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Xbox Series X 1TB Console $749 + Delivery @ Big W


16/11 Update -

Website now says pre-orders are unavailable

10/11 Update -
BigW now advising that preorders will open again on the 16th of November
Gamesmen have opened back up for November Stock (Credit to @JMxoxo):

You can re order a Series X

Mod Update 24/11 1:20pm: Available to order from Big W

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    Pre-orders are currently unavailable.
    Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve had to stop taking orders. As soon as we have more availability we will re-commence pre-orders.

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      Add a post code and it will load

      • You're correct. cheers!

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          Not anymore, goneski :(

      • +1

        that didint work for me

    • God i missed it. Damnn

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    Pre-order estimated delivery: 10 Nov - 23 Nov

    Seems like stock is coming back across multiple countries today.

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    Wow delivery shows between 10-23 Nov. nice.

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    Added postcode and then made it to cart. says "Pre-order estimated delivery: 10 Nov - 20 Nov"

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    Ordered one

  • +1

    Awesome legend op ordered one👍

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    thanks, OP brought 1

  • +10

    Still got a huge pile of shame ( unplayed games) from current gen

    • +5

      Backwards compatibility…

      • +4

        Now I don't feel so bad. It was all planned for maximum enjoyment. Higher res higher refresh

        • +3

          Faster load times, it's meant to be!

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      You can still play your pile of shame on the new system. Finally a console that doesn’t may you feel bad about your piles!

      • The ones you get sitting on your arse playing games.

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    Thanks… Got one!!

    • +4

      Doubt it. PS5 are massively more in-demand than Xbox right now which also has more supply. There's no incentive for a trade.

      Seems like some launch day stock will be available though: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9585300/redir

      • +1

        Thanks a lot, I’ll skip on this and hope I can grab one on the 12th.

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        It seems only the digital version of the PS5 you will get your hands on atm

      • +2

        Well xbox is doing well then if they have way more stock and are still completely sold out

        • Well we don't really know total demand & supply yet for either one so it's difficult to call.

          Sony said they sold as many PS5s in 12 hours as PS4 did in 12 weeks apparently. It's clear there's plenty more interest from online gaming communities, YouTube video views, streamer coverage etc but that may not necessarily represent global reality. Let's see.

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            @Hybroid: Not to sound like a fanboy but honestly saying that there is “more interest in the PS5 vs Xbox Series X” without sales figures is entirely out your ass. If anything, Xbox sold out quicker than PS5 even with a planned and scheduled launch and with more stock.

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        PS5 are massively more in-demand

        Really don’t get why. The Xbox is more powerful. The Xbox has GamePass. The Xbox respects consumers more by allowing more past generations to be played using existing purchases/disks.

        Sure Sony has exclusives. But they’re not the same caliber as Nintendo’s exclusives. Plus the Xbox will get exclusives now that they’ve brought third party developers.

        I really think Xbox will win this generation long term or at the very least it will basically be a tie like the 360/PS3.

        • +1

          Really don’t get why.

          The DualSense controller is a revolutionary change and feels 'next-gen' that everyone has been raving on about positively. This alone is a huge game changer (provided it is well supported - which seems to be the case so far).

          The Xbox is more powerful.

          Indeed in terms of GPU raw power but so far, this doesn't seem to actually matter and PS5s architecture seems to make up for it. May do in the future though.

          The Xbox has GamePass.

          Definitely a key positive but PS Plus monthly free games are consistently good and the PS+ Collection for PS5 helps bridge the gap with more being added over time. I have GamePass Ultimate and beyond Forza Horizon 4 (which is utterly awesome), nothing on there really excites me. Again this may change in future and I think most people like myself will simply play them on PC hence no real reason to get an Xbox.

          The Xbox respects consumers more by allowing more past generations to be played using existing purchases/disks.

          PS5 does too for PS4 games albeit not older gen ones. However, Xbox has proprietary SSD storage expansion. Both consoles trade blows in pro/anti consumer practises, it's up to you what's more important.

          Sure Sony has exclusives. But they’re not the same caliber as Nintendo’s exclusives.

          This is highly subjective. Sony's exclusives are some of the best games ever made and can only be played on PS consoles. I'm far more interested in Sony titles than Nintendo or Xbox.

          Just providing some context to answer your confusion on why. The Xbox is certainly compelling if you prefer that system and their games but I do no expect it to compete with PS5 this generation. Both companies have clearly different business strategies and that's perfectly fine. There's more than enough space for both to co-exist and to each their own.

          • @Hybroid: Anyone who thinks xbox cares about consumers it is wasnt that long ago they wanted to allowing to share games with friends and trade them in at the local store.

