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Ryzen 9 5900X RX 6800/6800 XT 16GB Gaming PC [Tuf X570 WiFi/16GB 3200/480/850G]: $2699/$2799 + Delivery @ TechFast


Pretty epic launch overnight with AMD's RX 6000 cards now available. These are the AMD RX 6800 and 6800 XT reference cards and quantities are strictly of strictly-est limited. Estimated delivery times to us are from now into late November into December for our full allocation (we're getting allocation from multiple vendors). We are not going down the expected arrival month route - while we have forward orders in place again, once these first units are sold through the deal will expire until re-offered.

We're starting with the highest spec. If you're looking for a pairing with a lower end CPU we should be able to offer something early next year at this stage.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X | AMD Radeon RX 6800 or 6800 XT Gaming PC: $2699 / $2799 after 5900X-6800-BFCM

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12c/24t processor
  • AMD Radeon RX 6800 16GB / RX 6800 XT 16GB ($100)
  • Asus Tuf X570 WiFi motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary)
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD (brand/model may vary)
  • 240mm RGB AIO liquid cooler (brand/model may vary)
  • Gigabyte Aorus AP850G 850W 80 Plus Gold power supply
  • DeepCool Matrexx 55 Mesh Add-RGB 4F ATX Case

EXISTING ORDERS LOOKING TO SWAP: There are extremely limited numbers of cards available and unfortunately there is no feasible way to offer existing orders the opportunity to switch over. Therefore if you have an existing order you would need to purchase one of these to secure one, then email us at [email protected] with the cancellation request for your existing order, which will be processed as soon as possible as a priority. I understand not everyone will have the funds available to do this, but if we said email us to cancel first, wait for refund, then purchase, chances are they would be gone.

Repeat: If you have an existing order, you'll need to buy one of these FIRST, then email us with the cancellation request for your old order. That's the only way we are able to manage it. We can't offer any swaps, sorry.

3080 and 3070 Updates
It does not appear that COVID lockdown here in SA will affect us directly. Plenty of dispatches have been and still are happening and more cards are inbound to us, so more 3080 and 3070 orders will be heading out daily. Again if you would like a direct update please email [email protected].

Have at it.


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            • @cyphill123: yikes, spend 2k + to get slightly better performance then xbox ? what 20 fps? , dont get me wrong im a pc gamer but the card prices are BS, they keep stock low on purpose to inflate the price, I aint buying till they are giving them away - maybe next gen

              • @botchie: Do some research before you post mate, and spend your money how you wish

        • Unfortunately based on Nvidia's official press release this week only 25 games support DLSS, since Turing was launched, and it's none of the games I play. In terms of Ray Tracing, it drops down to 15 games. I view this as a drop in the ocean compared to all the other games out there. Based on multiple reviews, what card you choose is dependent on the games you play. Performance comes downs which architecture the game is optimized for. I noticed that games such as Assassins Creed Valhalla perform better on the 6800xt than the 3080 at all resolutions. Also games such as Dirt 5 perform better with Ray Tracing on the 6800xt than the 3080 at all resolutions.


          Considering that both next gen consoles are based on similar AMD CPU/GPU architecture, and I mainly play console ports, than I believe that the 6800 series would be a better option.

          • @shellshocked: Fair enough mate. The 3080 suits my needs perfectly as I like RTX and use 4K (for both of which it is objectively the better card). Also, looking forward to playing Cyberpunk in all its glory.

      • just hope it does not have issue with driver as it was the hot subject in reddit for 5700XT.

        • Have had Nvidia and AMD GPUs, both have had their share of driver issues. Remember there were 3000 series with hardware issues at the start.

  • 6800XT Gone :(

    The CPU is overkill for me anyway. I only need a 5600x.

    • +3

      5600x is overkill; 3600 will do me.

      • +1

        3600 is currently the perfect CPU for 4K gaming, great price/performance ratio.

        • Yeah I guess. Could do with a 3600 for now and update to 5600x when it starts to show age in games.
          The reason I said 5600x was Techfasts systems between the two chips are usually so close in price I figured may as well go with the new chip. It's mainly the GPU's that fracture the price closeness.

  • So is a 240 rad enough to cool the 5900x @ stock? a 360 is overkill?

    • Would like to know about this as well

  • Can someone explain to me why is this a good deal ?

    The Associate seem to link pcpartpicker.au build and it cost 1.7k there. Assuming you can get stock on slightly higher price its probably 2k ish.

    They are selling for 2.7-2.8k

    I get that there is labour cost, but what does the 700-800 dollar entails?

    why is this a good deal ?

    Learning how to build pc here, so i'm asking for real.

    • +7

      pcpartpicker.au build cost excludes cost of GPU

      • +1

        Thanks for explaining.

    • +3

      the video card has not been added to the list as they are a new product (retail Price of 1049).

      amazing deal for a pre built gaming rig.

      • +1

        Thanks for explaining.

