This was posted 1 year 2 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Foxtel Now (70+ Channels) for $25/mth for First 3 Months (U.P. $104/Mo) (New Customers Only)


was $104pm lol they wonder why nobody joins, at $25pm good price point just for the sports & movies

$104 $25/mth
for 3 mths. Offer ends 6th December 2020

Get all 70+ TV channels across Drama, Sports, Movies, News, Comedy, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Docos & Kids

Essentials = Pop and Lifestyle: 25+ channels of Lifestyle, Drama, Comedy, Reality, News and Entertainment
Sport: Get your footy fix as the biggest names in the game discuss the major talking points
Movies: 10 TV channels full of the hottest Movies - all ad free and a huge library to sit back and binge
Drama Extra: Access to premium dramas from the UK and US. Live and On Demand
Kids: Family friendly entertainment that Kids love and Parents trust
Docos: A huge variety of science, nature, travel and true crime documentaries

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    Thanks OP. Worth trying out for 3 months at this price.

    • +13

      Just remember to cancel if you don't want to pay $100/mo for it or at least drop down to something cheaper.

      When you cancel, you can watch until the subscription expires, so cancelling early in the last month is advised.

      • +1

        I would still forget since that would be 2 months away.
        This should be the regular price for advertised content, especially in the off-season.

        • +4

          I set the reminders up on Alexa/Siria/Google now. One of the virtual assistants around the house is bound to remind me.

          Alexa isn't a fan of me asking her to remind me to cancel my Amazon Prime membership though. She always forgets to remind me for some reason …

          • +1

            @MorriJ: I use Alexa reminders also, I'd be ruined without them.

    • Handing my money to the Murdoch's, hmmmm, not sure I feel comfortable with that. Decisions decisions.

  • How much do you miss having Binge rather than Foxtel?

    We do a month of it here and there when we want to watch something.

    • +17

      I trialled Foxtel Now and the only difference was Foxtel TV programming. Every so often I’d accidentally flip over to Sky TV (which incidentally seemed to be the default channel..) and get a spray from some toxic head.

      Otherwise, they seems to have the Simpsons on 24/7, and Comedy Central was a paid extra.

      It was absolutely not work the extra vs. Binge.

      Edit: also it has adverting, what a joke.

      • +3

        FYI, you can access a heap of the basic Foxtel channels via Binge too. I can't remember exactly how to get to them since their UI/UX is a nightmare, but they're there.

        • +1

          Tv shows section.
          Scroll all the way to bottom.

      • +7

        Edit: also it has adverting, what a joke.

        Yeah pretty much this. I ditched Foxtel over a decade ago. But I'm always reminded why I don't go back….paying to watch ads, fk that.

    • +1

      I noticed that a small number of new HBO series debuted at Foxtel, then made available to Binge after a few weeks.

    • +8

      Not much. I use Binge and am not missing any of the programs I used to watch on Foxtel. Since Binge is owned by Foxtel and Foxtel is losing money in the billions, I suspect this deal is another attempt by their marketing to stop Foxtel haemorrhaging money.

      Rupert Murdoch, like Donald Trump, doesn't like to admit defeat to competitors like Netflix and is prepared to keep pumping money into Foxtel to keep his hand in the tv media pie in Australia. Luckily for us, hardly anyone in Australia watches his mouthpiece Fox news programs on Foxtel unlike in America where Fox News WAS the mouthpiece of Trump and Murdoch.

      • Where do trumpets go now for their fix?

        There was a poll the other day that suggested 70% of Republicans deny Biden as president / the election result. Pretty scary. I'm just glad Fox News isn't going along with most of the crazy conspiracy theories.

        Court cases have mostly been thrown out, 30 losses to 1 'victory' a day or two ago, just a waste of resources while 1-2k die daily (on the increase).

        What a shit leader

        • +4

          It's interesting to hear people bash Trump/Fox News and base this opinion on purely on other media outlets that are equally bad.

          The reason you don't understand Trump's strategy (and you'd be naive to think there isn't one) is because the media you listen to doesn't do the in-depth analysis that they should. Orange Man Bad has been the headline for 4 years, we all deserve better than this.

          Also, if you're interested in trying to understand the Trump phenomena, I'm happy to try and share some insight that the media never gets into, the trick is to not to get sucked into the Political Team Sport narrative.

