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BlitzWolf BW-P9 10000mAh 18W Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 Power Bank US$12.99 (~A$17.90 ) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Lowest price yet for this popular power bank.

It features a capacity of 10000mAh, 18W USB Power Delivery & Quick Charge 3.0 via the USB-C Port and Quick Charge 3.0 via the blue USB port. It can be recharged via Micro USB or USB-C. There is a battery level indicator on the side.

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    So light and sleek! Bought the Romoss 20000mah LPS20+ for about $24.50 yesterday (25% off). Now I want to buy this one, too.


    This looks good but can someone confirm my assumption please:

    This will fast charge an iPad Pro and Pixel 5 as this power bank supports PD. Let's say via Type-C to Type-C cable.
    It could also charge any other device via the USB-A out. e.g. USB-A to Micro USB on a Bose QC35.

    To charge this power bank, I can use either Micro USB or Type-C, but not both at the same time.

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      You can use the Type-C and USB-A at the same time, but you only get Type-C PD if using that port on it’s own.

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        Thanks for answering :)

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      "bisaya" Yes, this will fast charge ( up to 18W ) both your ipad pro and pixel 5 using usb c pd out and usb c to usb c cable.

      It will charge many other devices such as bose qc35 through the usb a output up to 18W if QC2/3 compatible, but keep in mind

      if using more than one output port at a time the max output will be devided between the two and fall back to slower charging.

      And lastly, you can charge the power bank itself either via usb c ( up to max 18W with PD 2/3 ) or micro usb ( up to max 18W assuming

      QC2/3 as it actually does not state that but would be ), but Not both together ( if it could they would most likely mention that as a feature ).

      Hope that answers your questions clearly :-)

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        Thanks for answering 🙂

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          Happy to try help where I can. I have been on OzBargain for years and never made even One Post,

          but I try make up for it with helpfull comments lol.

          Could you make sense of my double Dutch ( I am actually an imigrant from Belgium where I spoke Dutch/Flemmish haha ).

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          Is it really their fault though? If their retention was to take your money and run they never would have refunded you in the first place.

          Rather Chinese stores have learned the hard way that traditional shipping methods like China Post are resulting in massive delays (3-5 months) for delivery compared to pre-COVID.

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      Ive spent more than ten grand with them.

      They're fine, just a slave to chinas bad postal system if you dont opt to pay for a courier like any other import item.

      Au warehouse? No problem.

      Pay the $20 for a good courier from china? No problem.


    thx mate


    How does this compare to the xiaomi powerbanks?


      Build quality isn't quite as good, a bit more plasticy. But it does the job.


        I much prefer Blitzwolf plastic to Xiaomi aluminium, and they've never failed me. Xiaomi has.

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          This is definitely better than xiaomi.


    May stack with cashback? Should I assume it won't to be safe


      It's always worked for me. If your cashback was to be declined it'd be because the coupons aren't listed.


    Damn it! I just cant do softpack lipo powerbanks anymore. Need to be LiIon cells.
    Ive had too many soft pack based ones "smoke out" on me, which is genuinely very close to a battery fire; ive been lucky.

    Any deals on a liIon bank using cylindrical cells?


      deja vu

      I thought you would have been happy with the Kogan?


        Looks very good, just bigger than my needs was all, and significantly more expensive than this one.

        Ozbargainer; always on the hunt :p


      What do you mean soft pack?


        Its a LiPo cushion, like a silver brick.
        No a LiIon metal encased cell.

        Ive had too many LiPo cells go bad to risk them in something I might leave in a car or something to get hot by accident.


      What do you mean?

      Are these dangerous or something.

      • +1 vote

        A little, depending on your concerns.

        Inside these are Lithium Polymer cells, like silver bricks.

        The alternative are cells that look like oddly sized AA batteries; they're lithium Ion, and are both more stable, and metal encased in case of failure.

        LiPo is more volatile than LiIon.

        LiPo in the case of a catastrophic failure will "flame" like a blowtorch, LiIon will typically pop like a firecracker.

        Its also MUCH harder to make a LiIon misbehave.

        Basically, I let a few of them go flat.
        Flat lithium forms "spikes" that pierce the anode and cathode, creating a dead short, and all the residual power turns into very flammable gas.

        Being flat, the gas wasn't ignited, but its still so darn close to a house fire, Im not comfortable.

        I play with lithium batteries as a hobby; built my own powerwall, my own UPS, etc etc. So I do have some clue what im talking about.

        Just be aware these are soft pack lipos, not LiIon, and treat them with the care you would with any LiPo, they're not like a phone or laptop; they're more like an RC car or drone battery.


          Yep i am in RC hobby def know lipo dangerous issues. Are the Xiaomi ones solid lithium and is the blitz wolf lipo ?

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    I just bought xiaomi couple days ago $32, I should wait for this.


      Depends which model you got and from where? Xiaomi power banks are pretty solid.


        PLM12ZM, from ebay, local stock


    does this come with a cable?

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      Package Include:
      1 * BlitzWolf® BW-P9 10000mAh Power Bank

      Doesn't look like it.


      Read the reviews on their site, photos seem to show they give you a short cable, no idea what it’s connectors are though..
      Have a look.


      Just got my one, comes with a USBA to micro usb cable.


    There appears to be a limit less then 3.


    Does anyone have issues entering in contact number? It says https://imgur.com/a/uXyZ3ll "* Please enter 6-15 digits only." but when I enter my mobile number 04xx xxx xxx it doesn't work. This is using Mozilla Firefox.


    Would have loved a wireless powerbank but for $18 just can't go past this!