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50% off Sabrini's Frozen Indian Food Variety (Veggie Fingers $3.50, Cutlets $3.50, Samosas $7 etc) @ Coles


Some of products (such as Paneer Samosa, Railway Cutlets, Onion Bhaji etc.) have been tried first hand and absolutely bang for the buck.

Works great in air fryer or oven.

Enjoy until it lasts!

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  • I picked up a box of the Punjabi samosas over the weekend (actually went looking for the other brand that's supposed to be on sale).

    180 deg in the air fryer for ~14 minutes = great snack.

    • Equals 180 degress for 14 minutes in an oven!

      • Ah there's always one…I own an air fryer, a turbo fan oven and a regular fan oven and I can tell you from experience that it is not the same..the pastry won't be quite as crispy in the oven as it would in the air fryer or the turbo oven even. And yes, I do make samosas in mine.

        • Yeah and my oven doesn't preheat in ~4 mins either. And I'd have to dig out a tray.

          Begone oven peasants!

        • That's cool, @pyr0maniac. You're lucky to afford an air fryer - money- and space-wise. To me, you can get an Italian pizza oven for your frozen snacks.

          I was assuring the aforementioned oven peasants they can get by without an air fryer.

          • @bouncybear: Yeah I do feel lucky to have been able to spend ~$80 over 6 years ago to purchase an air fryer that can crisp my food nicely and have a pantry to store it in when not in use :)

            In any case, it does not equal 180 degrees for 14 minutes in an oven, it would be more like 200 degrees for 16+ mins if we're comparing against a legit basket-style air fryer with a decent fan.

  • Looks store specific…not showing on Parramatta coles online.
    But i must say do try its Paneer tikka samosa its worth….

  • Can't even find these when I change it to a local store in NSW.

  • Looks like only VIC

  • Some SA stores have them, too. Got them last night. Damn tasty for the money! Getting more today.

      • Apologies I didn't get back to you in time, though I think Coles was shut when you replied! :)

        Norwood and Unley Coles stock these items. Sadly, the Paneer Samosa were sold out (they are soooo good). I'm sure they will pop up on sale again soon.

  • I bought last two packs and got raincheck for 4 packs to use in future