          • -1

            @1st-Amendment: What Trump phenomena? I'm sure no media is 100% good but with respect to the election, he's a bad loser and is in dental and squatting in the white house.

            • +1

              @CocaKoala: He's still the president until Biden is sworn in.

              • +2

                @klownz: Yeah, and is in denial and refusing to accept the mandate of the people gracefully.

                • +1


                  refusing to accept the mandate of the people gracefully.

                  You seem to be confusing the word 'mandate' with 'media opinion'. A 'mandate' is the official process which doesn't complete until Jan 20 according the to actual law.

                  It's also worth pointing out, that although unlikely, Trump still has a path to victory. And any competent leader should always pursue victory when available. Personally I prefer a leader that is prepared to fight for a win over a leader that is happy to capitulate at the first sign of failure. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

              • @klownz: And doing a fine job at it. Playing golf instead of meeting with world leaders to discuss the global pandemic.

            • +4

              @CocaKoala: Regardless of lawsuits or conceding etc. The 46th POTUS doesn't start until January 20. You've been drinking the kool-aid if you think 45 is squatting.

              • -2


                Regardless of lawsuits or conceding etc. The 46th POTUS doesn't start until January 20.

                So the presidents before them conceding are what? Idiots for doing so? What Trump is doing is hindering and or delaying the peaceful transfer of power. Maybe even be considered scorched earth policy burning the place down so to speak. Firing anyone who disagrees with him.

                If he is truly serious about running for president again in 2024 he is doing a bang up job at portraying a leader gracious in defeat. A leader who wants to stay as president and yet ain't doing what he is suppose to be doing as potus should be. Like attending meetings with global leaders responding to the pandemic.

                • +2


                  • No power transfers until January 20.
                  • Legal challenges are part of a strong democratic system in the United States.
                  • As 1st-Amendment has pointed out below: December 14 is when the Electoral College votes, until this time there is no official winner or loser.

                  It seems lots of Australians are caught up in some weird fictional narrative where they think Biden would be running the country if only Trump would concede, when it is simply not true. I don't know why so many non-Americans are so personally invested in who runs America anyway to be honest, it must be the influence of the American media machine. We have remained strong allies with America regardless of who they pick for their leader, it will have no impact on us.

                  • @OzzyBrak:

                    No power transfers until January 20.

                    You understand that briefings continue on the daily right. You expect the incumbent president to only be handed these briefing on jan 20, 2021 12:01 am and expect to be able to hit the ground running?

                    Legal challenges are part of a strong democratic system in the United States.

                    Nobody is saying it isn't. But wasting court time on lawsuit with little substance or evidence is just that. A waste of time.

                    I don't know why so many non-Americans are so personally invested in who runs America anyway to be honest

                    it will have no impact on us.

                    Oh I dont know. Maybe some of us have family or relatives there.

            • +3

              @CocaKoala: We're talking about Trump right now and it cost him nothing, that phenomena.

              he's a bad loser and is in dental and squatting in the white house.

              I suggest you educate yourself on how the legal process of the election works.
              Firstly official results haven't been certified yet. So sure it will likely turn out that Trump loses the election, but the idea that he should concede because the media said so is ludicrous.

              Some key dates you may not be aware of, because your media sources deliberately obfuscate this detail to serve their narrative:
              December 14 is when the Electoral College votes, until this time there is no official winner or loser.
              Once a winner has being officially decided, that person doesn't take office until Jan 20.
              So in any situation, until Jan 20 Trump is the duly elected President of the US. Everything else is deliberate media deception.

              • +2

                @1st-Amendment: I don't think anyone here has said he should concede because the media says he should. He should concede because the American voters decided he doesn't deserve a 2nd term.

                • +2

                  @pokedude449: And the electoral college is a disgrace if it goes against the wishes of the people and should be scrapped. But they won't anyway. The reason they always concede is so there is a peaceful transition to the new government between November and January. Except Trump is going for the exact opposite. I'm sure he's not actively trying to do as much damage to the US as he possibly can on his way out, but it's a side effect of his inability to handle losing.

                • -2

                  @pokedude449: Probably you should research beyond the MSM to understand Trump's popularity. If you think even dead Americans voted for sleepy Joe - I will give it you lol!!

