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Telstra SIM Only Plan 80GB/Mo for $59/Mo (12M Contract) + $500 Bonus Gift Card @ The Good Guys (in-Store, New Customers Only)


Needed a plan for my 16 year old daughter and itching to sign up to JB today (didn't really need anything at JB, plus I feel more COVID safe in a good guys store where it is spaced out) but noticed within the CIS JB and Good Guys is listed. Rang my local Good Guys store and asked if they can match JB offer and mentioned theirs will start tomorrow until Sunday. Going in first thing in the morning to sign up and finally get to upgrade our Oven (going to use the $500 towards that)

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Can I use the gift card for buy Iphone ? Thanks

  • Have you been able to come in and get it done successfully?

  • Have they ever offered a higher value gift card for their $59 plan?

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    So..its definitely on got my $500 and moved my number to telstra. Thanks Good Guys!

    • Which store did you do it with if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks

  • Does any body know if you can use the good guys gift card on their the good guys commercial store?

    • Same question here?

    • No, you cannot make purchases on the commercial store with a gift card unfortunately.

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    Are these unlimited data plans? I guess no. Some Telstra plans switch to slow unlimited data when you use the prescribed amount.

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      Currently using an esim of 5gb Telstra plan. When it gets slowed down it’s perfectly usable. I can still watch Netflix and YouTube and also hotspot no problem

      • Same, works like a treat!

    • Is this 'unlimited' capped data available for Telstra prepaid or only for their post paid plans?
      Also, I'm on a JB Hifi telstra plan from 2018 and this feature is not included.

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        Not prepaid. It’s the 5gb mobile internet only. I got during a click frenzy last may. Costs $5 a month for 12 months then will be $15

        • I assume you use it in a dual sim phone in conjunction with another SIM for calls? If so which plan/sim are you currently on? I'm looking to do something similar in the near future

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            @abadacus: Yes, I’ve got an IPhone XR. Main sim was Belong for a while, now with Catchconnect. I managed to get a 60gb unlimited plan 365 days for $70 using unidays and a special zippay

  • I am with Aldi. Can i get this as new port in customer ?

    Or do i move to another provider then to telstra ?

    • you need to move first

      • no you don't

        • I thought if it was Telstra mvno you needed to move. Does it apply only to boost and belong?

    • You should be fine. I did the same thing a year ago. Although, the time to move from Telstra (Aldi) to Telstra could be a few days, in some cases.

    • +1

      you are fine to port directly from Aldi over to Telstra, unlike Belong and Boost which are both directly owned by Telstra.

      • Ok

    • i asked JB for other potential buyers, you must port for more than 30min, the contract is same for good guys and telstra.

    • aldi is safe. i ported in from aldi on friday 15 mins in store all done .
      this is will be my go to carrier in the future of porting out and in from.

      • I had a bad experience with ALDI in the past. Took three days to port. Lebara I used today. Worked like magic. Was ported in 5 minutes

  • how long is this deal running for?

  • I could not able to find the direct of the plan. Anyone can paste me the link please. Much appreciated!

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      Not available or advertised online, you’ll need to visit their stores

      • No you can call them, I did that on Thursday. They never let you sign up online.

  • can i move my current jbhifi provider to good guys?

    • ? makes no sense?
      further, jb = telstra, so no

    • No it's actually called the jbhifi/Goodguys plan or something similar. You'll need to port out for at least a few weeks and probably 30+ days.

  • My $65 Telstra plan, just went month to month at my last payment, could I just get a new number and get this deal?

    • +1

      yeap, new numbers are fine, jb has same deal so just find something you need!

      • How much gift card they have and GB monthly ?

  • Can anyone tell me if I'd be able to add on some sort of international call pack to this plan? Specifically calls to Thailand?

    • yes, easily, but not sure specifically to thailand.

    • I asked specifically about this when I signed up & they sales guy said you can't on this plan? But I believe others have contacted Telstra after the fact and organised to have it added, not sure that actually helps any but seems if you get a decent Telstra customer support worker & explain the importance and that you wouldn't have signed up if you knew ECT ECT they can get around it for you.

  • Does anyone know if they're going to get the standard iPhone 11's back into stock or if JB will for that matter?

