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Breville Barista Express BES870BKS $674.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not as cheap as previous deals but currently cheaper than TGG which are priced at $729.00

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  • Wonder if JB would PM this so I can score an additional 5% off using GC 🤔

    • They normally do PM so 100% worth putting it to them.

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      This looks to be a Prime deal which JB doesn't tend to price match.
      EDIT: Actually I guess not. It says Prime next to the price but it's the same price and no Prime logo in private browsing so should be fine then.

  • TGG can get 10% off with deal 10
    Then use the 2000 points per $100 ultimate home gift cards from woolies which is basically another 10% off

  • currently cheaper than TGG which are priced at $729.00

    Amazon AU is actually pricing-matching The Good Guys after you factor in 10% off

  • Still can't believe this machines went up in price after the years. I got this 3 years ago from TGG for ~$500.

    • Got it about 6 months ago for $399 with dented box from Breville ;-)

      • Could you please tell me where you got it from?

        I want to get the above product but my budget is like 500 so I don't mind buying a slightly damaged box if it's cheaper.

        • Brisbane breville factory outlet.

        • Sounds like bragging about scoring at a single-item sale. I wouldn't expect a Breville store to have a "dented box Barista Express" section.

          • @bouncybear: The factory outlet in Tingalpa does, if there's none in stock you can 'pre order' and they'll give you call when there's more in stock, I think I had a 2 month wait when I bought one 2 years ago

            • @based: Thanks for claryfing, the original comment looked like unhelpful teasing.

              Got it about 6 months ago for $399 with dented box from Breville ;-)

        • U mad, bruh?

        • There use to be a Breville outlet store in Fitzroy, I also managed to snag an 870 for $400 right before they closed down. When I was purchasing they opened a few boxes and let me select one, as some of them had cosmetic damage.

    • Supply and demand baby - reckon there has been so many people getting these for their house in the burbs at the moment. Sucks if you can't walk to a good coffee when you're WFH.

  • This used to be the normal price and could go down to $500-ish when on sale. No sure since when the normal price has become like $800 :(

  • Cashback also showing 7% off amazon?

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    This wasn't too long ago:
    Sub $600 seems ok. Maybe there will be a better deal come Black Friday.

  • $666 at JB with their 11% discount

  • This or the DeLonghi Magnifica S . Any suggestions / first hand experiences?

    • Apples oranges mate. The DeLonghi is automatic which does everything for you. You'll need to grind the beans/tamp/extract manually with this. Depends what you are after though. You have a lot more control over the flavour of your coffee with a manual machine.

      • ok thanks. I'm not a coffee drinker so know jack about these, but the missus has hinted at wanting one.
        So credits for me if I surprise her with a decent unit.

    • The DeLonghi La Specialista would be a much closer comparisson

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    Still holding out for dual boiler to come back to this sort of price.

    • You, me and probably another 10% of Ozbargain :P

      • Yeeep. It's the only complaint with my 870, makes it difficult to pump out 3+ beverages for guests in a reasonable time, however perfect for personal use.

        • Given only 1 person is operating, a dual boiler is going to by quicker by around 15 seconds, so with three people, you'll be like 10% quicker.

          Correct me if I'm wrong:
          - grind, tamp, extract for one person: min. 45 seconds, so min. ~2 minutes for three people.
          - wait for the boiler to switch: 15-20 seconds
          - steam milk for 60 seconds (?)

          3:00 vs 3:20?

          • @bouncybear: Aside from the 10 sec wait and pressure ramp up, one additional factor to consider is that the dual boiler has a higher wand pressure which cuts the time down reasonably. I also prefer the wand style over the 870.

            • @cydia9k: Fair enough. I feel the BES870's steam is hot and set right after the 15-20 seconds I mentioned.

              What's the wand style you're referring to?

              • @bouncybear: From memory a bit bigger overall and a bulb shaped head instead of straight. I actually like the greater control with the smaller straight wand on the 870, however have consistently found the upper models to be faster.

                That said, I despise the Oracle wand in manual mode due to four outlets, makes it very awkward to position and temperamental.

    • what's the dual boiler good for?

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        One boiler for coffee extraction, and one boiler for steam. Thus the extracted shot is not getting cold while waiting for single boiler to come to temperature for steam. Also, can make more coffees at a time.

        • I was told should do milk before coffee shot. Milk can sit for a bit and just be swirled to keep good. However, the shot is better hot with the milk poured on it.

          However, like others, I just wish I had the dual boiler. Though, this was a gift from the FIL, so I can hardly complain.

          • @greennick: It mixes better if you do milk second. If you do milk first you may need to wait for the water to cool down. Either way, dual boiler is more convenient.

