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iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB - $1949.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


iPhone 12 Pro Max. 5G to download huge files on the go and stream HDR video1. Larger 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display2. Ceramic Shield with four times better drop performance3. Incredible low-light photography with the best Pro camera system on an iPhone, and 5x optical zoom range. Cinema-grade Dolby Vision video recording, editing and playback. Night mode portraits and next-level AR experiences with the LiDAR Scanner. Powerful A14 Bionic chip. And new MagSafe accessories for easy attachment and faster wireless charging4. For infinitely spectacular possibilities.

With membership only. Includes delivery

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          • @xoom: Ask these third party repair shops how many replace battery/screen vs cameras? I wonder if they will even have camera modules of the latest and greatest Androids lying around. Even if they do, I wont trust them with it especially since they need to perfectly calibrated for AR applications. Try harder.

            • @dealsucker:

              I wonder if they will even have camera modules of the latest and greatest Androids lying around.

              They may have to order it from the manufacturer. Which i can't say for Apple which won't even sell you any unless you sign up to be Apple approved service centre. Which according to one youtuber who has a repair shop isn't cheap.

              For Android phone repairers they can salvage parts from other donor phones. Cant say the same for iphones.

    • If you're not getting paid by some company that's invested in android you're the biggest sucker on ozbargain. Hand in your membership for doing unpaid work lol

      • Some do for ethical reasons to protect the un/misinformed from exploiting corporations that can get away with marketing lies.
        "it's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled"
        I'm gradually shifting to Asian/Chinese better value goods. Would test Harmony OS unless Google Fuchsia comes with much better offer.
        Anyway, old Android phones are capable devices with custom ROMs.
        Can you ever get iPhone on $1/month like the Moto G8 offer on Vodaphone? That automatically qualifies for lifetime Ozbargain membership ;)

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      We don’t care with your samsung phone bruh

  • can anyone confirm a JB HiFi that has price matched this? tried castle towers and they said "no"

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      I don't think anyone prices match Costco due to required membership.

      And I think most major retailers won't discount iPhones until at least post xmas.

      You just have to work around with gift cards, phone plan sign up bonus, etc..

      • i have gift cards to use but wanted to save the extra $150 if they did the price match :)

  • Anyone else still waiting for it be delivered from Kogan? They sent an email saying it's been delayed but just wondering if it's across the board?

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    Bought 9. myself, wife, 4 parents, 3 kids

    • Give this man a medal.

      • just a + is fine

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    Picked up mine today from JB. Really nice, came from a dirty old 7

    • outright or did you use gift cards and price matching?

  • 16cm tall, no thanks

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    Geez….AU$ 2,000 for a smartphone :-\

    • *For a device, you spend 4-5 hours a day in

      Also, you must complain to the AU government for AUD being so weak

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    Just bought an iphone 12 pro max 256gb in pacific blue for $1978 from JB HiFi (Warrawong) today. Asked for pricematch from Costco.

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      where the devil is warrawong.

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    Ya gotta pay to play, so this is a good deal but allow me to vent my sincere frustration at Apple.

    They're anti right to repair and they do not care about the environment.

    A shameful company like that does not deserve your money each time they release a new product. Make them wait.

    • Its a business, and the purpose of every business is to make money. They are a corporation and they squeeze every little bit they can. They have been working hard to create an apple eco-system and now they will profit more and more from it. Their products became a part of peoples life and they know people cant live without them. They are unstoppable. They cant lose. You would do the same in their place.

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        You would do the same in their place.

        If I had the money Apple does, no, I wouldn't (but because of that, I would never have the money Apple does)

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                @dealsucker: Concur. I went to an Apple store to replace my broken screen after I dropped my phone (have to pay $160 for new screen at the time). When I went to pick up an hour later, they said they did some diagnostic test and the new screen did not respond as well as a normal phone. So they gave me a new replacement (same model of course) with new warranty. Another company or a third party repairer most probably won't mention it and if I do complain later, they'd most likely blame me for dropping the phone in the first place.

  • Has anyone gone to Officeworks with this price?

    • ….

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    Hahahaahaha as usual.. android boys were triggered.

  • $2000? Should be 512tb storage for that price.

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      Thanks for your insightful comment.

      • -1

        Maybe 786gig, no I'm wavering on 1tb.

  • Only the graphite is available. The rest is OOS.

    iPhone 12 Pro is also on sale for $50 off the RRP at Costco Online. But only the graphite is available, the rest is also OOS.

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    Omg, are phones are going to be increase to this price, I sincere hope not.

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      That's the problem. When Apple broke the $1000 price ceiling and its user base just sat there and took it. It pretty much signalled other phone manufacturers to push the price envelop. Now not only do we have samsung doing it. We have Huawei, oppo and many others.