  • Worked for me, was with boost so ported to coles (Very kwik, minutes) then to telstra, sales guy Did mention boost account, but worked anyway, gift card via email took around 10 mins then used on iphone, deal ends tomorrow.

  • Was told current customers can’t get this deal even with a new number

    • same :(

      • Which one? I went to Maribyrnong

        • +1


        • Do they accept new customers from other network with a $500 or $400? I may visit Maribyrnong store

    • ? makes no sense?
      Getting a new number has nothing to do with the fact you are with telstra already?

      i have done it

  • +1

    Went to JB Hi-Fi Blacktown and they told me is only $400 GC.

    The $500GC promo ended yesterday.

    Oh well, TGG will be tomorrow :)

  • What is the etc with jb or tgg plan? I was told by the sales rep that we will have to pay the remaining plan cost and the pay back the gift voucher itself. Is this true?

  • Last year I got 50,000 telstra points, is that happening again this year?

  • I got two plans from TGG today, got the gift cards emailed to me… however, I noticed both accounts provide me with 60GB data rather than 80GB data? I don't technically need the extra 20GB, but who should I contact if I need to get that fixed? TGG or Telstra itself?

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      Same, 2nd page of contract says will appear on bill, so wait till 1st bill then chase up if necessary.

  • Thx OP. $708-$500=$208 net mobile monthly expenses for the next 12 mths is too good to pass. Bye Vodafone.

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      You still have to spend the $500 on something else so it's not really deducting the cost of your phone bill.

      • +1

        The $500 gift card should cover this christmas spending spree… or if my 7 year old Sony LCD TV dies then i will be needing a replacement and the gift card would help :)

  • Thanks signed myself and the wife up today.

    Ready for a good tv deal :)

    • congratz! did u get 500 credit from GG?

      • not yet, my optus sim still seems to work…

        but i did get an email activation from telstra..

        so i'm hoping everything is all good. The guy did say to give around 24 hours for the voucher to come through.

  • how often do they do this? I still got 2 more months before my contract end.

    man this is ridiculously good. I don't mind getting any credit from JB or GG as long as they give me thick credit ;)

    • It's been a long running minimum $300 with JB but they often put it up to $400 or $500 for the same plan.

      • cool! just gta wait after my current one end. ty buddy

  • What other documentation you need to do this deal?

    I mean aside of ID (drivers license).

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      I got asked for DL and medicare card

  • Is this deal is still valid?

  • -3

    JBHiFi castle hills says this deal is finished. Please mark it expired.

    • +1

      This one is with The Good Guys. There’s another deal with JB that finished on Friday with $500 gift voucher, back to $400?

      • Yes, back to $400 GC.

        • +1

          So soon!

          [Edit: Oh, you meant JB]

  • This deal is still running today (Sunday 15-Nov) but apparently ends tonight (the $500 GG gift card that is) I'm just going through the process now, then FNN change my telstra prepaid number across (I hope)

  • Thanks OP. Got the deal at TGG. Got it as a new connection as that's what i wanted. Already got the GC in email.

  • Can't find this advertised anywhere? And $59 plan doesn't exist?

  • got the deal at TGG Northland (Preston). talked to the sales, he did 10 connections yesterday and 5 connections today. all his customers said they saw the deal on ozbargain

    • Like JB, I think they count on it, because I'm pretty sure they can't advertise this explicitly online. Even in store, I couldn't find the specific deal at the JB and TGG stores I went. But the staff know, and most would even ask if it was from OzB.

  • What happens if you sign up and get the gift card, then upgrade to a month-to-month plan and cancel it altogether the next day? :O

    • Read somewhere there is an early termination charge of $414 if you tried to get out right away. So if you got the $500 gift card, you're still ahead.

  • Has anyone got issues contacting telstra chat? Seems like you can only contact via messaging on their app, and even then it doesn't connect!

  • I have transferred to Telstra to get the deal yesterday but the gift card still hasn't gone through, is anyone in the same situation?

    • +1

      I got the gift card maybe an hour after getting it done via mail.

      • Thanks mate, I 'd better follow up then!

  • So sad deal expired, I hope it comes back soon.

    • I thought JB still has it, but with $400 GC.

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