  • any product alternative to

    without the price tag?

  • +1

    I have the identical model to this one, but it's 60W, it came out the year before this one.
    It charges my Dell XPS 15 laptop at 45W 20V/2.25A. It works great, it holds its charge for at least 6 months.
    Bu!!!, I recently got a message from Kogan saying my powerbank was a fire hazard, they refunded me and recommended that I discard it.
    I didn't quite discard it. I put it outside under cover, it's now connected to a 20W solar panel and it's running about 3 sets of solar lights.
    This is the message I got from Kogan……We are following up on the recall in regards to the Kogan 26800 mAh Power Bank (60W) with PD and QC 3.0.
    We would now ask that you dispose of the product along with any cables it came with thoughtfully,
    We will arrange for a $10 account credit for any inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our
    Customer Care team through your account dashboard, or by emailing [email protected]……
    DEFECT the batteries in the power bank may fail during charging or use….HAZARD There is a potential risk of fire and injury if the batteries fail

  • +1

    Any reasons to go for the Cygnett 27k above this?

    I can get the Cygnett for around $90 after Comm bank cashback and 40% off code, but don't really know the difference between the two? Better quality? Is it worth paying $30 more for the Cygnett?

  • +1

    How long does it take to charge one of these bad boys? The manual is limited

    • +1

      Pretty much over night, but maybe in 4-7 hrs using a 30W + usb c PD charger and a good usb C to usb c 60W-100W cable.

      • +1

        It supports 60w input, it'd charge within 2 hours with a similarly rated PD charger.

        • Haha, I forgot ( and was too slack to look it up ) that this was 60W input hence put 30W +,

          so yeah it would charge well under 4 hrs if using a 60W + charger. This really is a beast

          ( let's hoop nothing goes wrong with this model ).

  • Thanks, nabbed a couple as gifts for the kids

  • Was tempted with this but the fire risk has put me off.

    It's a good price for what it offers but wondering in a RAVPower 60W would be a safer bet

    • +1

      Probably, as these might end up getting re-called if one or more smokes out ( let's hoop no worse ). That's why I got another one ( hoping these will be free as I have worked out a plan B and invested in good fireproof bags/metal briefcase for my camping use ).

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