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Philips Hue White LED Fuzo Black Pedestal, Compatible with Alexa $64.24 Delivered ($54.24 with First App Purchase) @ Amazon AU


Lowest till date
Warm white light (2700K)
Voice control: Control your Philips Hue lights with your voice using Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant; Pair it for home automation with your existing Nest products or Samsung smart things system
Set timers for your convenience - home and way control, set light schedules, geo-fencing
Requires Hue Bridge (sold separately) for the full Hue smart experience
Pair it with outdoor motion sensor to trigger outdoor lights on movement and scare away uninvited guests

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  • You need an electrician to install this this one, fyi.

  • Wow, great price so +1 for me but as noted above it's 240V so need an electrician to run cable outside. Personally I'm not a huge fan of 240V in the garden so I'm sticking with solar or low voltage.

    • So it’s rrp is normally $219? That’s steep.

    • Also looking at solar options. Any recommendations?

      • If you want to hook them into home automation, that's possible if a little tricky (most likely low voltage wire to a central location with a managed switch, battery and large solar panel) but otherwise cheapo ones with built in panels and motion sensors like I have are most likely perfectly fine. Of all places I got some a year or so ago from Kogan (brushed stainless steel jobs to stick on either side of the front driveway gate) on sale and they have been really good. Yep, surprised me as well. Eventually the batteries will die, but the batteries or frankly the whole thing can be replaced for not much.

      • I bought this a few months back, I think recommended by a comment on OzBargain somewhere:


        Was $50 at the time. They've been good, and the panel is not in a place to get a lot of sun, especially in winter, but most nights when I cared to check, they were giving light.

        There's also some wall mount models with PIR that go in sale every now & then (blitzwolf?) and are talked about here a lot. I have no experience with them.

  • The monolith. You people are directly responsible for computers learning how to become human. Stanley Kubrick was right all along.

  • I'm all for outdoor lighting but these pedestals look fugly. Having two faces of the light covered kind of defeats the purpose of being a light no?

    • … and normal price is $219?

      • Yeah Phillips Hue stuff is (profanity) expensive.

        I have a bunch of Hue stuff, but this is not worth it being 240V IMO.

        • my legit complaint about Hue is that the bulbs are stubbornly sitting at 800lm which is not bright at all, in comparison to those CFLs that I have.

          the only thing great about it is that the homekit integration is responsive.

    • that's because it's low powered, having it fully exposed doesn't do much either.
      You need to get at least 6 of these so that you can line them by the sides of the path to the quest marker at the end.

  • 240v and only white light. 2 deal breakers.

  • How is the $10 discount coupon activated?

  • No coupon on this. Might be a credit on your account

  • Can someone explain why 240V is bad?

    • By law, it requires a licensed electrician to run the cabling and install it. Even to replace an existing light fitting you need to call en electrician, so this adds substantially to the cost (compared to DIY low voltage options)