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Entry Level i3-10100F RX 570 8GB Gaming PC: $579 + Shipping @ TechFast


Enjoy :)

Upgrades available on all lines, including add 22" Monitor, Wired Keyboard & Mouse for $99

  • Intel Core i3 10100F
  • RX 570 8GB (rep Luke has confirmed Asus, Gigabyte or MSI)
  • H410M motherboard (rep Luke confirmed supports m.2 NVME drives)
  • 8GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 550W PSU
  • Leaper Air Mini RGB MATX Case
  • Windows 10 Home preinstalled unactivated
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +3

    Cheap entry point

  • +4

    Interesting choice between this and a new console.

    • +14

      Console will be faster for gaming, but pc can do more and has different exclusives.

      • +7

        PC games are also generally cheaper; free epic games, steam sales, etc.

        Save more in the long run and can be used for productivity, but worse at pure gaming.

        • +7

          Biggest factor, $79 p/y for online on consoles (roughly) over 5-6 years… adds up

          • +2

            @Mortgagetightass: To be fair they've sweetened that a bit with Xbox Ultimate pass / PS5 Gold coming with a bunch of great games included

          • +1

            @Mortgagetightass: Considering a single AAA game costs $79 or more… the value proposition is actually as good as netflix, etc.

            • @ATangk: agreed but you don't see those tripleA games till they hit $25 or lower

    • +2

      it's really the modding that interests me in PC; have you seen NBA2K21 fully modded? its literally like PS5 next-gen minus the gameplay.

      • +3

        You'll spend more time modding some games then you actually play them imho but ymmv.

        • +4

          you hit the nail on the head; I actually do enjoy modding than playing them. I know I am a weirdo but I believe I am not the only one.

          • +9

            @DisabledUser370554: You prefer to see what a game could be rather than what it is. Nothing weird about that

            • @MrSaveDave: Skyrim modding all over again

    • +2

      Most people need a computer anyway, so it's not really a direct comparison. I suppose at best you can compare the graphics card to the console. If you have nothing and want to just game, then a console is going to be considerably cheaper for anywhere near the same performance.

  • +1

    I priced up a similar system to build with that $17 MOBO which was a pricing error. This is a fair price IMO. Just you don’t get the joy of building it which is both a pro and con depending on you POV.

    • +2

      You also get build warranty with a prebuilt

  • +6

    No one should consider buying this without being prepared to begin an upgrade journey.
    This is not a bad thing though.
    Getting a PC on your desk is the largest hurdle many with an extremely tight budget will face.
    This is actually not a trash set of parts and really lowers the price of entry.

    Once you buy this after a few months or a year start the upgrades…
    1) 1 or 2 TB Samsung 970 Evo (non pro) fairly affordable and proven in both random and sequential loads.
    This will ease the issue of running out of space for games.

    2) RAM - add another 8GB stick matching existing one, with an aim to enable dual channel.

    3) GPU/CPU - Look in the used sections for people moving on from their i7's and mid-high tier GPUs

    4) In a few years, Hang on to your fancy SSD and GPU and slide a new platform under it, Motherboard, CPU and probably DDR5

    Sell off no longer needed parts to fund upgrades.

    All through this journey meet friends and learn all about PC's
    I'd normally be one to criticize such a build, but this combo at this price point is butter than a lot i've seen on offer.

    • +18

      Recommending a 1 or 2 tb 970 evo to anyone on a budget is crazy, there's a deal for a 2tb 970 evo right now for over $400, thats most of the price of this pc. There are plenty of drives that are good performance for much less, a hdd would be what I recommend though, I got a 4tb hdd for $90 off a deal on ozbargain. Perfect for someone to store everything for years. Yes, it's not going to be as fast as loading off a nvme but we're talking budget. Also would only recommend getting it once the primary ssd is getting closer to full, since 240gb may very well be enough for some people, other upgrades may be better first.

      agree with your next two points (and order of them) re. ram and cpu/gpu upgrades.

      • -7

        1tb 970 EVO NVMe is only $180, for the performance it's pretty good and will be cheaper by the time they upgrade.

        • +1

          people arent buying this for performance

      • Agree. Some mates just need a desktop for ms office, and some old games such as Civilization VI or WoW. They really don't care about samsung 970 performance. We all know 10400 b460 1660s gold PSU is better but, hey, who pays the gap?

    • Based on the passmark benchmarks of the CPU and GPU, this PC will be fine, as it is, for a lot of people for a lot of gaming for a long time.

    • +3

      Honestly I disagree, you either buy this now and keep it until you sell it off and buy a completely new systems or you increase your budget to 800-900 and buy a used pc. This pc is okay as it is, but once you do any upgrade, it just doesn't make sense any more value wise especially when it has some random and only 550W PSU

  • +1

    Can we get again some decent Intel and rtx 3080 deal please? :)

    • +3

      Doubt they have much 3080 stock to make deals with

      • +1


  • Strange question, but would this be any good for as a cheap ESXI server. Nothing too extreme, just a few linux VM's.

    • Buy a second hand rack server off eBay. You will save on heating costs too.

    • +1

      what exactly will the vm's be doing? and you'd need more Ram.. some for ESXI the rest for the VM's

      • One will be running Pfsense which i use as my router. The other will re running Home assistant for the smart home stuff. I may also have a plex server as well. Yes, i would stick another 8GB in it

        • as AEK below suggests i'd go wit a 6 core … gives you some flexibility .. oh and plex doesn't support AMD for hw encoding (it will on Windows but not if your using say linux or unraid etc).