      • Yep and that makes people now think if a newly released phone priced at $1000 is such a bargain.

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          and the sad reality is that there are people that will say those that are bagging Apple are only those who can't afford Apple products.

          First understand why someone does not want to buy an apple product before saying oh you just can't afford it. Not every one who buys an apple product can afford it either due to bad financial decisions.

          As Louis Rossmann said. He is not anti apple. He will praise apple when they do something good. The right to repair is not anti apple. It does not take away anyones right to go to apple to get their iphones or whatever Apple products fixed by apple.

          The right to repair allows for anyone who want to tinker with whatever they bought be it a smartphone laptop or whatever. It is after all 'yours' since you bought it right?

          Its like if you bought a Ford falcon. You put aftermarket tires on it. And after market battery. Suddenly the car will only let you signal a left turn but the car won't actually move anymore as transmission is disengaged.

          Worst still. You have two identical Ford falcons. You swapped the tires between them as well as headlights. Now neither car will move and wipers start going off by itself.

          • @xoom: I know people who have multiple assets (houses, shops, land) not on mortgage and have more than enough money to live through a comfortable retirement or perhaps enough money for their offsprings to live comfortably without the need to work. They still drive an old bomb and does not own an expensive phone. They also don’t wear fancy clothes. It’s these wise financial decisions that made them invest wisely and be successful. Most self made billionaires before they were rich were wise with their money, otherwise they wouldn’t have their initial funds to make investments.

            The founder of an Aussie online shopping platform used to be my uni tutor (don’t want to name who here) and he taught the class a lot of saving tips, like never buy Apple products new and get them 2nd hand as that would save more money. Today, he has a successful business and that has largely contributed by his frugalness in the early days. I read somewhere that he doesn’t even own a house because for him, renting saves him more.

            • @FrugalNotStingy: I find those that made their fortunes be it millions or billions got there by not splurging on unnecessary things.

              A story I heard was the owner of aristocrat poker machine. One day was doing some tiling on his house. His neighbour saw this and said to him. Why don't you pay to get someone to do it. The reply was along the lines of this is why I am rich and why you are not.

              Often I find those dressing up in fancy clothes and buying expensive phones are posers or wannabe richy rich. Not saying all are so calm your tits down. You know the type of people im talking about.

              • @xoom: Agreed. Many self made rich people don’t splurge on fancy clothes, expensive watches and the like. It’s the 2nd generation of rich onwards do the extravagant spending, why? Because money come easy for them and they don’t really know how to use money to make more money.

                With the exception of musicians, directors, movie and sport stars, they don’t have much money sense. Not sure why but that might have something to do with showing their worth status.

                Yeh, I also heard that the poker machine owner has never gambled a cent in his life and the other founder of the Westfield group (not Frank Lowy) was so frugal with money that he told his daughter off after learning she bought a $200 jacket.

                With these phones, designer clothes and $200k cars, I dare to say the majority of employed Aussies can afford them but what’s the point if these silly purchase decisions would hinder their future saving/investment plan?

  • Seems like it's all out of stock already, damn that went quick!

    • You are lucky - save money. Extra time is great cure for Ozbargeners. Most times the next day I determined that I don't really need what it looks as 'bargin' or wasn't really bargain.

  • +3

    $2K phone. They could have at lease gave us 120Hz screen on the Pro Max :-(

    • +1

      You expect them to include a screen which could cost Apple dollars to provide when they couldn't supply a charger that literally cost Apple cents to get made?

      • Yeah. I am moving on from Apple.
        Pity my wife can't say the same :-(

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    Join SunCorp (for free) and you can buy JBHifi or The Good Guys gift cards at 5% discount, better value then.

    Join Costco and you will end up spending too much on unwanted stuff :D

    • +1

      Join Costco and you will end up spending too much on unwanted stuff :D

      Sounds like ozbargain minus the $65 joining fee.

    • Only problem is that Suncorp limits your to $1000.

    • how do you join SunCorp for free?

  • So cheap! Are these made in China or USA?

    • +1

      China of course

  • +3

    For those who want phone with the biggest notch in the market.

    • +1

      So youre saying this phone is a notch above.

      i will see my self out

  • Cancelled my 12 Pro Max order after last 3 iterations. I can’t justify the 12 Pro Max being $770 more than the Note 20 ultra 5G on the EPP store.

    Going with the Note 20 Ultra for now

  • Back in stock - Thanks boe747

  • It is cheaper than the official price but still……….I cannot afford it anyway. $2000 is too much for me for a handset afterall.
    Still remember many years ago someone looked at me with a shocked face when I spent $800 on iphone 3gs. Now I am the shocked one to see the same thing happened on the others.

  • Back in stock!!!!

  • Hi All, silly question but please let me know if Costco's iphone will following AU warranty of 2 years or just international warranty standard?

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