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THE VIC-20 - $206.84 + $39.67 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


If you've been chasing THE VIC-20 in Australia you might have just received the email from Stuart Kidd who has been working hard to secure some OZ units for us. Unfortunately the minimum to import was 1700 units.

However THE VIC-20 is now listed on Amazon AU for a very reasonable price + delivery cost !!!

An additional Priority Delivery option is also available.

In case you don't know, this is a modern take on the Commodore VIC-20 Home Computer of the 1980s. It has both VIC-20 and C64 Modes and a bunch of built-in games for both platforms.

EDIT: In stock again 25-11-2020

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • No C-16 mode? :)

    • No sadly, a C16 Mini or THE C16 would be fantastic though. I remember still being able to pick up C16 games in our local Target store in the mid-1990's.

  • Thanks op, I'm probably going to grab one. It's a shame the c64 maxi isn't as easily available around rrp.

  • As a UK import, it probably has a different keyboard layout to what we originally had here. I noticed it has a dedicated "£" key, although the "$" symbol is also present.

    • That is how the Vic and c64 keyboards were in Australia. It was a terrible shock that PCs forced a switch to US keyboards especially for the many times I needed to type about antiquated monetary units.

  • +30 votes

    Hey kids, guess what your uncle Arthur got you for Xmas. You know that latest PS5 you were hoping for .. well, wait 'till you get a load of this!.

  • i remember upgrading to the C64 from the VIC-20….felt like i had made the jump to qantum computing.

    • ALL Computers since the VIC-20 have been a downgrade :)

      • This REALLY dates people if they were there when the vic20 let alone the c64 was out.

        • HA! Try starting with a Commodore PET 2001

          • @sennafumi: Started with the ZX81 and worked my way up to the VIC 20..

          • @sennafumi: We had the CBM model of these at high school, but I can’t recall exactly which one. What I remember most was my Dad bought a C64 for home and I was thrilled I could write BASIC code on it for school projects and they would run on the machines at school. Mind you, I had to print out the programs and re-enter them on the CBMs because we didn’t get the external floppy drive ‘til later.

            Here’s something that will date you as well: who remembers the ‘hack’ to double your capacity on a 5.25” floppy disk?

        • Bypassed the vic20/c64. Started with Hitashi Peach, then TRS-80
          Microbee and Apple IIe (and c - a laptop, sort of.)
          Upgraded my bee to a 'chook in a book'

          • @Magus: Microbees rule. 2nd only to the VIC-20. I have a Premium+ Microbee I built in 2013.

            • +2 votes

              @techfixes: We had a micro bee in the classroom. I remember using turtle and doing my first typed assignment on it.

              I didn't know how to type so it took so long and the girl I had the hots for kept coming over to ask if i was done yet so I had no motivation to type faster… lol. After some time and being frustrated she shared my chair and helped me finish it. bahahaha. l have fond memories of that micro bee.

            • @techfixes: I've been trying to find a kit microbee. That company seems to have gone stale of late.

      • +1 vote

        Are you keeping up with the commodore because the commodore is keeping up with you!!

    • Small company I work experienced at during summer was involved in dBASE III+ development for small businesses - every man and dog wanted a newfangled customised database. Afterwards, I did same - milk home delivery - on Superbase64. Both were soon obsoleted.

  • Im holding out for the mega65… just bought the spectrum next on the kickstarter.

  • I'm waiting for the Amiga 500

  • So, I assume it's something like a Pi, or even less powerful, running an emulator?

  • What's the cheapest C64 maxi at the mo?

  • Ordered, thanks for that. I was disappointed I missed the C64 maxi and now its stupid expensive.

    Just a 1amp micro USB to power it too. Nice.

  • where are we going to buy cassette tapes for our programs?

  • I wonder if/when the Yamaha CX5M will be redone. It was one of the first 'affordable' music computers prior to the Atari St's. I had one of these that I bought second hand. I remember spending all day working on a song using the note entry mode. Sounded great on my Roland MT-32. I saved it onto a data cassette. The next day I loaded it, and it wouldn't load!!!!! All that work lost.

    • Fantastic machine, probably the pinnacle of 8-bit technology (and if you ask me, 8-bits ARE the pinnacle of technology). EDIT: pity about the cassette though.

      • Tah.
        I made the mistake of lay-buying a floppy drive off Berrigans Music Hunter St Newcastle in 1989. They were closed for 2-3 months due to the Newcastle Earthquake.
        Then I picked it up.
        Took it home.
        It didn't work.
        They sent it to Alan Bourne Electronics in Cooks Hill, who then wanted money to repair it as it was out of warranty (Or Berrigans owed them money)?
        Berrigans went under, and the business was purchased by Brashs. Money down the gurgler.

  • I still have my cousin's V20 hand me down, inc box lol!

  • I have a vintage set of books on programming games for the C64 but have never owned one myself (spent plenty of hours on them back in the day between school and mates houses though). Would be tempted by this, but the price still feels a bit rich. Will stick to emulators I think.

  • Received today. They just slapped shipping stickers on the back of the VIC20 box and shipped it like that. Corners are bashed in a bit, and now I have to work out how to get those labels off the back without damaging it more.

    I ordered a reproduction of the Commodore 64 Exposed book too. I'm gonna make it big when I learn C64 assembly :)

    • They just slapped shipping stickers on the back of the VIC20 box and shipped it like that

      I've had that happen with the North Bayou monitor arm mount.

    • Got mine today. Box in good condition, but yeah the stickers. Wrong power plug for AU as well, but can easily get an adapter. Looks good :)

  • Overall I thought the selection of Games was a bit naff, as mentioned before heavy on the Llamasoft and other lesser known titles. Thankfully, Games can be easily loaded from USB so I can play all the VIC-20 Games I remember from my mispent youth :) I've loaded up Falcon Fighter, Pak Bomber and ICE so far. Good fun. Am hoping to try Cartridge Games next (Atarisoft Defender, Centipede, Radar Rat Race, etc.). I wish you could get Paddles for the thing. How awesome were Paddles on the VIC-20 ??!!!

    • Yeah I wonder if there is a compatible paddle controller. There are certainly spinner controls for arcade machines, but I can't think of an off-the-shelf USB spinner controller.

      The C64 (and VIC20) supports a number of USB controllers, and you can remap them with config files. I've been using my PS4 controller on mine.

      Might be worth posting on the RetroGames forums.

      I wonder how many VIC and C64 games actually used the paddles. Arkanoid is a bit rough with the digital controller.