          • @scud70: Ah thanks for that. Im no linux geek, so i would probably run the plex server on a windows VM. Thanks for the help

  • +3

    10400f upgrade is $99, i would go for that if picking this system.

  • For a system such as this should we realistically be swapping to the 80+ Bronze PSU configuration?

    • +1

      Not necessary for these parts. If you want to upgrade parts down the line (which would definitely be recommended) you can grab a better PSU later. But as it stands, the 650 80+ bronze PSU upgrade cost is roughly what you would pay for a seperate one anyway.

    • +3

      The one thing I'd change ASAP in these budget machines is the PSU. I bought a cheap TechFast and the PSU blew in the first couple weeks (no damage to the rest of the system luckily). Other than that they're great machines for the price.

  • Does anyone know if there are going to be some black Friday deals? My roommate wants a Desktop PC ($800-$1k budget) to play Dota but I think this is a bit underpowered and will need upgrading very soon.

    • +1

      Dota 2 is a very old game and won't need high specs. My $500 laptop during my undergrad ran dota 2 fine, so this will most likely run it easily without issues. From my research rx 570 can run dota 2 at max setting 1080p 100fps+.

      Checking Dota 2 requirements, it legit recommends core 2 duo and ati hd 2600 which is pre 2010 specs if i'm correct.

  • Will this run COD Warzone guys ?

    • +1

      Prob need more storage

    • barely, CoD uses CPU a lot

  • +1

    Be careful buying off these guys, especially if you add hardware to a system.

    Added a 1TB hard drive to a system that comes with an SSD, and they shipped out a system with a HDD and no SSD.

    Tried to get a ssd shipped out, but their support is ignoring me now.

    be careful.

    • just PM Luke the rep active on ozbargain he will sort it out quickly

    • +6

      This shouldn't be happening, can you PM and I'll sort it?

  • $200 difference with this (R5-3500X | 1660 Super 6GB Budget 1080P Gaming PC: $799 + Delivery @ TechFast) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580916
    which one should I get???

    • +2

      If you could afford definitely the latter one
      Or wait for Black Friday deals

      • Thanks Bappy…but this one is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

        • I am expecting at least another deal directly posted by Luke and Black Friday is like another 10days…

          But YMMV… If you prefer to Build yourself then maybe consider a Ryzen 3100/B450/1650Super combo with some cheap RAMs from Amazon… Would be great for 1080p

          • +4

            @Bappy: This and the 1660 Super deal are the launch of BFCM so pricing for those two specs won't get lower

          • @Bappy: I'd get an i3 10100f for 1080p gaming

    • +1

      If you can afford the extra that would be a much nicer system

    • I'm late to reply but it's not just $200. It's a 35% increase in price. Depending on your salary and budget, that $200 could also be two months, or more, of discretionary spending.

      That's why you make this decision from the opposite direction:
      * What do you need?
      * What does that cost?
      * Can you afford that cost? Does it represent good value?
      * If not, can you find a way to either adjust your idea of what you need or get it cheaper?

  • I'm not at all a PC gamer, but could build a system back in the day.
    Is this a reasonable rig for my 13 year old to play minecraft, roblox and rocket league on?

    • +3

      Yeah it's perfect for that

  • The case looks like one of those horrid Sony RGB speakers.

  • Would this work with Oculus quest 2 VR set up?
    Seems to meet minimum requirements except i3 instead of i5. But newer Gen so maybe…
    Any thoughts?

    • You'd really struggle for all but the simplest games, neither CPU or GPU are up to speed for VR.

    • +1

      I have a quest 2 running off i7-3770 and gtx1060 (6gb). I can run really well pcvr games that are also native to quest 2 using virtual desktop. But more intensive games do struggle unless I lower detail. The cpu on this should be much better but slightly worse gpu. Hope this helps.

  • +1

    I bought this system last year: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/445747
    Great little PC and still going strong.

  • -1

    Was going to tear this to shreds (The RX570 is two generations old at this point), but for this price, it's great to buy now and upgrade incrementally over time. Great deal

  • -2

    Not bad. The SSD is useless as you'll be out of space in no time, and the Mobo is useless as it doesn't have Wifi

    • and the Mobo is useless as it doesn't have Wifi

      Just lol at this comment

  • Now this is an awesome low-budget build

    Nice one Luke :)

  • Difficult to fault the value and CPU/GPU combo will cover most games at 1080

    For me 240G SSD suggests BYO storage, but the case description says 1 x 3.5 bay and 3.5 bay not available if GPU installed. So make sure you are happy with your storage upgrade path.

    • +1

      The motherboard has a free slot for a NVME drive.

      If you really need to use a 3.5 inch drive in the meantime..nothing is going to go wrong if you have to put it on a rubber pad at the bottom of the case hah

  • Will the current Adelaide Covid outbreak impact deliveries?

  • +1

    Went to buy this ones (with upgrade to I5 CPU and 16GB RAM) but says the AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB Graphics Card is Out of stock
    Hence wont let me put PC into cart.

    Any chance we could swap another graphics card into this deal please?

    • I had the same issue last night adding to cart, however, I don't believe that the graphics card was oos at the time. I've msgd Luke. Fingers crossed.

      • Cool - let me know how you go - keen to buy ASAP.

        • Heard back from Luke. It's good to go, my order went through OK. Best of luck ☺️

          • +1

            @dracs bag: Thanks mate for the update… got one!
            Much appreciated the update…. hoping it gets here by Xmas!

  • I'm returning to PC after 10+ years in the wilderness - for 1080p gaming, is it worth upgrading CPU, RAM and PSU? Understand this ramps up the price to a higher model but just checking if any of these are no brainers.

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