Free - 100 Microsoft Rewards Points @ Microsoft


Easy 100 Microsoft rewards points. Click on the link and log in.

Thank you for registering for Xbox FanFest. You’ve earned 100 points for signing up. This is a limited time offer through Microsoft.
Offer valid 10/08/2020 – 06/30/2021 at 11:59PM PT; limit 1 per person/account

Credit to mydealz.

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  • Claimed the code. Thanks a tonne OP :)

    Another question for you OP; what are the points for?

    • +44 votes

      Unicorns and glitter

      It all seriousness, 6750 points will get you a $5 Coles gift card.

      So 100 points is worth 7.4 cents

      • Who the heck uses points for Coles gift cards, that's just silly. 4500 points will get you $5 of Microsoft/Xbox credit if you go for the monthly auto claim option. I usually get $5 to $10 a month. There are many ways to collect points, including game or movie purchases.
        This can be used as a discount off all hardware or game, app and movies.

        • What do you do with the cards?

        • So 11.1c worth ?

        • Um… I also prefer Coles or JB voucher. Most of the good Microsoft hardware deals are not on Microsoft Web sites. XBox credits, well, you get further into Microsoft's eco system.

          Search on Bing is annoying and have those reward points going back into Microsoft just doesn't feel right. Some of the XBox rewards involve playing games I wouldn't normally play. Honestly, I just don't bother with that anymore. I am the boss, not Microsoft.

          Buy MS movies just to collect some reward points? Nah, with a variety of devices I use and supporting many camps, it just seem silly to lock myself further into Microsoft.

        • I get the Coles egiftcards. Not a gamer + only occasionally interested in the other retailers.

    • free game pass ultimate

  • It's only a deal if you don't value your own time.

  • Lol.

  • Unfortunately, it appears that your Microsoft Rewards account has been suspended

    Oh no. Probably for claiming bing rewards when they weren't available in Oz.

  • i have about 29000 points so far. use bing as my search engine. Free money without much effort.

  • Therre's a bonus 150 points for doing the Halloween task thing as well… basically 3 searches and a movie quiz. Done in a few minutes.

    • Yes I do it every day these 3 tasks and bing about 50-150 points a day

    • The punchcards are quick points, seconds not minutes though. You don't have to actually have to complete the quiz, just click the link.
      Daily set ones take more time because need to actually complete it.

  • This takes 'you are the product' to a whole new level.

  • I use my bing points to rent movies online from MS. I used to use bing points to buy music but they killed that service.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Sitting on 51k points. Anybody got any good stuff to buy on the Microsoft store? If not I may just cash out $35 of JB hi-fi cards and get some headphones or a record

    • +1 vote

      Wait for xmas sale for some cheap games, they have great specials on all the time, record yes but $35 for headphones wont be that good.


    Thx worked great.

  • Thanks - completely forgot about Microsoft rewards!

  • I've set up 3 profiles in chrome with 3 different email addresses and use automated bing searches.
    Part of my morning routine is having brekkie and run the searches and click through the bing reward searches in each chrome profile and it takes roughly about 5 minutes to complete the whole process.
    I've got about 60 bucks so far since april which i plan to use at jbhifi when the ps5 is out.

    if you have a computer running 24/7, you could even use task scheduler to run a script to do the bing searches for you. i havent tried this yet but theres a few sites that shows you how its done, then its super effortless.

    Tempted to start a 4th or 5th profile.

    • PITA though when you can't compete your daily set because it just won't work right and breaks your streak…

      You can set up the three accounts as family members and transfer a certain amount per month between them (5000 from memory). Handy when your just short of cashing out a gift card.

      • If you have a problem doing the daily set, you can email them and they are pretty helpful, if you mention your streak broke they will reinstate it for you.

        • wow, i wish i knew this. what if you forget one day?
          or do they only resume your streak if you have technical issues?

          • @PreSsieGuY: I don't think they'd do it if you just forget, I had an issue where it said the poll had already closed, so I contacted them and they reinstated it.

  • Can't really understand how's this a deal - but it's got 300+ likes.

    • Honestly. I clicked on the link and saw it was something I'd rejected when Microsoft threw it in my face.

      I thought I was the cheapest person, but this has already cost me more than it's worth just in searching here for why people think it's worth it.

  • thanks, i'm sitting on nearly 40k points… should probably get 3 months ultimate or something… lol

  • I dont get out of bed for more than 20 cents

  • Thanks, Got it.

  • Easy done cheers

  • you guys are true ozbargainers :P 7 centssss

  • For those like myself collecting but not spending rewards, this might be a good option to put points to good use? E.g. Mission Australia, OzHarvest, Lifeline, WWF, Red Cross

    I got a message just now about Give with Bing which converts points into charity donations of your choice. Can't find a direct public link but this might work from your profile. Details here

    Banner currently says: You're a part of something big. As of September 2020, Microsoft Rewards has donated $5,945,689.

  • Don't get how it's a deal… not worth doing