    • +2

      What other have said; including the currently out of stock GPU would bring the price up to around $2700, which brings it roughly to parity with this Techfast deal. By buying the system from Techfast though, you also a) have the whole system assembled for you (most places charge somewhere North of $100 for assembly), b) potentially cut down on shipping costs by buying from a single vendor rather than several, and c) get a 1 year warranty (in addition to the manufacturer warranty on the individual components).

      There are downsides of course, but relative to other custom prebuild options at least, this ranks pretty up there in terms of value.

    • Case is $100, PSU is $200, Ram is $100, SSD is about $70, MOBO is around $330.
      The PCCP list excludes the GPU.

  • +2

    Was hoping for AMD to really bring it home but it's a bit meh - I mean it competes with 3080 but you miss proper RTX and DLSS which are both what you really want when paying top dollar - for basically the same price.
    So there's no real benefit I can see from 6800xt over 3080

    • +2

      double the VRAM at 16 GB

      • It's not useful in the foreseeable future, my 3080 doesn't even cap out on msfs on ultra

        • some games can hit > 8 GB VRAM on ultra settings.

    • +1

      Not really the same price, average 3080 is ~$1400-1500 if you can find one in stock. Reference 6800XT was $1049 (although we're not sure how much the AIB custom GPUs will be, maybe $1200?)

    • +2

      Kind of agree, but at the same time DLSS and RTX support is barely anything. It'll be more interesting when:

      1) More raytracing games come out
      2) AMD's super resolution feature is released

      To me, buying based on these features reminds me a lot of Nvidia's PhysX marketing which was used for barely anything.

  • I would like to know if you are able to bring the nonGpu deal back here. I might prefer amd gpu for games but i do not only game… And most opensource deeplearning projects are base on Cuda of Nvidia which Amd's hasn't fully supported yet (some even no support at all)

    • +1

      Not this year - all CPUs are tied to complete systems.

  • +1

    What a great deal and I want badly…but …reality has set in an I'm just sulking profusely as it is way out of my $ range.
    Will there be a AMD $1000 to $1200 black friday deal for the fiscally challenged peasants…?

    • -1

      with that budget in mind, you can't go wrong with Playstation 5.

  • -1

    link shows price at $3399.00 not $2799???

    • +2

      Yep, then you put in the coupon code.

  • -2

    How long will it drop to sub $2k? Price raised at a higher speed than performance, it will take less than 10 years when new computers all sell at $10k

  • where is the option for 6800 xt?

    • from what i saw, XT variant is gone.

  • +1

    So this is where all two 6800 xts went!

  • Who is buying this with a 6800?

    Someone that needs a beast of a productivity machine but only wants to game at 1440p? Seems a bit of a niche case, most gamers would be better off from a value perspective with one of the 3070 systems with 5600x or 3600 CPU.

    Will be interesting to see if the 6800 sells out or if a lower-end deal with the 6800 follows…

  • https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/amd-radeon-rx-6800-xt

    For those who missed 6800xt, including myself ~ lol

  • Ryzen 5 5600, and RX 6800 or RTX 3070?
    Hoping to game at 1440p, what do you guys reckon?

    • +2

      If you don't care about Ray Tracing and DLSS (or the extra Nvidia software) then grab the RX 6800, Aussie pricing is whack, it's cheaper than the RTX 3070 right now… if you can find stock.

      $100 extra for the 6800 XT is worth considering, it offers better bang for buck.

    • Have a look at the Techspot review I posted above. The 6800 performs better than the 3070 across the board.

    • What games and refresh rate mate? RTS (real time strategy) games at 1440P x 60 FPS is fine but any FPS (first person shooter)/3rdPS at 1440P will probably need 144mhz refresh rate.

  • +3

    Techfast going complete team Red at the top tier.

    I like! Onya Techfast.

  • NVMe upgrade brand/model?
    No upgrade to 3600 ram?

  • +3

    Just want to write a post saying that I love your work even though I'm not buying one. Great communication/transparency and unbeatable value. You keep doing you

  • I need the CPU for my work but don't need the GPU 🙄

    • i'll buy it off you

      • You serious?

        • PM him if you are interested. Given the likely scarcity of the 6800/6800XT it probably won't be too hard to see the GPU on eBay/Gumtree anyways.

  • ETA in 6800xt if we put in an order now?

    • We're not preselling the XT, only offering when we have them confirmed to us.

      • Very wise decision !!

        However I see no issue with preselling if you genuinely believe the supplier will be able to provide, but always limit the exposure (ie orders).

        In your previous case it looks like you accepted quite a large quantity of orders well in advance and when the stock dried up you were left high and dry.

        Live and learn !

        • It's timing rather than not being able to provide. NVIDIA didn't flag any possibility of shortage, AMD seem to be benefitting from watching that launch so the information is very different, hence so is our offering

  • +1

    Purchased. Would have loved the XT but this should be a good price point to upgrade my GTX1660 laptop (Alienware)

    4k @ 144hz will be nice

    and push Vive VR a bit smoother.

    • +1

      Thanks for your order!

