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$10 off with AfterPay (Min Spend $50, On Eligible items) @ eBay


Get an extra $10 off AfterPay supported items (eBay Plus not required). Stay safe, and enjoy.

Commences 10:00 (AEDT) 20/11/20 and is available for a limited time only. eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time. The offer entitles you to $10 off the purchase price (excluding postage) when you spend $50 or more in 1 transaction on eligible items using AfterPay as payment. A max of 5 transactions applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a max of 10 items per transaction).

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  • +2

    Doesnt stack with 20% off. Use this only if the BF code doesnt work.

    • +3

      Just fyi - this code doesn't require eBay Plus membership.

      • -2

        Oh, well I can't undo my eBay Plus membership so I wouldn't have noticed. Still grabbed one of the new Xbox controllers as I assume they'll be excluded from all sales.

      • Not sure if TA or anyone else knows, but can this be stacked with CashRewards 15% cashback and be paid for using an eBay Gift Card (or is the payment using AfterPay instead?)

  • Paper Mario: The Origami King would cost $59 from BigW. yay or nay?

    • +2

      Yay. It's not going to go down in price five years from now, so you yay as well.

  • +1

    Can we buy from PayPal gift cards?

    • Doesn't work i checked

  • +1

    A $75 item that supports afterpay in checkout, selected afterpay as the payment option and entered code PAY4AP

    Got this error message: This code can't be applied to your order.

    • +1

      Same, on a $60 item (free postage). Doesn't appear to work yet?

      • Glad it's not just me. Will try again in 10 min, I'm in QLD ha.

      • Yup doesn't work on multiple items adding upto 60 dollars either

    • +1

      It's on eligible items only, not just any item that supports Afterpay.

      • +1

        Christ, how many hoops do I jump through until I get my collar and bone to munch on???

    • Works for me on some items. I am guessing there is an exclusion list.

    • +2

      The usual "selected items." Of which there is no list, and it invariably doesn't apply to whatever you're interested in.

      ebay promotions for the past couple of years have been hopeless.

      If it's not clear and broadbased, it's not worth doing.

  • +7

    Sweet. I can now get $10 off real estate

  • Still not working what's the deal?

  • +5


    "Eligible Items" means all items listed on eBay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found, and the coupon redemption code PAY4AP is displayed in the item listing.

    • Oh I see….

    • Click OP link and use the search on that page.

    • Funny, this one doesn't have PAY4AP displayed in the listing.

  • Is this any item selected items, just paid for an item yesterday would have been nice to have got the extra $10 off.

    • No, only selected items it seems

    • Same situation for me, code worked for my item so I just purchased it again and have messaged the seller to cancel / refund the first order (fingers crossed it works).

  • From my end, one transaction went through earlier, then second one had AP greyed out and refreshing its not even a payment option anymore.

  • is it a payment option available for coles ebay>?

    • +1

      You’re better off using the eBay 20% off code…

  • got excited for a moment because I saw the price and saw the pic of the monitor and thought the monitor was $10…if only…

    • LOL

  • Does anyone has the full list link to what can this code used to buy items???

  • Got Cadence of Hyrule Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda for $49.

    Ta TA!

  • paid by afterpay got $10 off - PAY4AP

  • Got some Adidas Pulseboost HDs for $62. Thanks!


  • Pretty good deal, never used afterpay before and created an account because of this.

    • +3

      You can get away with not using afterpay if you can use ebay gift cards to cover the cost of the transaction.

      • Can you elaborate? Do you mean if you use ebay voucher codes while having afterpay selected, you can still check out with the code?

        • +1


          • @ATangk: Just wanting to clarify, pay for item with eBay Gift Cards, but select AfterPay as payment method and still receive the $10 back for a $50+ purchase?

      • Thanks ATangk, that’s some nice stacking!

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