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[Backorder] Google Pixel 4a $533.11 + $9.98 Shipping from JB Hi-Fi


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It's a backorder, but decent saving for Pixel 4a

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2020.

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    Pretty sure it wasn't on backorder this morning. I'll just wait for Black Friday sales given JB stock arriving 25/11 in my postcode with this deal.

    • What kind of discount do we expect for black friday? Is it going to be cheaper than this? I'm going to buy this phone but still waiting for decent price, don't know how much though.

      edit : I've just checked last year black friday. JB hifi gave $150 discount for pixel 4 range, but they were above 800ish though.

      • Probably a similar amount. I wouldn't expect anything super significant over this. Maybe 15% if you're lucky.

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    how different it is from 4a 5g? except 5g

    • its smaller

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      Without going into too much detail that you can read elsewhere, the 4a 5G is actually closer in specifications to the 5 as it shares the same processor and camera setup. The 4a on the other hand has a lower spec'd processor, a single rear camera obviously no 5G support.

      I tend to think of the 4a 5G as a budget Pixel 5 with a larger screen and the build and construction of the 4a.

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        thanks for that.
        I never owned a pixel phone but I heard it has great camera. I will wait on a deal on pixel 4a 5g to try that out.

        • Yes, the two main reasons you would get a Pixel far and away would be for the camera (especially low-light performance) and for stock Android experience without the third-party bloat you might find on other phones.

          I'm looking to get a 4a 5G too, but like you, am waiting it out to see if there will be any discounts

          • @GreenGuava: yeah. Not looking for pixel 5 as it uses same processor. Google should have used flagship processor in that. So, I think pixel 4a 5g will be enough for more users.

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            @GreenGuava: Yep, me too. I don't really care about 5G but the phone has the specs I am looking for.

            My last two phones were Xiaomi but I am sicking of having to fight their security and battery saving apps. Some apps I could never get working properly.

            • @Almighty Dollar: I also have s10 5g , so I just want to try pixel as I never owned pixel before so looking for a deal on pixel 4a 5g.

            • @Almighty Dollar: tell me more, i was considering getting the xiaomi after my pixel 3

              • @RQNinja: Look, I may not be an authority on this, but the Xiaomi security app is quite aggressive in its app settings and permissions. On top of this, the battery saver app likes to shut down apps.

                For instance, my Fitbit app will work for a couple of days, then stop. I would need to reconnect it.

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      screen size, battery size, processor tier, 4g/5g, dual camera vs single camera

      • It's not an upgrade for Oneplus 6T is it? Or LG V50 ThinQ

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      Pixel 4a is smaller, has no 5g, has an older processor (Snapdragon 730G in the 4a vs 765G in the 4a 5g) and also has a smaller battery (3,140 mAh vs 3,800 mAh)

      I would personally get the 4a 5g just so that it is future proof as it supports 5g. However 4a at this price is very decent I think, specially considering that 5G is not that widely rolled out yet.

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        It's good for people like my wife. Who is a definite F.R.O.G ((profanity) Rough On Gear). I couldn't trust her to look after an $800 phone, so buying her a ~$540 phone is more for managing my own mental state. She still wants a decent camera, screen, battery life and storage space, so the 4a is perfect for her

  • It's not possible to click and collect with a backorder? Like select a local store to wait to click and collect instead of a store 50 million miles away?

    • You were not permitted to click and collect the pixel 4a at all from JB during the preorders and initial release. always had to get it delivered, unsure why.

  • Just waiting for a flagship dual sim phone under $600 to $700.

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      Useless comment. Completely different price brackets. You may as well say you would rather buy a galaxy fold since you're comparing apples to oranges.

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    My 4a is a great phone, would highly recommend it. According to ars the 5 can actually be slower than the 4a due to the thermals.

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    PB Ow from Toby yesterday got it for 513.

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      Let me try and translate that: you PriceBeat Officeworks from Toby (TobyDeals or a guy named Toby?) yesterday for $513? I didn't think they would price beat grey imports?

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        I bought pixel 4a from officeworks yesterday it was available for $597 but i asked them if they can price beat an offer from TobyDealsAU which they did and I ended up paying $513. And sorry I am drinking too much since pandemic.

