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[NSW] Google Home $59 @ Big W, Macquarie Shopping Ctr


Grabbed one and rushed to checkout so didn't get a photo of the shelf or clearance price tag.

3 shelves full with about 10 per shelf.

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    Wait you actually think you got a good deal?

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      I have half a dozen Google Home Minis and two Google Homes sitting in my 2 bedroom apartment, all never get used. I got them either through Google account offers or gifts from friends. Ugh.

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        It's a 4 years old device. This ain't no deal.

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        The minis have quite decent sound if you pair 2 together for bedroom speakers and place one on each bedside table. Especially the second gen.

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    Google Home what?

    • looking at the code on his receipt, it would be the discontinued home speaker.

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    Clearing stock.

  • is this a shopping diary?

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    tough crowd tonight

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Once you start using any google assistant device with screen, you will most likely not go back to screenless. So for whoever trying out for the first time, don't buy too many as you might end up wanting one with screen.

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      I got a google hub for my bedroom and use it everyday and even purchased another for my desk. Before that I had minis that I got for free and barely even used them

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        can i ask why/how?

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      Depends on your use. Apart from digital photo frame, which is awesome, I find the screen the least attractive/ used feature. I just have the 1 screen but have 5 speakers around the house.

      We mainly use them for audio, setting timers and alarms, ask about weather, and any questions the kids ask that I don't know the answer to (so I don't say "to keep the rabbits out"). Screen doesn't add any value to our most used functions.

      • I like the screen for displaying how long is left when running multiple timers for cooking.

  • ~_~

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    Dang, almost as good as the amazon echo dot prime deal, wish i was in nsw


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    I feel like admin only let this deal post as they wanted to get out the popcorn….

  • I bought a Google Home on a Qantas Frequent Flyer heavy discount, and sold it again a few days later. Worst sound quality! I even prefer the sound from the Google Minis. The Google Home sounds like they stuck a Mini at the bottom and then put a hollow tube on top.. just sounds hollow and substanceless. No wonder these are on heavy discount given the new Google speaker replacing it (can't remember the name) has got such rave reviews.

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