What Is OzBargain Favourite Men’s Belt?

I rarely wear belt. I bought couple cheap belt from the markets, last about 6 months. I dont know how to choose a good belt, what features etc
What is your favourite belts? What ‘must haves’ when getting a belt? Genuine leather?

Apology for bad grammar. I am happy to be corrected


  • I use a set of jumper leads as a belt.

  • You're assuming OzBargainers wear pants?

  • Genuine leather is rubbish. Won’t last.

    Current belt I’m using is full grain leather. Wear is great compared to the genuine leather ones I’ve had in the past which wear out in like 6-8 months (daily use).

    Have a look at https://www.businessinsider.com.au/what-is-genuine-leather-2...

  • I've seen them at Kmart recently, but had them for years - the stretchy woven elastic ones

    As a skinny bugger, almost every leather belt doesn't have enough small holes, and these being elastic are super comfy.

  • R M Williams leather belts. Buy on clearance. I've had mine for around 20 years. Not cheap but high quality leather, and solid brass buckles.


      I’ve only had my RM belts for 3 years (2 dress belts, one casual) but looking like they will last a very long time. Need to buy one size up from your waist, eg if you wear 34” pants you’ll want a 36” belt

    • My RM Williams belt lasted at least 10 years before it snapped, due to a little excessive wear at a certain point and just clean snapped. I'm sure it would have lasted much longer, you might pay 50% more, But you get a belt that last 1/3 of your lifetime, worth the extra 50 bucks.

      Adds a touch of class too! Just don't wear an akubra aswell, too much….

    • Do these work with business/office pants? In the pictures they look kinda thick cowboy looking belts.

      • Wore these belts with chinos and moleskin trousers, that were acceptable wear at my worksite. Appearance depends upon the buckle chosen, simple is best for office environment.

        • Just purchased one on special from Iconic, found one with a subtle looking buckle, should go well in the office :)

  • Daiso

  • I have a canvas weave belt with a pewter clamp buckle (instead of holes) that I got about 20 years ago. Very solid and comfortable for almost everyday wear (depending on the shorts of jeans I wear).

  • I got sick of all the so called leather belts ripping at the hole you put the clasp into, and as weight varies I found a woven type belt for 20 that is stretchy and very adjustable just drag to correct size and push tongue of clasp through the weave it then locks and I have no problems

  • I got a couple of Grip6 belts through their kickstarter a few years ago, the belts are still going strong. A lot of options to mix and match belts and buckles. Good for a minimalist style belt.

    • I got one too and it has been my go-to belt for all pants types for about a year. No holes means no fixed positions so I can adjust it as needed, ie: after a big lunch or if I drop a few kilos (still working on that!).

  • Husband went through so many cheap / medium price belts over the years. About 3 years ago he got a "smart belt" off Kickstarter, it's still going strong. Here's the brand he got. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1410511531/smart-belt-u...

  • $4 items from $2-style discount stores have always worked just fine for ages.

  • Go to a proper men's outfit…. what do you expect from a market?

  • Depending on where you live, you should be able to get a local leatherworker to make a custom belt that will last you a lifetime. I wear one made of English bridle leather and a brass buckle and it's been going strong for nearly 5 years now, with just the occasional conditioning needed.

  • I got an automatic belt from the COWATHER Official Store on AliExpress. Like new after 3 years, but I haven't worn it much for the last year!


    Real leather (not 'genuine leather' from kmart/target that delaminates in a month.

    I've got two from the Belt Man, a guy operating out of Qld. Service has been great, belts have been awesome (daily wear to the office 2 yrs, alternating days) and they look as good as new. Price was very reasonable.


    • Good to see Australian made. I just need to find a bit more fashionable buckle. Did you get buckle from them too?


        Yep, Aussie made the way to go.

        I got the buckle too, it's simple and understated. I think a big or 'fashionable' buckle is a bit of a faux pas these days personally.

    • these look good!

  • What Is OzBargain Favourite Men’s Belt?

    Belt and Road

  • orion belts are good and well rated on reddit too. you can find them on ebay. i have a really good on ei wear with jeans and am looking at picking up one of their more formal belts too