            • @g1: Water mixes with coffee better when it's cooler?
              Accepted practice is to make the milk before the shot. The coffee is the most important part

              • @Mancini: Maybe it depends who teaches? The courses that I did taught to do shot first. That way when milk is poured in the coffee is mixed through fairly evenly. Pouring a shot on top of the milk wouldn't be as even without stirring. Pouring cooler milk on top of a shot results in a cooler drink. So yeah maybe depends where you learn as to what they teach you.

                Not sure what you mean about the water.

                My comment about waiting to cool down is if you do milk first the boiler is at a temperature that is too high for coffee so it needs to drop a little before pulling a shot.

                • @g1: Coffee will be water whereas milk is not. You said you'd have to wait for the water to cool down if you did milk first and I took that too mean waiting for the coffee to cool down before pouring the milk in.

                  Anyway, when I said milk first I'm talking about stretching milk in a jug, then pulling shot of coffee into cup, than pouring milk into coffee.

                  As opposed to pouring a shot of coffee and having that sit and get stale while then stretching the milk.

                  • @Mancini: The milk splits and the bubbles rise etc. From what I've read it's best practice to do milk last and work quickly with it.

              • @Mancini: Well, you're wrong.

    • I just want one in black!!!

    • Is there a particular dual boiler model to keep an eye out for at this price point?

      • theyre talking about the BES920 but i seriously doubt we'll see it at these sort of prices again (used to go on sale for 650-700), i think it's EOL

  • It was seen cheaper pre-covid around sub $500 :(

  • After having this for a month or so I make the following comments. You are constantly filling up the tank, messy tray as coffee out of grinder overflows, tall cups don't work well for left side when doing 2 cups as the grinder caddy gets in way. Grinder settings seem off. Alot of turn for small adjustment with little effect in dose.

    If I had a choice again I would get the dual boiler to enable pour and milk froth at same time and one with a look larger tank.

    For the price. I am ok with it. Makes good coffee and froth.

    • Do you find the pressure OK, I feel like it's not enough pressure in the steam want. I've had mine about 4 years and it's held up pretty well, agree with most of your issues.

      • I have no issue with the pressure.. Froths up well. If you use a smaller jug you will get better froth, but obviously need to do more if using a 2 pour. I have a jug with a heat indicator on it for when at right temp. Good to know yours has lasted 4 years

        • I feel like it could be a little stronger. When I use a larger jug it's really bad, takes a long time to heat up/froth. The jug that comes with it does alright though.

      • It's a single hole wand. The pressure is fine it's the wand.

    • Does this model use a pressurised basket? For someone who just wants long blacks and espressos, and who doesn't have massive budget, would you recommend it?

    • A dosing funnel helps with the grinds overflow. The oracle grinds and tamps in one go, that would be ideal. But very expensive.

      • For $2k> onwards, you might as well look at some other established coffee machine brands, such as Rocket, ECM, Profitec etc which make better coffee than top of the line offerings from Breville.

        • The BBE was a Covid stop gap machine in lieu of a Rocket, but can live with the Breville. Rocket I wanted is still out of stock.

        • A barista friend of mine begged people to bite the bullet, and commit to this price range… And buy serviced-used Pro machines (ex. Cafe). He said the difference was light & day, it wasn't even fair… But people couldn't see the bigger picture.

          All just one person's opinion, of course.

          I've read the same about expensive cameras.

      • Was looking at that, but not sure how it works with the short depth to get the funnel in within that cradle.

        • There are plastic 3d printed ones that lock into the cradle, but it's just as easy to rest it on the tray and press the button with your finger. Not quite as elegant, but it allows a much better dose because you aren't losing a bunch and making a mess.

          • @xmail: Wouldn't the manual pressing of the grinder with the group head on the tray make even more of a mess. Or is it that the coffee falls more directly down if you do that method. In any even its flawed design.

            • @Melb88: I was suggesting you'd rest the portafilter on the tray when using a funnel. The coffee drops down in a straight line and the funnel is wide and tall enough to prevent any spilling out. Putting the portafilter in the cradle would be better - but you can't fit it in with a funnel attached.

              The use of funnels is pretty common for all grinders/portafilters so it's not a design flaw specific to breville. Although it would be good if it was shaped in a way to allow using a funnel in the cradle.

  • Save and get a Linea Mini >_>

  • Great machine. Use it everyday. Got mine for $699.00 from good guys that came with $100.00 voucher.

  • Thats a lot of Moccona….

  • If you got this from TGG at the start of the click frenzy event you could have claimed $250 (or $50) back in frenzy bucks!