                  • +1

                    @jims2020: I'm sure that if dead people have been voting it will be unearthed in court. Last time I checked 30 out of 31 of the relevant law suits have been dismissed due to a lack of evidence but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt until the process is completed. Which news sources would you recommend I have a look at?

                • +1


                  He should concede because the American voters decided he doesn't deserve a 2nd term.

                  How do you know this what the American voters decided? Because the media told you?
                  A lot of states haven't certified official results yet, so the only result so far is the unofficial media result. I expect Biden to win, but I also don't expect a sitting elected President to kowtow to media hysteria.

                  • +1


                    How do you know this what the American voters decided? Because the media told you?

                    so the only result so far is the unofficial media result.

                    These major media outlets aren't exactly pulling them numbers out their backsides. They have been tabulating them as the numbers where coming in from electoral colleges/counties. From there they are making an educated guess as to who won the election.

                    Currently a lot of Trumps so called allegations of widespread fraud have been lacking in evidence. Many of the court cases have been thrown out.

                    • @xoom: Yeah but you understand that any American President doesn't take orders from the media's educated guessing?

                      Would you want a leader that does?

                      • +1

                        @1st-Amendment: People also don't want a president or his or her legal team filing lawsuits with little substance or evidence.

                        The supreme court has better things to do than waste time on such nonsense.

                        I want a leader that is gracious in winning as they are in defeat. Not one acting like a spoilt child who is firing left right centre those who oppose them. One who is still in power and yet not doing things they are obligated to do. Like meet heads of state on matters which concern their country as much as other countries. Instead is playing golf.

        • Newsmax is the new trump/right mouthpiece

          • +1

            @Pootie Tang: So you agree, the rest are left's mouthpiece lol!!

            • @jims2020: I watched fox news heavily in my youth when SEP 11 occured. After a year it just made sense it was an advertising space for ideology. Booooo-urns

              • @Pootie Tang: Agree Fox News is not ideal journalism. I could tell how they have joined the lefty bandwagon by calling in the election results just as the other channels did. You don't need to be a journalist to know that an election can't be called until each state certifies its results. Let common sense and democracy prevail.

                • @jims2020: What a silly position to take. Nobody was up in arms in 2016 when the media called the election for Trump. Or in any of the many elections prior. How does doing what they have done every modern election, regardless of who the winner is, make them "lefty" all of a sudden?

                  Seems for you that not blindly cheering for Trump is lefty.

                  • @greennick: really - did media call the election for Trump in 2016? Can you name one channel which called the election for Trump, leave alone the pollsters, lol!! might be your outlook is not so "green" afterall - it must be a bit red!!

        • fact check american politics 101
          biden isnot the president till votes are certified and electoral college vites and biden is sworn in.
          trump doesnt have to concede till then.
          certificationwill likely be delayed a bit because of the court cases.
          fox gives a right wing slant and most of the mefia a left wing slant.

          • -1

            @Garagesale: Fox, right-wing slant ? ha ha. It's as right as you get. Check their headlines, pretty well all propaganda.

            • +1


              Check their headlines, pretty well all propaganda.

              It's right wing view, just as pretty much every other media outlet is a left wing view. Pretending the your chosen media outlet is unbiased is pretty naive…
              Personally I find that Youtube commentators give a better picture as they generally add some analysis to the news, not just click bait controversial headlines.
              TYT is the largest liberal media channel and Crowder is the largest independent conservative channel, both are biased towards their own side, but watching both should give a rough idea what the real story is.

              • @1st-Amendment: Lol. You just made that up …. I never even mentioned my chosen media, let alone whether it was biased or not.

            • @redcreek200: Yeah mate, stopped watching in 2002 😉

  • +8

    I just killed my Foxtel Now service. I only kept it for the A-League and I cant justify that any more. I already have an optus fetch that was free last year, so I watch most football on that anyway (pl etc).

    When you go online to cancel, they usually offer a save routine offering $10 off your subscription. It's before you confirm your cancellation of course, so worth a shot starting the process if you want to potentially save some money.


    • +1

      Foxtel for A-League? Get Kayo at a fraction of the price.

      I use Kayo for the AFL over Foxtel. It’s literally half price since you can’t get sports alone on Foxtel…

      • +1

        Yeah, more laziness than anything not switching over to kayo. I have too many subs anyway.

