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Qicklock Temporary Security Door Lock + Free Timer $5.99 (Usually $11.99) Delivered @ Qicklock


Qicklock Temporary Door Lock Half Price 3 Day Sale

Free Timer with every Lock sold - Limited Time Only

Free shipping Australia wide.

Fits Most Inward Opening Doors fitted with a Latch

Locks you In and others Out

NB: PLease note Australia Post is experiencing delivery delays due to limited flights, social distancing requirements and increased parcel volumes.
So please be patient

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  • Yes!! Been waiting months since the last one and I regretted not picking one up, almost caved about 3x since then but so glad I waited!

    …not that I actually need it or anything or that the $5 makes a massive difference, but still. Very gratifying feeling :)

    • how do we lock/get in from the outside?

      • +7

        I don't think you can. But it's probably handy for traveling, rentals, and house party's

      • +3

        You can only use the lock while you are in the room… It does not lock from the outside … It locks you in and others out…

  • +4

    I was thinking about Quicklocks not two weeks ago and how I haven't seen a deal in forever (it seems I missed the one in June, haven't been by since 2017)
    Good to see you're still going!

  • +5

    Can confirm these work pretty well. Handy for sharhouses/rentals if you're unable to replace the doorhandle with a lock.

    • Handy for room doors and toilet doors that has no lock or broken lock. i am using one.

      • Arh. So that's what it can be used for

  • +9

    Can’t recommend these highly enough, $6 now to save thousands in therapy that could’ve been spent on wine!!!

    • I got one a few years ago when it was advertised on Ozbargain. Love it heaps, spent thousands on therapy and wine since then. The device works great in most (not all) doors.

  • Got me some 🙂

  • Great simple (and cheap) product. I have found it handy when travelling and staying in Airbnbs and other accomodation with basic locks - you never know how many people have had the keys.

    • you never know how many people have had the keys.

      Thanks, I really hate you now. Never thought about this but now I will be thinking about it everytime I am staying at Airbnb.

      Time to buy a Qicklock I guess…

      • The idea being they break in while you're home?

  • +2

    op name checks out!

    theycame! (but I had quicklock in place so I'm good)

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one based on the comments alone!

  • +7

    I have no use for this because I prefer it when hotel maids walk in on me doing the dirty…

    • +3

      I was the maid.

    • +2


      For sure they will appreciate your efforts.

  • +2

    Be great to have this on your door when u have a stroke and the ambos can't get in

    • +9

      It will do its job if it’s the vinegar stroke 🤪😂😂

    • +14

      Be great to have this on your door when u have a stroke

      I was thinking of a different kind of "stroke" lol

      I'll see myself out.

      • +3

        This is why I have like 4 of these.

        Can't scar my nosey always barging Indy my privacy housemates with some of my um cough activities.

        Can confirm this works great for stopping intruders and innocent eyes.

    • +1

      Good thing I leave a spare key by the back porch under the potted petunias inside an Eclipse mint can.

      • You sure?
        Better give me the address and I'll check.

      • I leave mine inside the lock. That way I don't loose it 💡 smart isn't it? 🤫

  • +2

    Good deal and timer alone sells for $7.99 I believe

  • Just wondering - do we get 2 free timers if we get 2 in the same order?

    Already purchased 2, don't need an extra timer - but was just curious :)

    • +1

      Their page says:

      Free Timer with every Lock sold. Limited Time Only

      If their English is correct, you'll get 2 timers

  • +2

    Bought for the timer. Now to lock some people in.

    • +1

      Including yourself, unless you have an alternate escape route…

  • +1

    sweet. These are great, would highly recommend. Had one when my (replacement) bedroom door didn't have a knob installed yet …and it took several years for it to finally get done, lol.

  • Don't even know why I bought 2, but I did.

  • Thanks OP. Going in my travelling bag! For whenever we get to travel again. Simple solution to a pretty universal problem.

  • Thanks OP. Just bought two. Hope they work as well as the ads and reviews claim. Cheers.

  • +3

    Ssadly, I'm a freak. It doesn't work in my home doors. It didn't work in the one hotel we visited.

    • Yeah I would be scared of doing permanent damage on some rentals and hotels but if you really need to lock a door while your in a room this can do most doors unless they are digital only or an unconventional design.

  • NB: Does not work on sliding doors

    I'm worried what type of person needs this note lol

    • +1

      What about revolving doors?

    • +5

      What about gullwing doors?

      • +6

        Username checks out

      • +1

        where we're going, we don't need doors !

    • +7

      lol So it didn't work for you and your 'reputed builder' therefore everyone else is a liar.
      Good one.

  • +1


    Parking timer reminder
    Free with every order

  • +1

    Mine doesn't work on the door. I got it in the previous deal

  • +3

    Bought one of these 12 years ago, i still know where it is, i have yet use it once and have yet to come across any situation where i could.

    • +1

      That's a good thing.

      So far I have had to use it on my lockless door to stop annoying housemates from entering my room at random times in the day and sometimes night.

      Some people are just morons.

      I would imagine it would be good for travelling through places that might be considered a high crime area even with other locks.

      It's a peace of mind thing.

      But yeah if you have the unfortunate luck to live in a room with a barely working door and clueless unaware housemates this is worth a lot more than what they are selling it for.

      Personally I want to try the parking timer as it might be good in certain situations like a reminder when your bus or train is coming or when to clock off work etc.

      Life is hectic yo lol.

  • +1

    Don't forget to tell your friends and make sure you remember to take one with you even if it's just to your mums place!

  • +3

    I've never used this (or a homemade dinner fork lock).

    But one issue I've had with various door wedges is that people familiar with a door will try to barge/kick/qick their way in anyway. Like the guy that knew the door lock was always broken in a public shower room I was using so decided to shoulder his way in through the very well wedged but slightly flexing door. The same goes for parents that think something is wrong with the door if the lockless door suddenly doesn't open.

    Hopefully maids and thieves are a little less aggressive or at least the lock "feels" from the outside like a natural lock.

  • +7

    Good for parents bedroom, and preventing your children from having the same scars you have by seeing your mum and dad 'wrestle'.

    • Mum I broke my elbow.. Sorry Colby never forget.

  • +2

    bought 2 , dono why

  • Can confirm ours has held up well against an enthusiastic 7 year old

  • I had 1, gave it to someone & never got it back.
    It worked well enough for it's price with no issues on the few doors I've used it on, so I would recommend it.

    So a good time to get another.

    Thanks OP

  • I just got a spam text message

    We have attempted to deliver ur package UPS016448296GB, but there is an unpaid customs charge. Follow the instructions here: https://bit.do/fK5ej

    Hope it wasn't from giving these guys my mobile number. Its the only place in the last few weeks that I would have given out my number.

    • Wow, got something similar and I agree that the timing matches up with the order from these guys ("There is a package (HAR-V572-N0R) waiting to be collected…you took one of the spots on our 16/10 list.") which online everyone is saying is spam…hmm…

      Ordered on 13th November. How do I track the delivery?

    • It's called coincidence.

  • Hi OP,

    I've had one of these in the past, but it looked different to the ones now on your site, have the design changed?

    Also, there are a few other prices on your site $5.99/$8.99/$11.99, what the difference?

  • Looked like a good idea from the video that I ordered 5 (for hotel doors once restrictions are lifted).

    OP was a great help to answer my questions and help even after hours. =)

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