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Microsoft Office 365 Family 6 Users 1 Year License $88 (Email Delivery) @ SaveOnIT


Microsoft Office 365 Family 6 Users 1Yr digital license (6GQ-01143 license) by email with no shipping cost. Latest version suitable for new subscription or renewal. Limit 2 per customer.

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  • Latest version?

    • yes, online 1 year prepaid subscription

      • It’s a weird way to express an online subscription.

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          Office 365 subscription always gives you access to the latest software.

  • when do you need to redeem this? still have a one year subscription.

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      I believe you can stack up to 5 years worth of keys
      Microsoft Question

      • Thanks, I didn't know that. I've been waiting year by year.

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      Stack up to 5 years like me. I got another year to go but will buy the 2, don’t see another bing lee ebay sale coming for a while.

  • good deal?

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      I think so. It's the cheapest I have seen this year. SaveOnIt generally sell for $98. Kogan/Dicksmith sell for $88 but they charge for shipping.

      • CANNOT BELIEVE THIS - I bought the same thing from them for $98 YESTERDAY….of course it was expiring today…FWIW I recieved the email key within 5 minutes of purchase…

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        It's like $2.30 less than the regular price if you're going through Microsoft Home Program

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      Just a deal.

      I've seen it as low as $75 from binglee… approx same time last year.

      I am waiting for that so that I can stack two years.

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      RRP is $129. The philosophical side of what software is worth will never be agreed on but compared to RRP it's a decent buy.

      6 individual users can install on 5 different devices each, and each of the 6 users gets 1TB of Onedrive. Even if you ignore the Office suite and never share it with 5 people it's still a decent buy purely for a year of 1TB of cloud storage.

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        For comparison: for 2 TB… Google One is $124.99/year and Dropbox is $184.67/yr

    • +1

      Comes with six accounts, and each one gets 1TB OneDrive, on top of Office. Great value if you need or want both.

      • I uae all 6 accounts and the 1TB OneDrive is great for the family and their PC, iPhone and Android devices :)
        This is a great deal, will stack a couple.
        I bought one of these on Amazon UK a few weeks ago slightly cheaper and I've had to refurn it to Amazon for a refund as UK codes don't work here (found on Oz Bargain), lesson learnt.

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    Thanks Op! Just redeemed, got the code almost immediately and redeemed no issue. Been on the lookout for a bargain on this for a few months.

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      No worries, mate! I was also on a lookout for this deal. My current subscription ends next week, so it's just in time.

  • Looking at the combo Microsoft 365 Family + Kaspersky Total Security (3 devices) deal of ~$102 at the moment. Does anyone think the price will get cheaper on Black Friday sale?

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      Better with this and skip the Kaspersky product.

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      window defender gang

  • If you can take the risk of waiting until tomorrow get a further 5% of with OW price match policy. I have done it before with SOI.

  • I'm part of an ozb family plan share that someone else bought. Can I add this license to my account and access it when my subscription ends?

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      Currently your own account gains access via a shared invite. Buying your own would have this show up within your own account rather than as a shared invite if that makes sense. Just don't add/use it until ready.

      • Thanks makes sense.

  • Very frustrating to purchase with them. They offer Paypal as an option, but their paypal checkout doesn't work properly.

  • HUP price was circa $90 IIRC might work better if you have access.

  • I have a current CC paid subscription to Office 365.

    Do I add this via "Redeem a Card or Code"?

    If so, can I add it now even though my CC subscription isn't due for renewal in 2021?

    • Yes assuming it is the same type of subscription it would extend it. Just ensure it is the same otherwise you would end up with two different subscriptions within your account and BOTH active.

      • I believe I have the Microsoft 365 Family for 5 users.

        Is that different to the subscription on offer here - "Microsoft Office 365 Family 6 Users 1Yr license by email"?

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          Sounds the same. It use to be x5 but now x6. Any issues, one could speak to MS support to ask them merge them i.e. would extend by an extra year.

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          No such thing as 5 users anymore, it was increased automatically to 6 users a while ago.
          Even if you bought the 5 user package, it has been increased to 6, 1 licence for you {primary account holder) and you can share with 5 others for a total of 6 users.