            Playstation was well clear of xbox last gen and it will do so again this gen becuz people that pay 750~ for a console buy it to play games (not to mention the additional another $2000+ on a TV that can run the spec). I think Xbox out did the PS3 2 gens ago bcuz they were 'gamercentric' since they have moved away from that they have been losing ground the numbers have backed that up considerably.

            Playstations exclusives alone make it a clear choice over xbox if you want to pay ps3-ps2 games go buy a Ps3 im sure u could Russel one up for pretty cheap….

            The only credit ill give to xbox is the design (not that it looks better) but the PS5 isnt practical from what im hearing it is massive and doesnt fit in with a lot of conventional furniture cavities where as the xbox does. So if you game in a space tight area ie apartment living the xbox might be practically better.

            But otherwise anyone telling me the xbox SX is better then Ps5 is on smoke Xbox needs to go back to focusing on making quality games and not duel releasing them on PC - like they did with Fable 2 .

    • +11

      My local eb said that they currently have 44 xbox's on pre order compared to 356 PS5s, I think you may be hard pressed mate.

      • Guessed as much

      • +1

        That’s just indicative of that stores stock

        Also eb didn’t take orders in store on launch.

  • +2

    You beauty managed to snag one. Ozbargin is a great community

  • +1

    Thank you Op. Got one cheers.

  • +1

    Hoping to grab an S to put in a Pelican case.

    • Why would you put it in a case?
      Also check out nanuk, they make awesome cases in every colour too.

  • Anyone knows if they take the whole payment now?

    • +1

      Yes, full payment because shipment date is short.

    • +1

      I just paid with Paypal, and they took it out right now.

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    Great post OP. Tempting but my backlog is too extreme, happy to wait. Could you potentially use Big W gift cards to save 5%?

    • +1

      The Series X is backwards compatible so you could play them there.

    • Yes Big W e-gift card can be used to make the purchase online. I recommend getting it via Cashrewards for 5% off.

  • I feel these orders were supposed to be opened for tomorrow xD. Oh well guess whoever listed it getting fired.

  • (profanity), time to cancel my EB Games order if this is arriving in November…

    • I think you can only cancel order in store or over the phone. I tried cancelling mine online but just couldn’t find the option.
      Let me know if you find something online.


      • I did cancel my pre-order game on the website, I should be somewhere in the contact us or something, not a straight cancellation because its basically raising a request.

        • I see…
          Thanks for that

  • +1

    Inb4 ozrrp

  • +1

    Got one, thanks very much OP.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Preorders gone!

  • OOS :(

  • +1

    Damn, I'm tempted, but I want the PS5..

    Hoping to get one first thing Thursday morning at Target..

    • Have posted about the PS5, harvey norman and Target are best bets atm. Though I cant confirm the exact time but can confirm both will be doing them

      • Just digital? Or both? Don't want digital

        • Target for Disc.

          Harvey for Digital

        • Harvey’s doing disc too

          • @arcaneBitWizard: Dont rule out BigW again, but I just dont have the facts on that one.

            • @Thunder-Wombat: Bigw and gamesmen are doing another launch batch can confirm

              • @aamer hamid: What are my chances of getting one in store when they open? Or is target online only? I called my local and they said they will have stock behind the counter not on shelves

  • Gone now, got 1 WOOHOO

  • +1

    Looks like it's been ozbargained!

  • +1

    Damnit.. was waiting for them to answer my question online, and now it's gone…
    Should have just done it an hour ago when i noticed…

  • Anyone know if Xbox series x will support 4k disc based Dolby vision?

    • +1

      Apparently not. Neither console will. At least at launch anyway. Only Digital for now. Both support Atmos with disc though i believe.

      • +1

        Thanks, I didn't realise both aren't doing it straight out the box… I would have got the Xbox One S had it allowed Dolby Vision.

    • -2

      Neither console will support it for 4k Blu-ray. Buy a 4k player if you want it.

    • +2

      Yes it does support it.


      They mention it in the summary and several times in the review.

  • +1

    Aaaand it's gone :(

  • +1

    Where's the people usually around complaining about OZ RRP?

    • -1

      pre ordering to sell on ebay / fb / gumtree

  • OzOOS

  • I missed out on this. (In wave 2 for PS4 and Wave 2 for Telstra Xbox all access). But I am happy to see some of you guys got one.

  • +1

    I wish there will be more stock.

  • Missed out :(

  • Missed dam

  • Xbox Series X available at Big W and JB, stock still available at DY RSL. It's fun to stay at the YMCA.

    Enough with letters, bring back consoles with words.

  • +2

    Lol i checked oz bargain 300 times today and the one moment im on a massive walk i miss out on this. Bah oh well. My ps5 wont be here until december 31 aswell.
    Should have ordered ffom jb hifi.

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up earlier

  • +2

    just check big w again and managed to get an order through around 11pm

  • Seems to have worked for me… 1am

  • Just placed an order for delivery, seems to have worked? Heres hoping.

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