      • Unfortunately i am still awaiting the delivery of my PC (WA)

        for some reason it was sent in two boxes. i received box 1 of 2.. motherboard box with packaging and rubbish. some 'gaming' mouse mat. quite dissapointing as i thought my PC was getting delivered finally.

        box 2 still hasnt updated on the auspost site since 24/12.

        definitely would recommend consolidating into one box in future and saving on shipping costs and confusion for the client.
        furthermore as discussed in email, proactive and frequent order progress updates would be ideal.

        just hope the PC shows up before my holidays are up :(

  • Any plans for 3700X builds in the future, either with AMD or Nvidia GPUs?

    • +1

      Big one on the cards for BFCM!!

      • awesome. thanks for the response. looking forward to it

      • What about 5600X systems with a better discount over the pcpartpicker pricing?

        • Not enough CPUs yet.

  • I am hoping you have something similar or even better for black friday. I would have got this deal if i wasnt too late on the 6800xt.

    • +2

      We'd 100% have offered more XTs if we could!

  • hi Team - just hoping to get a response on cancellation on my order… just wanting some confirmation on this

    • Apologies, we're still working through a mountain of emails, will get a reply as soon as we're able to.

      • Hi Luke - Sorry to hijack a comment like this, however I've just received a Ventus 3080 build with a damaged mobo - Ticket has been sent to support recently :(

        • I'll get the team to look into it. Sorry to hear of it.

  • -1

    Hey Luke,
    If I had to add bigger SSD/HDD or RAM in the future, would that void the warranty with you guys?

    • It's not an instant void. The only thing to be aware of when adding to or altering the system is that if those changes cause an issue, the warrsnty may be affected.

  • +3

    Are there any updates on when these are likely to ship? :)

    • +2

      Bump! @luketechfast

      • +2

        I got an update a couple of days ago and they're waiting on the 5900Xs to arrive by early next week at the latest:

        "Hello Peter,

        Thanks for contacting us regarding your order.

        We are currently waiting on a shipment of R9 5900Xs to arrive which will complete your order. These are due to arrive by the end of the week or early next week at the latest. We apologise as this goes slightly over the approximate 14 business days however our website does state that this estimate does not apply to any systems with the 6000 series GPUs, and we are working hard to ensure that we can dispatch these systems as close to that estimate as possible.

        As soon as the CPU arrives your system will be priority to be dispatched.

        We thank you for your patience regarding the matter and are hoping for the prompt arrival of the 5900Xs.
        Kind Regards,

        Support Agent"

        • +1

          Hi guys, the above is correct - 5900X from both our suppliers are in transit to us. Looking good to receive some tomorrow as were shipped by priority air yesterday, with the remainder next week. Apologies to all - 5900X and 5800X (now received) were looking as bad as 3080s in terms of manufacturing by AMD and information from suppliers, but we have finally received word. It is always near on impossible to provide pro-active customer service when there is no information to go by. Thankfully we now have the info - everything is prebuilt just awaiting CPU installation so the turnaround will be as quick as humanly possible.

  • Cancellations can be handled in two ways:
    1) Order cancelled and refund issued, minus a 25% restocking fee.
    2) Order cancelled and a credit for the full amount provided, in the form of a coupon code to use on our website at any other time. This can be used in one full amount or multiple partial amounts.

    • From what I read from previous deals, if the item hasn't been shipped yet there is no restocking fee for change of mind/cancellations?

      • Not correct. Charge regardless.

        I actually wanted to cancel and wait on a 6800XT (ordered a 6800).
        But Luke was good about it. I will just hope someone cancels their XT order and i can snap it up

  • Hi,
    Has anyone received their machines yet??
    @luketechfast can U give us an update on when we should expect these to be shipped? Thanks.

  • +1

    Hi Luke. How are we looking with the 5900x stock this week. Will all systems ordered be fitted with the cpu's now? When is the last day you guys will be working this year, and when will you guys be back to finish off these systems if not done this year? Thanks!

    • +2

      Howdy, no doubt ppl have seen the 5900X deal that was posted here, and retailers offering them - this is the first shipment to land in Aus for about a month and a half for anyone, and ours are part of that. We're getting them from two distributors, one whose tracking shows delivery today (fingers crossed) and the other in transit. All 5900X systems are fully prebuilt awaiting CPU installation and those systems have priority above anything else. We're working every day that's not a public holiday, in regular day plus evening shifts, until everything is cleared.

  • +3

    All Ryzen 9s have now arrived and have been installed/stress testing for shipping after stress testing.

    • +1

      Good stuff! Thanks for your help and updates on this! I bet everyone is relieved (well, not the system builders) :)

    • Thanks for the update Luke!

  • +1

    Just received mine today. PC was securely packaged in the box and everything so far is working as intended. Despite the delay, it was worth the wait and I'm overall very happy with the pre built machine. (Can finally get to play through my list of games!)
    Thanks Techfast team/Luke and hope everyone has a Happy Holiday.

    • Great to hear, and enjoy!

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