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Free 6 Pack Krispy Kreme Doughnut Bites @ 7-Eleven via App (Excludes SA & TAS)


Tomorrow 7-Eleven is giving away almost 20,000 free sixpacks of Original Glazed doughnut bites.

Download the My 7-Eleven app to claim your freebie, then collect at your nearest store. But get in quick, there’s strictly limited stock of these bite-sized babies and the offer will disappear from the app once the allocation is exhausted.

Available in all states except SA and Tasmania.

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      The latest version of the app doesn't have unique barcodes for each reward. It's a common barcode for each account. No need to take a screen shot.

  • Ahhh I thought it's the glazed donut

    • It is. Just six small round ones.

  • +26

    They Will be out the back anyways

    • +2

      too true :(

    • My local 7/11 is always good for these promos luckily

    • +1

      Enter from backdoor

  • +3

    got an email from 7-Eleven now as well


    As if Fridays couldn’t get any better, we have something tasty coming your way on the My 7-Eleven App for one day only.
    Check the app tomorrow for more info. We doughnut think you will want to miss out!"

  • +24

    By limited stock you mean 1 per store. Of which will be hidden by the staff for their purposes.

  • +1

    Does it usually start at midnight?

    • +2

      For pickup, depends when stock arrives I'd guess. Seems you click offer after midnight, to pick up in store with stock.

      Might be like in Rewards tab - need to click on offer to be able to pick it up.

    • Midnight came but the donut fairies didn't appear🍩

  • +16

    711 managers to their staff be like hide those doughnuts away in the cool room once they arrive tomorrow.

    • +4

      Hopefully my local will put one aside for me if that’s the case.
      The main guy is pretty good and asks if I’ve checked the deals when the new ones are updated and one time when stock was low the girl that works with him put an item aside for me.

    • +2

      Would be good if they actually hid them in the cool room not just anywhere.

      • +3

        I think our local one hides them in the toilet…

  • +1

    Available in all states except SA and Tasmania.

    There's no 7/11 or Krispy Kreme in Tassie. Carry on baggage on cheap flights to Melbourne has solely been for 2 dozens of krispy kreme pre-COVID.

    • +2

      There's no 7/11 or Krispy Kreme in Tassie.

      That's because they are not allowed to stay open until 11pm…

      • +1

        Passed majority of the Tasmanian bedtime anyway.

      • But there is a 9/11 bottleshop.

    • neither in SA

      • Not necessarily a bad thing as it's only good for some late night donuts after a night out drinking. Instead we have kebabs.

        • +1

          SA has OTR instead for late night donuts

          • +1

            @sancrumble: SA also has free Krispy Kreme every day when the light is on at the factory on Port Road

  • +2

    Ah another product 7-11 staff will hide in the backroom

  • +1

    None of the 4 stores near me on the Gold Coast ever hide any of these deals, they must be missing a trick based on all the complaints most people have.

  • +3

    I bought a pack of these full price when filling up petrol one time. When I arrived home I discovered that they were crawling with ants. Make sure you check yours if you manage to pick one up, and try not to get them from the front counter.

  • +3

    I have never been able to find any of these specials in stock including when i am going early morning. I have driven around to a few close to my house and my work.

  • +9

    Local 7-11 will Out of stock at 11:59 pm to midnight 19/11/20 then promptly back in stock 12:01 am pass midnight 21/11/20

    • +4

      Just in time for staff to each take 5 boxes home on their scooters

  • +4

    Thanks OP, this deserves a +
    However past experience with local 7 Eleven stores suggest that attempting to claim will be a frustrating and pointless exercise.

  • Timbits!!!

  • +1

    What's the point? We all know they're going to hide the stock

  • Lunch sorted.

  • +2

    It's probably free because the staff have to pay for it out of their pay, so they take it off show when they are working.

  • Will these actually be delivered at Midnight???

    Or 4am?

    Or 6am?

    Or some other time? Anyone know???

  • +7

    never ever I was able to grab a free item from 711(except those slurpeees). Visited multiple stores even the ones on highways at times but naaah mate we don't stock 'em or ranout is the response from staff. I'm sure once the offer is expired they magically appear on shelfs.

    • +2

      Same here.

    • +1

      Luckily for me, 7 eleven is 100 meters from home so ill be there at 12:01

      • +4

        But their next delivery to restock isn't scheduled until Saturday.

        • put them in the fridge, they will keep.

  • +2

    I'd bought a pack of these a while back as a treat.
    Was $5 from memory.

    In all honesty, I'd prefer a plain glazed KK donut instead of the minis.

    Fave donut is the jam filled one.
    Pure sugary treat.

