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Asus ROG Strix G15 G512LW 15.6" FHD Core i7-10750H/RTX 2070 Laptop $1879 (Was $2969) Delivered @ Centrecom


Been on the lookout for a new laptop and came across this. Couple of variations with similar chunky discount. Shame apparently the screen is garbage with poor battery life. /discuss

Update: This might have been a price error. If your order was fulfilled or refunded, let us know in the comments.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Who cares about battery life over performance on a gaming laptop?

    • Fair point, but just the greed of min maxing 😅

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        Weight, Performance, Battery Life

        Choose 2

        Min-maxing usually includes a dump stat 😉

    • Me, I bring my gaming laptop to uni and don’t want to have it plugged in all time. I had an Asus ROG and it lasted about 2 hours on battery saving mode

      • Then don't get a gaming laptop for education.

        • Because gaming laptops can't do anything other than game? Ones with decent battery life exist, my Alienware m15 lasts all day without a charge

          • @FireRunner: Are you being intentionally obtuse? It's not an either or proposition. It's about prioritisation of resources, most people when buying a gaming laptop would prefer higher FPS. Of course you can have one with better battery life, it's just going to be at the cost of something else.

            • @Willyslicks: I don’t understand what you’re getting at. You can get high spec’d gaming laptops (RTX2070 and RTX2080) with decent battery life. Asus is just particularly awful from my personal experience.

              • @FireRunner: Similar specs but better battery life at this price? Thats a better deal but ill believe it when i see it.

                • @Willyslicks: No, not at this price but the laptop is heavily discounted from ~$3k. If looking in the original price range you probably have a good selection to choose from. I agree the discount price is great and if you’re after a beast that you don’t need to bring around, this is excellent.
                  My original point was that battery life can a consideration even for gaming laptops, depending on use and that Asus had particularly abysmal battery life. Research different brands and models to find the best suited to you.

          • @FireRunner: and that costs a (profanity) premium, most people dont have mum and dad buying them stuff

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    It's the same screen that's in the tuf a15 45% ntsc.

    • Is it shit?

      • According to the internet, it's shit. Been using it for the last….4-6 months? It's fine

      • I have no personal experience with said laptop so can only go off what people have said. It could be a lot better brightness, colour gamut and response time wise. Will it get the job done, most certainly, will it be okay to use probably. Could it be better absolutely.

    • says " 15.6-inch Full HD (1920x1080) vIPS-level panel 144Hz 100% RGB "

      • looks ok to me

  • Can anyone tell me how this would handle some VR stuff? Elite Dangerous, Skyrim, No Man's Sky. The new Flight Simulator as well!

  • Damn shame it doesn't have an AMD Ryzen 4000 series CPU :(

  • the screen is garbage with poor battery life

    Get out of here! I have this. Screen is fantastic. Everything looks good on it and refresh rate is super smooth.

    Regarding battery life, yea, it's crap but it's also a bloody gaming laptop. I'm not sure what people expect. You want Macbook Air battery life while playing Valhalla?

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    In-store only :(.

  • Price is back to old this morning , was it a price error?

  • Ordered the 2060 version last night and just got cancelled

    There has been an update to order # as follows:

    Order status: Cancelled

    Due to pricing error we will not be able to fulfil your order.

    Therefore, your order will be refunded in FULL.

    Please provide us with your bank detail to organise a refund:


    Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Web Team

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