      • There's the FAMILY with 6 users, and then there's the HOME with 6 users.
        A but tricky there. The HOME version is still selling at $99.

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          The only consumer subscription ones that exist now are:

          • Microsoft 365 Family (6 users in total)
          • Microsoft 365 Personal (1 user)

          They've cleaned up the naming to avoid any confusion, which was a smart move.


  • 2% credit card or PayPal surcharge.

    • Killed the deal for me.

      • Even with 2%, Total would be $89.76. Surely not a deal breaker :-)

      • Why? Just use Pay ID or Bank Deposit and 0% surcharge :)

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      Do they offer payid at least?

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        Yeah direct bank deposit is available.

    • I just bought with PayPal and they deducted the funds and then only showed a blank invoice form on the confirmation page and have not sent a configuration email… I hope just a bug and not some dodgy stuff going on. Either way, not the best systems/processes. I am now hoping they respond to support tickets…

      • Same here, any updates to share?

        • I just received an email response 10 minutes ago (6.5 hours after lodging the ticket) from support that the payment was received with the codes included. I activated the codes successfully.

          • @CallumS: Thanks for the update, I've received mine now too. Looks like they had quite a few orders they had to process.

  • I keep getting "Request has timeout"

  • Hi Folks, just did the 2 order by pay ID, all up and running, so good to go.

    • Just did the same. How long did it take before they acknowledged the payment?

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    Got 5% off with OW price match this morning.

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    Yep nice one, i got the OW price beat too

  • How long after payment do they send you the codes?

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      For me, it was almost instantaneous. I paid using my credit card and I immediately saw the code turn up in my inbox.

      • +1

        I used my debit card, all I got was an invoice email without the codes. Been almost an hour already.

        Edit: Ok nvm, my bad, the mail went into my junk for some reason, but the invoice made it through to my inbox lol.

    • I bought mine at about 2am and received the codes at 12:55pm

      Re the comment above with regards to PayPal, it works, you just have to click the ‘pay with PayPal’ button at the top .. it sends you to the PayPal login where you just pay normally, using your credit card through PayPal or whatever

  • Wondering if I should buy now or wait few days for black Friday/cyber Monday deals.

  • Just tried to sign up a user account for SaveOnIT…

    password must only contain letters and numbers.

    Can't include symbols. 🤦‍♂️

  • Got OW price match, the product code didn't match so I had to wait for their team to confirm it is eligible. Got a call back an hour later and purchased two licences. Thanks.

  • +1

    I had earlier activated office purchased in US and changed the country to Australia. Its working fine. When I tried to use this new code purchased from save on it, I get an error : NoMatchingEligibleProductsFound

    I contacted techincal chat support and got the following answer:

    *If you get this message it means that your product key was purchased in a different country or region than where you're currently located. Office product keys must be redeemed in the country or region where they are purchased.

    This can also happen if you try to extend the duration of your current Microsoft 365 subscription with a product key that was purchased in a different country or region than the one originally used to start your subscription. For example, you set up your Office subscription in China with a product key purchased there and you then purchase a product key in the United States, and attempt to extend your Office subscription with it.

    In this scenario, you can either redeem the new key to a different Microsoft account or you can wait until your subscription expires (at least a day after the expiry date) to use the new key with the same Microsoft account.*

    So I have to wait till my current subscription expires and have to activate then.

    • Good point there.
      I am not surprised, as the Licence agreements are different between regions. At least you can hold off until the other one expires.

      As a matter of interest, at what point did you get the error i.e. was it that it would not allow you to add the key to your existing Microsoft account because you have a simular product contained i.e. it does not permit it OR other?

      • +1

        I tried 2 ways, first I went to my existing office subscription and clicked - Redeem a key. It takes me to a page a, verifies my email and accepts a key. Immediatly after entering the key and clicking next I got the error message.

        Second I clicked on the link sent in the email by saveonit. It takes me to a similar page where my email is verified (to make sure i add it to the right account) and then accepts the key. Immediatly after entering the key and clicking next I got the error message.

        Both the pages above are one and the same, just redirected from different initial pages. Either ways you cannot just have 2 365 products in a same account.

        • Good to know. Thanks.