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White and pink Neck Massager with Heat $39.99 Delivered (20% off) @ Ihelol Amazon AU


DESCRIPTION:Upgrade function:infrared physiotherapy function, relax neck and relieve neck pain.
A variety of working modes are available: 2 heating options, 5 vibration modes and 16 intensity settings.
Comfortable to wear:This massager is only 0.28 pounds, no weight, and made of skin-friendly.
Long working time: one charge, can support up to 13 times use (15 minutes / time).
Ergonomics: The massager adopts U shape, and is suitable for the neck size and neck curve of different people.
Automatic shut-off function: 15 minutes intelligent timing shut-off and 2 minutes without contact skin automatic shut-off.
Enjoy massage anytime, anywhere: cool colorful atmosphere lights, stylish appearance, shopping and work are not embarrassing!


Input Voltage :USB 5V
Rated Power:2W
Product Size:142×45×5mm
Product Weight:130g
Low Temperature :38℃±3℃
High Temperature :42℃±3℃
Battery Capacity:1200mAh
Charging Time:≥1Hour
Battery Life:4-5Hours


1 x Electric neck massager
1 x Wet Wipes
1 x USB cable
1 x User Manual
▶ Please do not wear any metal necklaces or accessories when using.
▶ Before using this neck massager, please wipe it with a wet towel before use, the effect will be better.
▶ The body has implanted medical electronic equipment, we do not recommend that you use this neck massager.
▶ For beginners and novices, we suggest to turn it down quite a bit, start from the lowest intensity, and adjust the intensity according to your reaction. If feeling unwell, please stop using and contact us immediately.

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  • Can solve 99% of technical problems?

  • I got a device like that. Was sceptical, but suffered from severe neck pain, numbness down arm.
    Actually worked. Am using it several times a day. Neck pain and creaking is gone.
    Have to use it when I feel tension from 12 hrs screen work.
    Happy to answer questions!
    My orthopaedic surgeon was surprised too.

    This looks like the same device.

    • could you tell us a bit more please? like how did it actually helped you….and how does this machien actually works?

      • It uses warmth and an electric stimulation to stimulate muscle/tissue.
        It feels tingly when you use it. Lots of settings, but I ended up using combination mode.
        It's small and easy to just put it on. So I use it often. Feels better on my really bad creaky neck than the nice big massage machine.
        You put a little lotion or water on the neck, then put on neck thingy. Press button. Relax.

        Added more info for those with nerve impingement below. Hope it helps.

        My neck was so bad, nerves were pinched and couldn't use my hand. Couldn't sleep for months. Horrific pain.
        Was on heavy duty meds and that didn't help with pain.
        X-rays, MRI lots of meds, was told last resort was spinal surgery.

        Was desperate to find alternative.
        In my case because bone on bone grinding, nerve impingement I started with that little thing. Also used lecithin and B12, b complex. Lecithin mix with Curcumin 95% stopped the horrible bone on bone, nerve issue! There are medical papers.

        I had to use the device and the lecithin mix several times a day at first. After a few hours the numbing, tingling nerve pain came back. Was gone after taking lecithin mix.
        After a few days there was less creaking and pain, now months later, I am pain free for days, but tingling comes back if I don't take lecithin mix for a few days. Am using the neck thingy a few times a day.
        Also use it on arm, leg.

        • thanks very much and I thought I have it bad. I guess mine is more to just lots of wfh which is getting really common nowadays without proper office setting at home

          • @RichDad PoorSon: I know. Surgeon told me bad slouchy posture caused neck 'collapse' ( his words).
            I spent lots of money on massage, physical therapy stuff, exercise.
            This little thing works well and costs much less. I am glad I tried it.
            Not very often stuff actually works nowadays.
            Hope you find something that works for you!

            • @Pumat: Also use it on arm, leg.

              you can use this thing on leg as well?

              • @ChiMot: Yes, I used it above and below swollen knee.
                Arms too. Calves too.
                You have some flex in it, but obviously depends on circumstance.
                I had bought really expensive stuff (painPod etc) but am using this daily because it's small and easy.

        • Thanks for the info…i bought one solely on what you said, as i have a similar condition in my neck. I'm also looking into lecithin and B12, b complex. Lecithin mix with Curcumin, which i never heard about 🤔

          • @Digitalsin: I went through months of horrific pain, so I wanted to make sure others know about taking some of these things.

            Let me know if you need more information. Happy to help.

            You have to make the lecithin,
            Curcumin mix in a blender, then store in fridge. Other possibilities to take it.

  • shows as $49.99?

  • I am very interested in this 0.28 pounds, no weight massager. Must find it's secrets and discover how it is able to defy the laws of physics.