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ASUS TUF Gaming B450M-PRO S AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard $129 + Delivery @ Mwave


Might be the best B450m board in VRM performance, in Tier A on par with many $200+ mobo
(source: https://linustechtips.com/topic/1137619-motherboard-vrm-tier...)

Cheapest can be found is $169 @ Scorptec

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    I don't know much about this board; seems great. The one thing that the MSI B450M Mortar Max has, that this one doesn't, is two M.2 spots (albeit one is PCIe3x4, and the other is PCIe2x4).


    Not the same board but I've gotta say I'm disappointed in my TUF 570. One of the screw holes were off and the IO shield is cut wrong. Just enough to be annoying but not enough to bother returning it :/

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      that doesnt seem right….. are you sure its not your case thats cut wrong/abit off?


        Previous 2 motherboards in the same case have been fine. Its a Be Quiet Silent Base 601. Not cheap junk or anything.

        If it was just one thing you could say it's random but 2 quality control issues is suss.

        I'm not an expert but I've been working on PCs as a hobby since the 90s..


    Will this board work with 5000 series CPUs? I thought there would be a patch coming January but pcpartpicker just says it's not compatible

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      Just not yet mate. If you want to use new amd cpu right now, get 550 board.


    I bought this mobo 3 months ago when it was $199 (now I sold it)

    Lack of ARGB header was pain,
    Usb 3.0 header socket is bit loose so if you take out the 3.0 cable from the header, you get the socket comes off too ;)


      How many ARGB headers? 3 or 5 pins? Is it enough for 6 fans using splitter?

      This supports Aura sync which I need for the RGB Ram I bought yesterday.

      To get around the RGB, can buy a case with fans included.

      Still waiting for good Ryzen deals. No stock n over price.

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        no it only has 12v RGB headers (4 pins).
        There is no 5v ARGB header. (3 pins)

        For Fan headers if you have fan hubs, yes its okay.


      i have the b350 version of this board and the usb 3.0 header socket came off too, the usb 3 header still works though.


    Dunno about top tier VRM?

    For those that want to know

    VRM is comprised of 4 (real) phases (no doublers)
    - 2 x 4C10B High Side
    - 2 x 4C06B Low side

    I'd say it's OK for x6/700 series but I wouldn't be too keen for a x8/900 or higher without some airflow. (stock)

    Or x6/700 with some overclocking

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      is it really on par? i need a board soon and looking at that one

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        They aren't the same at all…
        Unless you are saying they are both motherboards and can run Ryzen CPUs.
        The TUF offers 4 ram slots and supports faster memory.
        The TUF has usbc support.
        The TUF offers 2.5 Gb Ethernet.
        The TUF offer m2 x 2.
        I'm sure the vrms are going to be better on the TUF vs the Prime but I can't confirm.
        The Prime is a budget board and so is priced and marketed accordingly
        The TUF is targeting a different market segment.
        So yeah… They are sort of the same if by that you mean they can both run your Ryzen CPU but they are totally different if you want to compare feature sets.


          ok thanks.


          quality about the same. Essentially the same VRM (confirmed).

          Is it worth an extra $50, I dont think so.

          @ Jaduqimon

          Will you use 2.5G network (do you even have a switch that can do it?)
          Will you use 2 x M2?
          Will you use 4 RAM sticks?

          If not (and id bet most people wont) then save your money and put it towards something (like your RAM for example - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/579651)

          No doubt theyre not the same board, I just mentioned same sort of quality. Features will depend on the application.

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            @sabaramo: I might be wrong but the VRM is 8+2 Drmos on tuf pro s and only 4 phases on b450m-k

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              @RichBargain: im an idiot, i completely missed the S in the name This board is good value at this price and better than the Prime one I linked.

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                @sabaramo: Someone gracious admitting to an error on the Internet? Now I've seen it all


          Thanks. I just bought this from the recommendations you guys gave!

          now i need to find a CPU… hopefully a 1600AF goes on sale for $150 again soon