  • Same here. I was shocked at the $5 price, but there was no price so it's only when I looked at the receipt did I regret the purchase… and it's a big box for some tiny bites… At most it's the same weight as maybe just over 1 glazed donut

  • -1

    Thanks for the reviews that people have posted. I generally enjoy balls in my mouth, but I might stick to eating a sweet hole instead.

    • +2

      Whatever floats your boat I'd say. 👍

      I prefer savory snacks, like KFC Wicked Wings and chips w/ gravy.

      So good it's bad. 🤤

  • There were no donuts at mine even regulars :(

    • Not surprised. My local give them away with any purchase at nights - they're pretty stale.
      Restocked early for the morning 🌄.

    • Offer not available in the App yet!

      • Got my donuts in the morning. I was a bit surprised as they usually run out very quickly

  • -2

    I couldn’t see any offer in my app

    • +1

      Your first ever comment - a Neg Vote!

      20 minutes into the day. Give it time - the 20,000 boxes of donut bites haven't been delivered yet.

      No time stated for when this special promotion would start! Just sometime today.

      • Ok cheers

      • The staff said 2am.

      • +1

        Got my bites

  • +1

    I can see the offer in my app now, shall I visit a store and get some now ? 12:07am

  • +3

    Back with a box from suburban 7-11 servo.
    Had about 100 boxes on KK stand by counter.

    Tiny box of 6 small balls
    6 donut bites weigh 70g!
    A glazed KK donut weighs 48g
    So a box of these are equivalent in weight to 1.5 glazed KK donuts.

    All gone now.
    Hardly worth the effort.

    • +1

      "All gone now" = finished eating my 6 bites

    • +2

      Just popped into same store for free coffee - still had a few!

      Manager always laughs when I enter his store. He calls me "Mr FREE".
      Smiled as he asked me What are you getting free today, Sir?
      Offered me a box of bites if I bought a $1 coffee!
      But I told him I don't pay, I've got a voucher for a free coffee☕

      • Lol! I like this.
        Which free coffee vouchers, btw? Fuel Lock?

      • Wow that's rare to hear but happy that you have a store manager that appears friendly.

        My local normally starts out friendly until you start redeeming freebies.

        • +1

          Seems I make his day when I arrive for freebies. He laughs & smiles every time, as soon as he sees me. Makes my day as well😊

          My guess, being a small servo in Brisbane - they see less people & few are after the free stuff. The novelty would wear off if every second customer wanted freebies at the usual tiny 7-11 store.

          Our attitude is important as well - if we treat the staff with respect & remember them, they usually return the favour. That's what I do.

          It's not just @7-11…
          Used to get a few $10 vouchers @DJs. Not their usual customer - am very frugal & more likely to be dressed by Kmart, but got along well with staff.
          They would come up to me with discounted stock in my size - they knew would interest me. One suggested $180 shoes for $20, another $360 wool suit jacket for $39 (after $20 voucher). It's handy to get to know helpful staff😊

  • excellent!
    i haven't done one of these early morning 7/11 runs for so long now

  • Got one at 5.22am, about 19 boxes left at King st/Bourke st 7 eleven :)

    • Not much competition in the city these days

  • Reservoir 7 eleven by lake has it

  • Not worth it lol

    • +1

      Not even for free? Hand in your OzB badge please! :P

      • -1

        well its worth it if you jog or walk there.. but if you have to start up your car even if it's a 2 min drive… your car will already use up $1-2 at a minimum…. so is it really a bargain then?

        • People's lives are usually filled with pointless activities. (Like commenting here.) It's just another.

          No one needs these.
          After eating… Posted 15hr ago - these tiny balls are Hardly worth the effort

          I treat it as game. The store manager loves seeing me for my next freebie.
          But won't go much out of my way for free stuff like this.

        • for $2 fuel, i can drive to two 7 eleven stores for a 21km round trip.

          if you're using $2 in fuel for a 2 min drive then you need a more fuel-efficient car.

  • +1

    Got it from local store

    Thanks OP

  • I found them tastier than regular size original? About 10 boxes at Creek Rd, Carina branch. The guy at the counter didn't seem very interested in them :)

  • When did Krispy Kreme start selling eggs?

  • Does this include 7/11s that are part of petrol stations too?

    • Yes, I just got mine from Oakleigh South petrol station store.

      • Great, thanks!

        • Picked up a box from the servo, nice treat.

      • There were lots at the cashier lol

  • My 4101 store has plenty. Even the store manager said to me to enjoy them, on the house :)

  • Just grabbed a box from Surry Hills NSW (Elizabeth street). There was a bunch at the counter and no issues redeeming.

    A deliciously bad breakfast 😘👌

  • Score! Plenty of stock wantirna store

  • Tonnes at my local, in fridges and at the counter

  • Picked up 2 in Canberra CBD. At least a stack of 10+ was available

  • Wow surprised to see people are actually getting them instead of the usual being 'hidden' at the back. Great news!

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