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Sony WH-1000XM4B Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones $349.00 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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One of the lowest its ever been, although still cheaper at The Good Guys with cashback.

Update: Massive shout for Doweyy pointing out a $315.15 option at Sony, follow Doweyy comment.

Can confirm that you can also price match at Sony using the price match request, and then they'll adjust the cart to $349.20. You can then apply the coupon "SONYFRENZY" to reduce to $331.74 and get 5% via cashrewards too if you click through and purchase after the cart has been adjusted :)

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  • +5

    although still cheaper at The Good Guys with cashback.

    via Shopback…

    Better off OW PB for $331.74 ?

    • Seems to be limited stock around, although still a good option if your local OW has stock.

      • +7

        OW doesnt need to have stock to price beat. You just need to go in person and pay, they text you when the next batch arrives

    • +4

      Just bought 1 in OW for $331.74

      • Do they match the price with Amazon?

        • Yes I showed amazon price and they did as long it was Australian stock.

  • +32

    Can confirm that you can also price match at Sony using the price match request, and then they'll adjust the cart to $349.20. You can then apply the coupon "SONYFRENZY" to reduce to $331.74 and get 5% via cashrewards too if you click through and purchase after the cart has been adjusted :)

    • +12

      Given that rate , it would be 300 mark by boxing day :)

    • +1

      I love you doweyy, you magnificent OzBargainer :D

    • Wow great info.

      Is that $331.75 AND 5% back on 331.75????

      Otherwise I might just go to OW and pick it up there with pricematch/beat/whatever :)

      • +2

        Yep both 5% off and then 5% cashback also :) Gotta make sure to click through CR after the cart price has changed to $349.

        • I doubt that,, as far as I know CR—> Vendor Site —> add to Cart … or else it wont work .. as far as I know..

          • @chutibuti: Only if it's explicitly stated in my experience, never had an issue with websites other than Amazon in the past getting cashback with items previously sitting in the cart..

            • @doweyy: I was worried because I read the BEFORE adding items… If it works who cares :P
              "After clicking through Cashrewards, is there a time limit for me to make my purchase?
              Yes, but this time limit varies from store to store. As such, we recommend you click through Cashrewards and make your purchase as soon as possible to ensure that your rewards track correctly.

              PLEASE NOTE: You must have clicked through Cashrewards before adding any items to your cart on a store’s site. "


              • +3

                @Jay-rad: Completely understand and I think that FAQ is more of a disclaimer to ensure tracking works :)

                Just in my experience, I have purchased items already in my cart on a range of websites and personally haven't had an issue. Just yesterday I bought from Myer with an item previously in the cart and it tracked fine. In this case, cashback is more of a bonus but it should still work fine..

                • @doweyy: Appreciate the reply and your thorough knowledge.

                  I just signed up to CR yesterday on the Dell 2721DGF deal am learning the ropes.

                  Thanks again I'll see if I can get it to work :)

        • This is from CR official response I received few weeks back for Amazon ,, ( may not be the same for other sites)

          Items are added to cart before clicking through from Cashrewards or selecting ‘Activate Now’ on the Cashrewards Notifier
          Multiple orders are placed on a single click from Cashrewards (you must return and click through from Cashrewards to Amazon Australia every time you make a new transaction/purchase)
          Purchases are being made via the Amazon App which are ineligible to earn cashback
          A coupon code has been applied to a transaction which was not advertised on the Cashrewards website
          Clearing browser cookies during a purchasing session
          Having cookies disabled on a browser before buying an item
          Visiting other websites whilst browsing on Amazon Australia (including Google)
          An advertising banner or sponsored link is clicked on the Amazon Australia website after clicking through from Cashrewards

          • @chutibuti: On Amazon, I just moved the items out of cart ("Save for Later") and then add them back before purchase, much safer.

    • Wow this works out great
      $350 will now standard price ;)

  • +8

    Just got it for $316 at jb hi fi instore. Combine with this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/579721
    So get 3 $100 ultimate home gift cards and one $50 ultimate kids gift card. Then use code 92HNJT3Y24C52N for 11% off.

    • Someone mentioned the giftcards can’t be used online.

      • Yeah instore I got it

        • Oh so they were able to apple the code as well? That's fantastic! Thanks

          • @nightelves: Yeah apply with code and pay with gift cards and an extra $1.5

    • did you price match the amazon price with JB?

      • +1

        No price match. Just 11% of their own price $395 and then pay with giftcards

  • While it may be cheaper elsewhere, the ability with Amazon to return this no questions asked if there are any issues with it is worth the extra bit for me.