        I literally had Netflix, Stan, Binge, Foxtel Now, Amazon Prime, Optus Sports (+fetch mini free packages) and Youtube premium. Foxtel Now is gone, so its a start :D.

  • +75

    Nice price, the challenge for me would be overcoming guilt of giving money to a Murdoch owned company.

    • +40

      Doesn’t help that you can pay but they still have ads, all despite Foxtel receiving millions in our taxes.

    • +6

      I’ve never paid for Hoaxtel, which was tough as a huge football fan when they had EPL. I probably bought a few Murdoch owned newspapers in the 90’s for my shame.

      • +2

        Foxtel sports is the only reason it has survived I suspect. So many people I know only have it for fox sports, or did til they lost the EPL to Optus.

        I'm happy with Optus and their sport offering. After stuffing up the world cup, still have my fetch unit. It was supposed to be free for 12 months, but they've never charged me, most recent statement emailed to me still has $0 payment required…

        • I do have Optus Sports and loving it. I mean, I just love football so it was going to work unless they completely stuffed it up.

          Nice win re: no charge.

  • +60

    so $75 to Murdoch for 3 months….is still about 74.99 wasted

    • +1

      How did Murdoch become so wealthy?
      Is there a large percentage of Americans that pay for cable tv?

      • +13

        The US is ALL about cable TV. YouTube TV helps cut the cord, but you still end up paying for the content in the end and Murdoch still gets his pockets lined.

        I'll stick with my BT downloads.

        • Kodi + Seren + RealDebrid

          • +1

            @sween64: I'll stick with $0 per month and an actual copy of the file to watch when offline.

            • @KangaDrew: I'd rather not have to pay for storage and manage files and am always online anyway. Each to their own.

              • @sween64: 12Gb hard drives are super cheap these days. And on a long haul flight, it's hard to knock back the convenience of a bunch of video files on your Macbook to binge on and pass the time. Granted, flying has been rather limited as of late!

        • You realise he sold all of his content to Disney right? He only kept the news assets and a little bit of sports. I guess he gets his pockets lined as he owns 5% of Disney.

      • +7

        Initially advertising, now he controls the medium and has power to influence hundreds of millions of peoples’ opinions.

      • Don't forget the Brits too. He used to own Sky.

        • +1

          What most Aussies who have never lived in the US don't realise is all those awesome shows that were on 1 or 2 Foxtel channels , and are now on the 4 or 5 streaming services they collectively pay $100 a month for, are on about 10 different cable channels in the US. And as each of them release their own streaming service, it's free for cable subscribers. Just ESPN alone the wholesale cost is like $12 a month for each subscriber.
          As for TV ads, the channel itself owns the advertising revenue in the US, not the cable company.

          • @Capitalshark: I don't know ANYONE who pays anywhere near $100/month for streaming services. You must work for Murdoch. I've not hardly watched an advert for about 10 years, so find it pretty hard to begin watching them again.

            • @kiriakoz: Add the cost of internet to 4 streaming services and kayo for sports . I don't work for Murdoch nor do I have Foxtel.

              • @Capitalshark: I pay for Spotify & Netflix, and that's it. My dad pays for Optus Sport, which seems to allow two logins, so I use his.

                I'm not including internet because I used to purchase that before I ever had streaming services.

                If you include iView, YouTube to that, I have what I personally need. I have a list of shows that I haven't even gotten around to watching yet.

                That's $25.

        • Used to?

  • +14

    You should warn people: I believe Foxtel has advertising, even though you pay for it. Is that still true?

    • +33

      It has an absolute assload of ads. Mainly for other Foxtel shows but for a paid service it's gross.

      • +1

        Never understood that. I find the ads for other stuff on Foxtel more annoying than brand ads. Why do they play them so much?

        • +7

          They’re like filler/fluff. More ads means less actual content needs to be licensed.

          • +1

            @toasty: But surely they could run more actual brand ads? The Foxtel ones are so repetitive they drive me nuts (don't actually have Foxtel, watch it in hotels).

            • +1

              @stickyfingers: They could if they had more people/businesses actually wanting to advertise on foxtel, but aside from 'real life insurance' and 'step one' there is not a lot of other paid ad's on there.