        • Wow kudos on getting them to beat Tobydeals! Although I have a feeling that may be difficult to replicate

      • P.S: I wasn't trying to come across douchey, just genuinely wasn't sure what was meant since I was under the assumption that Officeworks don't price beat grey imports. I blame the lack of coffee

    • did you do it online or instore?

      • In store, online they usually deny.

    • Well turns out I owe you a beer as I tried to replicate your success today and the second Officeworks actually honoured it! Came to $513 for a Pixel 4a. Thanks hbutt!

      • Awesome enjoy the phone!

      • gah, I am spewing. Delayed order until early December, might just do this price beat too. Thanks for the confirmation that it works!

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    Nice find OP. Hoping to find a deal on the the pixel 4a 5g

  • OK, silly question, can I walk in, checkout the phone and order over the counter? (and potentially pick up if that store has stock)?

    OR is it only via the online store with this code?

    I ask because I haven't had a play with one yet, but am keen.

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      I don't think many stores in Vic have stock, but in theory you can walk in and use the code in store if they have stock

      • OK cool. Hopefully they at least have a demo phone so I can check it out. Looks great on paper but always good to see first for size, screen and feel.

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    The 4A in real life feels like a very small phone. I'm not saying its bad, in fact, it looked brilliant for the few minutes I used it, and the camera is top-notch, but I couldn't help but be surprised by how small it felt in the hand. Display seemed way smaller than what I thought it would be. Especially if you're coming from a larger phone, it could take some getting used to.

    • Agreed. Not good for people with large hands, like me. But my niece asked me on the weekend about getting a new non-iPhone and she has small hands, and I suggested a 4A.

    • Sounds like what I want :)

      The huge screen / tiny bezel / no notch might make this OK?

      • The screen size is pretty great IMHO. If you've ever held a pixel 2, it's basically the same outer dimensions, but with a much bigger/better screen.

    • I went from a Oneplus5 to a Pixel 4a and was immediately disappointed but I have trouble quantifying why. It feels like a midrange phone after a flagship, even an old one. I would have said the pixel screen is smaller, but it's actually bigger, with more pixels. I don't like the rounded corners on the display but that's what happens when the display is pushed to the ends of the phone body. Maybe I just miss my (broken) Oneplus…

      • I know what you mean. Maybe it's because the screen to body ratio is so high, that although the screen size itself isn't small, it feels small nevertheless.

    • I got a case before the phone, and my Pixel 1 fits in it exactly, so I think the size should be pretty familiar, just a bit more screen, hoping I will get used to rounded corners quickly, because they look awful to me at the moment, like an old CRT.

  • Ordered. Stacked with corporate Reward Gateway gift card to get it for $512.15 including express shipping.

  • Managed to get Officeworks to price beat Toby Deals on the 4A.

    I've tried price beating Toby Deals before but they've always knocked it back. $513 is a great deal.

    • Did you call them or did you go the store?

      • i just tried calling, no luck, tried to get them to match jb too but no luck there either :(

      • Went in store to price match a phone for my mum and thought I'd try my luck with the 4A. Got lucky with the staff I was dealing with.

  • Why would you pay $10 for the standard shipping when express shipping is $5.99?
    I managed to get one while it still said delivery by 13 November, hope I really get it by then.

    • Weird, I got the option of standard shipping for $9.98 or Express for $11.98

      • Maybe it varies by location? I'm in Perth though and would expect it to be more rather than cheaper. I did think it was odd they charge more for standard delivery, still comes up with the same prices for me now it is on backorder.

  • Loving this phone (nearly 2 months of use). Pretty awesome deal at this price.

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    I've just ordered it at the store at 1.30 pm Brisbane time and apparently I am the first one who ask for discount using the coupon. It took them a while to work the system.

    Basically it's called customer order. You go to the cashier and tell them that you want the coupon to be entered for your order. That's it. They will send you text once it's arrived at the store.

    In case you want to save the shipping cost.

  • Worth getting now or wait until Boxing Day?

    • Since when are the best deals on Boxing Day?

  • Around the same size as my wife S7, battery is getting worse time to upgrade. She don't like large phone.

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    I went into Officeworks to try and get them to price beat TobyDealsAU and ended up walking out with them price matching JB Hi-Fi's price excluding shipping. Bought 2 x Black 128Gb Pixel 4a phones for $506.46 each! Happy to share a picture of the receipt if it will help others…

  • Argh missed it, spewing!

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