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[VIC] Free Queenscliff ⇄ Sorrento Ferry Tickets @ Searoad Ferries


Free Ferry Ticket Giveaway

In recognition of the hard yards during lockdown we are offering all Victorians the opportunity to reward themselves with a free return foot passenger ticket. It’s a big ‘well done’ and a chance to enjoy the little things in life we have all missed so much. Reconnect with family and friends, watch your kids experience something new or just be out with nature as you sail across our beautiful bay between Sorrento and Queenscliff.

It’s been tough but you deserve this small reward. So, to claim your FREE* passenger ferry ticket registration opens on the 18th of November and closes 5pm 22 November, 2020.

*Limited tickets available every day for travel from Monday 23 November, 2020 to 31 July, 2021.

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  • If anyone is looking, the normal price for return fare (on foot) seems $24 per adult which includes $2 online booking discount.

  • Legit question.. Is there anything to do @ Queenscliff on foot from when you get off the ferry?

    • Apart from walking on the beach and exploring a few restaurant. No much really.

    • Queenscliff is quite historical and has a few museums and the like. Or else you could taxi or bus to nearby wineries and attractions. Depends what you’re into.

    • You can catch the historic steam train to Drysdale on most weekends, there is a childrens playground at the Drysdale station while you wait to return. There is a bike trail alongside this that goes all the way to Geelong that I've ridden many times. You can fish off the pier at Queenscliff for snapper but take some jackets as it often blows a gale. The fish and chip shop is quite good (Trident Fish Bar), the Rolling Pin has one many meat pie awards and there is also an ice cream shop on the main street that isn't too bad. There is a little 'boutique' shopping on that main street too.

    • Marina is nice, so is the park and the fort nearby.
      Decent beaches and town within 5 minutes.
      Great bar with distillery too.
      Can definitely arrange local busses to pick you up, have used Fergos Bongo Tours in the past, good service.

  • What time does the free giveaway start? Midnight or 9am?

  • FYI

    Fares for vehicles under 6 metres including driver
    One Way $69
    Return $128

    Bicycle Free

    Fares for vehicles over 6 metres including driver
    Motorhome/Truck/Large Vehicles $13 per metre

    Caravans (Minimum Charge – 6 metres) $10 per metre

    Trailers/Boats (Minimum Charge – 4 metres) $10 per metre

    • How long is the stay at Queenscliff ?
    • The ticket can be from both sides or only Sorrento to Queenscliff ?
    • Can we book car as extra and how much that would cost ?
  • Anything to do in Queenscliff without a car?

    • a short walk?

    • not really recommended as its a bit of a walk to the main street, but is do-able, and you can go there for lunch and look at some rustic looking shops

    • Walk to town is 5 minutes. There's a nice park, marina is cool too.
      It's a decent enough town to spend a few hours in.
      There's a local company called Fergos Bongo tours that would definitely pick up from QC too and does winery pickups etc.
      Ferry ride itself is quite enjoyable too, good food and drinks on board.
      Even had a beer garden last year.

    • Bring a bike =)

  • Is there anything to do in Sorrento without a car?

    • 8 mins walk to the famous fish and chips - Fish Fetish (also get their potato cakes)

      • Yes, have been there. Their fish chips was impressive, tasty, fresh. So many people were queueing there.

  • How much would all day/a few hours parking in Sorrento?

  • Terms and Conditions

    • Free ticket offer is for one return same day foot passenger ticket aboard Searoad Ferries.
    • Free ticket registration is open from 18 November 2020 to 5pm 22 November, 2020.
    • Limited tickets available every day for travel from Monday 23 November 2020 to 31 July 2021.
    • One free ticket per person, ticket must be in holders name and photo ID is to be presented at time of boarding.
    • Free Tickets are to be used on the selected date. Return travel must be completed on the same day.
    • Ticket changes are not permitted.
    • Tickets are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
    • A boarding pass will be emailed and must be presented at the boarding gate.
    • The free passenger ticket can be redeemed for a vehicle passenger ticket in conjunction with the purchase of a car & driver ticket.
    • By accepting a free ticket you agree to receive marketing material from Searoad Ferries.
    • Second last point means i can take my car on free ticket or i have to buy $69 ticket for car seperately ?
      What about kids ? Can we just take them or have to buy free ticket aswell ?

      • it means if you are the driver you have to buy "car + driver" ticket. Passengers can go free using this free tickets.

  • Got a ticket each for my partner and I. Thanks!