              My parents still have foxtel. I have no idea why they pay for it, my dad always complains about how terrible it is but he keeps paying for it for nearly 30 years now I reckon. It was good at the start, I remember as a kid watching Simpson's on the weekends with no ads at all. Then over time they slowly worked ads into the programming and it just got worse and worse. Now it is ridiculous how many ads there are. Absolute joke…

              • +3

                @Shaun Prawn: That's how I remember Foxtel. Back in the late 90's / Early 00's when my parents first got it. No ads, bingeing on Fox8/Simpsons and Channel V.
                Ad's? It's called PAYTV so you avoid the advertising! (Well that's how I always thought it should be)

                BTW: If you're a Telstra member, check out the Telstra 24x7 app and see if you have any deals waiting! I did this last month and had 6 months FREE Binge. My boss checked his and he only had 3 months, but hey, try your luck.

        • +4

          I never understood why an advertiser would pay for ads on Foxtel. I record everything and fast forward through them all. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    • +5

      Yes, Murdoch is milking tax payers, subscribers and advertisers on Foxtel. I imagine it takes a lot of coin to prop up News Corp.

    • +1

      Most of the programs, apart from those from the BBC, are from overseas commercial tv stations and are between 20 and 25 minutes long to provide space for commercials. Foxtel has to stuff them with self promotion ads and commercials to fill the gap and earn some cash to try and plug the billions of dollars in losses.
      I used to record all the programs and then fast forward through the ads.

  • +4

    Also just a pro tip for those who don't know this, I've been doing the below for a while now.

    My dad pays $59 for NBN 50 with foxtel and from memory $89 for foxtel premium including Netflix and multiroom (I set this all up). You have to do a bit of negotiating need to get this price. They can only go so low as their system has a limiter for the public which I know for a fact.

    The multiroom gives you access to foxtel now for 2 other devices that are being streamed at the same time so essentially the foxtel and Netflix is split into thirds between myself, dad and one of his friends.

    So basically under 30 bucks a month for every channel, Netflix premium is as good as it gets. Also watching foxtel on the foxtel now box has greatly improved over the years in which I recommend to use that box as you can connect all your FTA TV and sideload apps like popcorn time on there.

    Foxtel were also nice enough to give me $59 NBN 50 connection, though their routers are absolute junk and would bin them straight away. Luckily we had a few Telstra ones laying around.

    • How Do I get this deal?

      • +3

        Need to phone them up and play hardball. Tell them your friend introduced you to Foxtel service and you know what he is paying, ask them to match it.

      • +11

        You say

        You're breaking my balls man
        You're breaking my balls


        I didn't call to be insulted

  • +22

    I would never pay to see ads. What's the point of of paying for TV to see ads. Too many channels of garbage increasing their costs. They need to get rid of the fluff and ads, reduce the cost and they might have a value proposition that might be appealing.

    • +2

      That's why I stick with BT downloads, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Advertisements kill me slowly…

  • +2

    No NRL or AFL for 3 months

  • +18

    Lol Foxtel still exists?

  • +1

    Does this have hbo max, probably worth it as wonder woman 1984 would be released this year

    • No HBO max in aus
      Pirate if you want, not illegal in aus ;)

    • Yes and no.
      HBO max content is exclusive to Foxtel with a very few exceptions (fresh prince reunion was on stan)
      So while no hbo Max in aus you do get to see everything they produce on Foxtel and by default also on Binge.

  • +8

    $25 still seems a lot haha

    • +2

      $25 to watch ads? No thanks.

  • +19

    Haven't they already received around 17.5mil in government grants so far? And they have the audacity to have me to pay for ads? No thanks.

    • +5

      My mate worked for Foxtel collections department 20 years and was made redundant recently along with many others, apparently they are down sizing in a major way, don’t expect them to be around a year from now.

      • +1

        Lack of customers surely has less and less people to actually need collection services for.

        Doing away from lock in contracts has also made it easy for people to walk away from the unnecessary expense rather than rack up big bills.

  • +2

    Please use a different payment method and email id if you have already used the free month trial. I was stung with a full monthly bill when I tried to get another month trial by just using a different email.

    • Thanks, how long ago did you use the trial?

  • +3

    I had it 10 years ago for business channel & AFL.

    I get my Aussie Rules with the AFL app for free now.

    They even cut their business channel, it cost 100x less than sky news. They have after dark hosts which are hardcore Trump fans & think the coronavirus is fake & that lives should be sacrificed for the economy. Crazy stuff.

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