Free - 100 Microsoft Rewards Points @ Microsoft


Another easy 100 Microsoft rewards points. Click on the link and log in.

Thank you for registering as an Xbox FanFest fan. You’ve earned 100 points for signing up. This is a limited time offer through Microsoft.
Offer valid 11/05/2020 – 06/30/2021 at 11:59PM PT; limit 1 per person/account

Credit to Chollometro.

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  • That was easy, thanks

  • How much points do you need to get anything half decent??

    • 5000 - $5 Xbox GC

      Makes this worth about 10c!

      • +19 votes

        Pfffffff.. that's even more worse than the supermarket scheme!!

        You'll probably use up more cost in power signing up to the deal 🤣

        Cheers for the reply mate 😊

  • "Another"?
    What did I miss?

  • +15 votes

    100 point = 10c. Is it really worth the time spent?

      • Maybe just as fun as clicking into a ozbargain new deal posts.

        Then attempt one of those david jones price error deals so that they can play with 1000s of refunds the next morning.

        At least you get 10c in the end for clicking, copying, pasting, then clicking again.

  • Thanks :-)

  • Hehe, they used to have a "hot deal" where $5 Microsoft credit would be 4,000 points

    I've been saving up for ages, and have almost 80,000 points now

    And suddenly they remove the "hot deal" special :(

    • That used to good enough for 12months gold when they had specials on.

    • Get a second account going, you can transfer 5k per month so it's pretty easy to get about 130-150k in a year…I usually cash it in for Live/Ultimate passes when they have them discounted.

      • If you use the Xbox streaks and rewards you should get closer to 20k per month with a second account (be careful on this one, they can randomly boot you from the program if they think you’re gaming it)

      • Oh wow I didn't know you could transfer that much… The maximum when I tried last time was 1,000 points per month, which made me feel like there was no point having another account

        • I think you need a minimum balance or be level 2 or something. I did encounter that once but have been doing 5k for a while

  • 10c. Eh. I guess it's good if you've already been saving up though

  • Thanks

  • Thanks OP. I’ve started collecting these points again. I’ve collected 46,000 in 71 days :)

    To those saying “it’s only 10 cents”, well it all adds up. I should be able to get to 350,000 points this time next year, which is about $370 off a Surface Book (hopefully 3). Nothing to sneeze at

    • ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh choo

    • wow, 46K in 71 days, that's very impressive. I am only getting about 80 points a day. I would be grateful if you would share some of your strategies to get so many points.

      • Sure.
        1. The biggest bulk came from 10,000 during an Xbox event last month. Don't rely on this normally, but it comes about once a year. Basically you get 1 point for every 1 gamerscore in any game (on PC or Xbox or Xcloud)
        2. Every day I log in and do the normal quests on PC and mobile. Minimum this is about 262 points but there are "streak" rewards and sometimes you can add another 150
        3. Every day I get one achievement in a game. Xbox usually gives minimum 50-60 points per day, and once a week you can get about 600. Every 10 weeks you get a streak reward of 2500

        The amounts sound small and individually they are, but again they add up. Keep the streaks going, especially on Xbox and you get big points rolling. At the moment my November average is 395 per day, but that will increase as some of the bigger streaks come in towards the end of the month.

        • Wow, I see. Thank you so much for sharing your tips Beatsntoons Very much appreciated. I think $370 off a surface laptop is pretty good :) Cheers

  • Oh no I only got 50 points haha is that because I don't have an xBox attached to my account?

  • Awesome thanks

  • Thanks. I run a couple of quizzes and a few searches a day and can get a $5 coles card every month. If you have a VPN, you could earn points from different countries:)

  • There was also a thing called "Crater" when I logged in and gave me another bonus 100 poitns.

  • Is it normal to say your MS rewards account has been suspended?!?

  • you can earn around 13k in two months, enough to get Xbox Live every three months for free thanks to MS.

  • thanks! 200 points in my wallet. Need another 6550 to get a $5 gift voucher.

  • Exactly what I needed to get another $5 credit. Cheers :)

  • Doesn't work for me

  • This code has already been redeemed

  • thanks!