  • Hi Op … Second last point in t&c means i can take my car on free ticket or i have to buy $69 ticket for car seperately ?
    What about kids ? Can we just take them or have to buy free ticket aswell ?

  • Are they gone?
    I can't see any details to register.

  • Weekends are all blocked out as is the Christmas period and all of January and public holidays

    • Well that will be useful to most people, lol. Kinda pointless if they only allow weekday travel outside of holiday period as most people wont even e there.

  • It's only for X1 ticket foot passenger

    Pricing is….

  • The link just seems to take me to a static page and doesn't give me an option to claim free tickets. Is that because they are all gone or am I doing something wrong?

  • First weekend available is in mid-April now… ⏳

  • $69 For Free Ticket with car (family with 2 kids-one way-no timeslot choosing option) vs $91 if booked with option to choose timeslot …it seems like a bait rather than free tickets.

  • If your having difficulty…
    Please try opening a private / incognito window
    Go to…. https://www.searoad.com.au/
    Scroll down to million dollar giveaway, free ticket

    … x1 ticket only
    … Must use once only… Name, address, mobile
    … System will tell you, already got free ticket,
    if you use anything the same
    … Green is vacancy
    … Weekends & Christmas 2020, all January 2021, public holidays are all blocked out
    … Weekends available is mid - April or later months like May, June etc..
    … Reminder when looking at dates to go -
    Quieter periods - weekdays
    Heavy periods - school holidays

    Happy travels… :)

  • The page took ages to load for me and then after hitting "Submit", it told me I hadn't selected a travel date. The only option available was travel month and even after selecting a month, the same error kept popping up. I've tried this in Firefox and Edge (which is even worse with a repeated 524 error).

    I don't know if I can be bothered trying to rectify this. If all the weekend slots are gone, going out to April, and nothing is available during the Christmas break period, it isn't such an enticing offer now.

    • Please try Chrome, Internet explorer…

      • Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, the same problems are occurring but at least I can see date options showing now….albeit after considerable delay. Eventually, after selecting a different month to look at available options, nothing happens and a repeated 524 error appears. I have to close the page and it's all just rather tedious.

        Clearly it's not meant to be and I'm not going ferrying. Oh well.

  • It was working fine last night before i Booked all the tickets.

  • +1 vote

    Bit crap that you need to provide a mobile number for children that don't have mobiles. Also unable to do a family ticket which also a PITA.

  • Has anyone received an email? Booked last night and no sign of it yet.

  • https://www.freeferrytickets.com.au/ still a static page with no links on it.

    https://www.searoad.com.au/ never loads - then times out.

    You think companies would learn that these offers are going to attract interest, so they would want to use it as a chance to show off their great website/products. A website that fails to load just makes them look shit.

  • Anyone received the confirmation email? Funny, I had to book a separate one for my children and find new mobile/landline number!

    • Just checked, NOT YET!
      Booked midnight, with dummy numbers for children.,but had to use different real Email to receive tickets, annoying

  • Applied two tickets for myself and wife last night past midnight and still haven't received any emails about tickets.

    In the hindsight, should have taken screenshots myself. Such a rookie mistake!

  • amazing someone else has the same number as me 0411111111, lol

  • Anyone received their tickets yet? I registered at 1am but still nothing yet. Like ja912son I too made a rookie mistake. Hope it's the real deal.

  • Woohoo! Just received confirmation email for the tickets we booked at ~6am this morning.

    Make sure you check spam / promotions / social folders as each of the relevant emails did not go to my Primary Inbox


  • Update: signed up past midnight, got the confirmation email about 15 minutes ago (actual boarding passes will be sent closer to the date)

  • Do I need to book free ticket for kids as well? Aged 4 and 6? I have done for myself and my wife already. They need a unique phone number for each ticket.

  • Car parking Queenscliff terminal -
    Is free, however it is limited in busy periods. There is street parking outside the terminal.

    Car parking at Sorrento terminal -
    Is free between May – October.
    Parking fees apply between November – April - $1 an hour 8am – 8pm .
    Parking tickets can be purchased from -
    1. Download the online app. from www.parkmobile.com.au
    or calling 1300 564 564 – Parking Zone 4121.
    2. Searoad Ferries Ticket offices at the Enquiries counter
    3. At the Passenger Lounge.
    This printed ticket must be placed on your dashboard.
    Cost: - $5 for 5 hours or $10 Day Ticket.

  • Only May, June and July tickets available..

  • How busy is it during school holidays? Do a lot of people go?

  • What's the trips like going over? Is it generally calm or a rough trip. Also how long does it take to get across.