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WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive 12TB $304.84 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Good price for a quality shuckable Helium 12Tb drive inside.

Better than the WD Elements as it comes with a 3 year global warranty compared to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572428 which has 2 years.
WD will replace the UK power adapter with an Aussie one - just raise a support case and ask nicely.

Also don't forget Shopback or Cashrewards…

* Auto backup with included WD Backup software and time Machine compatibility
* Password protection with hardware encryption
* WD Discovery software for WD security, social media and cloud storage import and WD Drive Utilities
* Usb 3.0 port; USB 2.0 compatible
* Trusted storage built with WD reliability

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • What drives are in these? I’ve got 2 of the WD 12tb elements shucked which are whites - WD120EMFZ in my synology DS918+ wondering if I could mix and match whatever is inside these?

    • WD120EDAZ Helium. SMART shows 5400 RPM, but suspect its actually a 7200.

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        You can install spectrum tool on your phone to calculate the rpm based on the frequency.

        7200 will be 120hz
        5400 will be 90hz

        You will see a constant peek at the frequency.

        FYI, when WD say 5400 on their data sheet they mean 5400. When they say 7200 they mean 7200.
        When they say '5400 Class', they mean 7200.

        Some people don't mind the extra rpm, others are upset that they have more heat to manage.

  • Interested , what drives are inside ?

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    I think the 12tb Xbox ext drives are best shucked.

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      It depends. They're much louder, cause more vibration, and generate more heat.

      They're faster, and 'should' be more reliable but not everyone wants louder and hotter drives for a little bit of extra transfer speed.

      • Dont know why you were downvoted for that - its correct.

  • Looks good! Just my concern for how long it takes to deliver? I heard of stories buyers still waiting for 5-6 weeks order

    • I ordered 4 last time prices fell into a similar range. 2 arrived in 5 days (no lie) and the other 2 took 2.5 weeks to arrive

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    Still hoping for a 16TB black Friday miracle!

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      I hope for 300 for 14 tb one.

  • What are people storing?

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      Linux ISO's

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      Multiple Versions and distros of Linux ISOs ofcourse!

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        And then you need to back up those Linux ISOs

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      Romantic movies.

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      Entire backups of all the streaming services, when the world ends then we’ll see whose laughing about the data hording.

      • Oh! You mean Linux ISO's?

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          Yup. Until the Linux Corporation releases them all again in 8K, then I'll have to rebuild my entire library of Linux ISOs and quadruple my storage. But such is the life of the ISO horder. One day these drives too will join the trash heap along with the mountain of copied to blank VHS movies, blank cassette tapes, floppy discs, all the 500MB drives, all the 5GB drives, all the 500GB drives, and soon all my 15GB drives will be useless. It's an entire personal enterprise that never ends.

  • USB 3.0 only? Mobiles are already USB-C 3.2. I prefer to future proof. Any suggestions for USB-C (not asking for USB-4 yet ;)?
    Wouldn't it be great to connect Galaxy Note with DEX to huge external drive?

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      USB 3.0 max theoretical throughput is 625MB/s which is about 2-3x more than than any mechanical drive can provide. SSDs are a different story…

      Would be interesting to get a USB to USB-C adapter and see if that Galaxy Note will be able to cope with a 12TB drive!

  • GaAs, could you tell a bit more re replacing power adapter with AU one? Just tell them "hey, I bought one from amazon and now I can't plug it into the wall socket…" sorta thing? Thanks.

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      You need to register the device on WD support, then raise a support case, letting them know that you bought it via Amazon AU and received a UK power adapter. They will ship out an AU power adapter for you for free. Great service!

      Alternatively just use a power adapter from UK to AU socket.

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        I got in touch before I even had the drives, provided Amazon proof of purchase and they sent me a box of au adapter's and cables. Don't need to register it seems

        • Where did you go to request the AU adapter?

          Do you have a link?


  • Still waiting for my WD 14 TB that was $299 last month on prime day to arrive, Amazon UK is super slow.

    • I bet they sold a truckload and were on back order?

    • A workmate got his about a week after the sale! Mine turned up last week, hopefully yours are not far away.

    • Waited nearly four weeks for mine only for it to be "damaged in transit" on Friday and then "lost by carrier" on Monday :(
      Had to initiate the refund process with Amazon, too, as it didn't hit their automated refund system.

  • Is this WD one any different from below?


    in terms of drive type (speed, etc)

    Are they the same and just the cover (enclosure) design different?


    • Not the exact same but yes 5400 whites inside both it seems

  • I heard this My Book has encryption mechanism inside, so once the enclosure failed then the owner would lose the data - sounds risky isn't it?

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      That was previously the case with older versions. With these, if you do not setup an encryption password then you can remove the drive from the enclosure to recover data in case the enclosure has a fault.

      See here: