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LG CX 65" Self-Lit OLED Smart 4K TV with AI ThinQ $3820 ($675 off) @ JB Hi-Fi


General black friday sale of this TV. From what I hear they don't have a massive supply of stock due to the PS5/XSX gamers. Price is the same at TGG. Cheers. Assuming this ends Friday?

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  • put price in title, not discount

  • Price in title

  • Don't do that, man

  • Jesus, my ticker is going nuts.

  • Imagine this was $675 wow

  • Yeh I read it as $675 for a OLED … I was going go out and buy two :P

  • $675 off ??

    $3820 + $59 delivery

  • Ahh, sorry guys… just signed up and wanted to post before work etc… apologies… be nice. Thanks to whoever adjusted the title for me.

  • $3629 at tgg ebay code PTGG5 , think you can negotiate better in store, or wait to see if tgg or bing lee do a 20% off on ebay during black friday

  • Waiting for it to go under $3500

    • I bought one at TGG for $3455 inclusive of delivery

      • Did you call them and ask for a deal?

        • Just went in store and showed a receipt on my phone which they didn't even check properly lol

      • Thanks mate! No one would accept this reciept. not even good guys. they only got as low as 3680. which is still works then the better ebay deal earlier in the year.

        Took it to David Jones and they had a display model. They didnt have any brand new ones anywhere, warehouse included. Got it for 3300 when i showed him your receipt. you're the best!

      • Thanks so much! I used this at TGG in Essendon and they went for it straight away. Granted I seemed to have a ridiculously chilled sales guy who seemed more excited for the price than I was but it's still worth a shot for anyone else.

    • I got mine for $3600 and received $300 Cashback around March. With discount gift cards net was $3160.
      It can definitely be negotiated down…

  • It was $3600 in August and November, about that on GG ebay now, not only that but approx $2800 for the 65 C9 last year. This is not a good price.

  • So Glad this is self lit. I’d hate to try and light up my own TV.

  • I bought one at TGG for $3455 inclusive of delivery

    Just keep in mind that if you buy from VIC you might be waiting at least a week or two for delivery as they have no stock in stores due to high demand. It'll be delivered direct from LG. I believe only 1 store had stock at time of purchase. I bought it on 9/11 and received it 20/11.

  • Likely to be less Boxing Day Sales?

  • Lol here I am waiting for 3k :(

  • Originally thought this was an LG CX 65 inch for $675 - thought 2 things 1st got to be fake/trolling/price error and 2nd im buying 5 Click and collect driving there now to pick it up b4 they cancel it on me!

    Thanks for the deal OP but for me it is still a little too expensive - for an average OzB like me COVID hasn't been kind to me this year - share portfolio took a beating!!

    I do think if you wait for the Ps5/Xbox SX hype to clam down a little these 2020 TVs will drop esp with 2021 around the corner - i can see the LGCX hitting the <3k mark and the BX <2.5k in the not too distant future.

  • TGG just matched the JB price on their store… might just have to wait it out :(

  • The LG CX 65 in model is on sale for USD 1900 at BestBuy atm… sad we have to pay these inflated prices in Australia.
    I’ll be heading to the stores tonight for a good deal (hopefully) - looking to get CX 65 and Samsung Frame 50 in. Will report back if something interesting happens.

  • What are your thoughts on getting the extended warranty? Are there any common issues (besides burn in, which will be almost never happen in my use case) that would warrant the extra warranty?

  • Grabbed it for $3340 shipped from TGG. Can't recommend them enough. One of the smoothest transactions I've had. JBHIFI were not interested in matching 3400 citing demand and low stock lol

    • $3340 is a great price, was this in store?

      • Yep, sure did. If anyone in south Brisbane area is looking for this deal, I recommend popping into the Oxley store if you're having no luck with your local stores. Actual price was $3285 and $55 for delivery.

        • Is it possible to link me your invoice want to try and get the same deal at another store.

          • @Cryptik: Hey mate, the guy below added his receipt. Should be good with that. TGG were amazing. You should be able to get $3200 + delivery. I recommend their 3rd party delivery service. They guys were professional and the tv was upright (apparently this is important with this tv) the whole time.

  • Anyone in WA managed to grab one around $3400 mark? Please share your receipt or store.

  • Hi All,

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    Been researching the LG CX 65 for a little while now, and even went into both TGG and JB stores yesterday for Black Friday to get a deal but the best I could get was $3,750 + delivery…I walked out.

    Called TGG today after seeing a South Brisbane deal at their Oxley store for $3,285 + delivery and used that…was able to secure $3,200 + delivery.

    Will upload receipt shortly. Cheers

    • Hey mate, can you post the receipt please. Or message me a photo.

    • Please post link to the receipt)

    • Hey there - which TGG store did you call to get this price of $3,285? Cheers

      • Hi mate, it's in my post - Oxley.
        Thought you guys would be proud, I actually went back in and suggested that they did a better deal for some I referred and they refunded me money to match $3200. Very happy with the service and the tv is amazing!

    • Thats nuts defs interested in a receipt.

    • Seems you posted it as a deal they dont take negotiated deals as posts can you post the receipt here? Is there anyway an admin can access and report the receipt?

  • Might have double posted!!

  • https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/376190/84938/tgg.png

    Sorry if this doesn't work the first time…

  • Was at the Robina store on the GC (Gold Coast).

    • Thanks mate - did you negotiate the price over the phone, or in store?
      I've tried negotiating with TGG over the phone in the past but they said "we don't price match ourselves", or when they ask for the date on the ozbargainer's receipt they pull the line "that was a special offer last month".
      Do you happen to have a copy of the receipt with the date on it? That might bring me more luck next time I try them!

      • Just go to the store and straight up ask if they can do $3200 plus delivery if you purchase it in full right then and there. It's doable for them and easy commision. I don't see why it will be a problem since you know it's a good deal for you and its not below their set margins since a few of us have now done it. I wouldn't bother on the phone, face to face is the way to go on this one.
        Let us know how you go mate.