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7% off Myer Giftcards @ Suncorp Rewards (Was 5%) + Others


Came across this today when shopping for a bday present. eGiftcard can be from $5-$500. Limit of $1000 per week, $1000 per month, $5000 per year. Enjoy :-)

Also, as per onhunt:
8% off Rebel (up from 6%),
8% off on catch (up from 6%),
9% off Endota Spa (up from 6%),
16% off Lorna Jane (up from 15%)

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    also 8% off Rebel (up from 6%), 8% off on catch (up from 6%), 9% off Endota Spa (up from 6%), 16% off Lorna Jane (up from 15%)

  • Does anyone know if Myer gift cards are accepted at Coles?

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      Don't think so. It's not Coles group gift card

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    Shame Myer has no apple products, and Suncorp don’t have DJ gift cards anymore. Also, Isn’t Rebel egc used to be 10%?

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    If I open a bank account with Suncorp, can I access Suncorp Rewards?

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      Yes, just open one, don't even have to use the account.

      • Note that I did this ~1.5 years ago and have just had a huge amount of hassle trying to sort things out now; TLDR account closed for inactivity, but no notification of such, and general confusion with online and in store staff about WTF is going on. Still can't get rewards to work, but have got a new account issued today, so maybe tomorrow.

        Workaround: maybe do a transaction every now and then (transfer cash in, back out, every year or so).

        • Did you have any balance sitting in it? I haven't had an issue with a balance sitting in mine but no transactions

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            @futureminime: Yeah, that would have been smart, but no, had not transferred even a cent in or out.

  • Just be careful if you buy something from Myer using a gift card and it turn out to be faulty and warrants a refund they will refund you in gift cards not back on ur credit card

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      Sounds fair enough.

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        Just sayin. Not that fair when u need to return something. Let’s say If u pay $930 for $1000 Myer gift card and buy a TV and the tv dies after 6 months cos it’s faulty that
        warrants a full refund .. no fault of ur own.. u will receive back a $1000 gift card. Not your original $930 cash. Your money is stuck with Myer forever unless u sell that gift card at much less than face value. Where as if u paid cash or credit then u would get a full money refund of what u paid. For that reason 7% discount might not be worth it in the long run depending what you buy.

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          Gavman the policy is to return the way the amount has been paid for. If you paid part gift card part some other tender that's how it is meant to be returned.

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            @Fahad83: Yes I know the law and that’s the way it is so Myer are not doing anything wrong. My point is that some ppl think they saving money by buying gift cards to purchase goods at 7% discount. But if those good turnout to be faulty and one needs a refund ur stuck with that gift card and nothing to buy where you prob just wished u never bothered saving measly 7%, paid the cash and would have the full cash refund. The juice sometimes isnt always worth the squeeze with gift cards. Would be nice if Myer refund gift card too when they used for specific purpose and the items purchase need to returned cos of manufacturing fault. I know coles and woolies for instance don’t do this and refund as money even when you paid by gift card… but on the flip that’s why ya see plenty of people selling large gift cards for 10-30% less face value on marketplace trying to recoup cash they paid. I would hit those up rather than this Suncorp 7% deal

        • You expect Myer to give you back $930 cash that you paid to Suncorp?

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    I've struggled to spend the $200 Myer gift cards I got last Christmas.

    • Same. And with my dj gc too

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    I can’t find Myer in the list, only JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Woolworths?

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