    • +1

      100% agree, Amazon is simply amazing in terms of customer service

  • +10

    After using the WH-1000XM3s for 2 years and being delighted with them, it seemed low risk to upgrade to the XM4s and get basically the same headphones but with better ANC and multi-device support.

    While they seem like an incremental upgrade in every way (and worked great for a little while), I had major problems with static/crackling coming from the right earphone after a few hours of use. I returned that pair and received a new pair super fast (fantastic customer service as usual). However, after a few days the replacement pair developed the same issue!

    After some research I found that apparently it's to do with condensation building up in the ear cup and interfering with the ANC, which is not properly insulated (wtf sony). The problem seems a bit too widespread for comfort, and coupled with my anecdotal evidence, this is deal breaker for me a RRP $449 pair of headphones. Won't be trying a third pair.

    • Thanks, great info

    • +1

      Where did you get them from? I've been trying to return and get a replacement from the official Sony eBay store for weeks, for the same issue.

      • Amazon

    • Exactly the same experience. Tried two pairs and the creaking noise was so annoying I had to return them both. Also mic not very good for work calls on teams/webex.

      Ended up getting bose 700

      • How do you find teams calls with the 700s? Noticeable difference between them and the xm4?

        • +1

          Haven't heard anyone complaining about not being able to hear me anymore so Def better. With the Sony apparently my voice came out incredibly muffled

          • @dresh: Thanks for the reply

  • can anyone comment on the alleged lack of codec support on android and windows 10?
    I read somewhere that the XM4s don't sound good on Android or Win10 due to this.
    Can anyone who has these comment?

    • +1

      Sony moved away from Qualcomm chips for XM4 so they don't support apt-X any more. apt-X was the codec that was supported on just about everything.
      LDAC is the only standard that XM4 supports now, which Android and iOS is fine with, but Windows doesn't support it just yet

      EDIT: You can still use the included aux cable though

      • ok so how do these sound on Android and on PC (windows).
        I know we can use AUX cable but that kind of defeats the purpose of wireless headphones if this is your main use case.

        • +2

          They sound fine on Android wirelessly.
          LDAC has more bandwidth than apt-X HD, so if you use TIDAL or have any fancy Hi-Res FLAC files, they'll sound great.
          Spotify and Apple Music will sound about the same

          • @fgghjjkll: hmm ok so windows is the only issue then.

            • +1

              @mujen1: It'll still work wirelessly on Windows btw, just will use a different codec which is a little bit slower. Fine for music, but you'll want to use the aux cable if gaming.

      • With iOS you only get either SBC or AAC, not LDAC. Fine for regular streaming, not for audiophiles.

  • +1

    Would love to know if these will work wirelessly with the PS5

    • It would be awesome if they did, disappointingly the PS5 3d pulse headset has an external dongle

    • No they wont, playstation does not support bluetooth for headphones because of lag, it needs another dongle which works on 2.4 GHz RF

  • +6

    Can confirm the CashRewards worked when Sony price matched. I clicked through from CR, logged into Sony, added to cart, they price matched, added SONYFRENZY bringing it to $331.74. CR emailed an hour later with a $16.59 cash back. $315.15. Thanks OP & @doweyy

    • I can confirm this works for me too!

    • how long Sony will change the price in cart? I requested price match, no response.

      • depends on the team ~ mine happened in 2 hours ~

      • Same

    • Thanks,,, CR approved ,, AUD 16.59 Estimated approval: Up to 95 days ,, by the time I am sure MX5 might be available .. but that's fine.. :)

  • Hmm…those who have seen how prices have tracked previously on XM3, what do you reckon the odds are of it being cheaper in aus with black Friday sales at the end of the month? Wondering if I should pull the trigger now….

  • Requested a price match from Sony 5 hours ago and haven't been contacted. Do they contact you or does the price get automatically updated in the cart?

    • same, no response from Sony

      • still waiting. Oh well, looks like I wait until Black Friday to see what the deal are. And after this experience with the Sony store, look elsewhere.

        • Good one Sony! They replied this morning after SONYFRENZY coupon has finished.

  • I was about to pull the trigger on this but after I read the Amazon reviews, I think I'll stick with my XM3's. Some people have had a really bad experience with a hissing issue in the left earcup and Sony won't take responsibility for it. That worries me when it comes to buying directly through Sony for a price-match deal, because they may not recognise the hissing issue (they blame it on your own sweat in the earcup) and therefore not swap/refund the headphones when it develops the issue.

  • +1

    This is now back in stock at 349 at Amazon guys…

    • Updated, cheers!

      • Back up to $394

        • Thanks, white option is still OG price.

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