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Up to 25% off - Official Roborock Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale


Official Roborock Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale.

Award Winning Robot Vacuum and Handheld Vacuum.

From 23rd - 11:59pm 30th Nov

S6 MaxV - 15% Off ($1199RRP)
2021 Product Review Winner for Best Robot Vacuum - https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/xiaomi-roborock-s6...

S5 Max - 25% Off ($999 RRP)
2021 Product Review Winner for Best Robot Vacuum - https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/roborock-s5-max

S6 Pure - 25% Off ($799 RRP)

H6 Handheld - 25% Off ($699 RRP) -
2021 Product Review Winner Best Handheld - https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/xiaomi-roborock-h6

Comes with 1 year official warranty.
Free shipping!

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  • Be nice if somewhere in the description it actually said what this is and what it does.

  • Is Roborock rebadged Xiaomi?

    • +1 vote

      Roborock is part of the xiaomi ecosystem - our products work on the mi home app but we have our own app as well with more features.

  • Avoid the s6maxV. The build quality on them is atrocious and AI is still to young to be worth the extra over the s5max

    • is build quality only bad for s6maxV? Or for s5max as well?

      • S6maxV. Take a look at the fb groups and reddit for all the reported issues. Main being the roller brush not running at all on carpet and very brittle plastics easy to break

        • I have to respectfully disagree. My S6V Max is rock solid and continually sucks up stuff every day. Roller works perfectly, AI is stellar and I've only had one issue where it started doing a little dance on the spot trying to reposition itself. But for a first robovac, I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase.

          If people are finding parts are breaking off, then they might just be a little bit less gentle than I am with mine.

          • @KangaDrew: Key being its your first and you dotn really know how it sucks compared to the s5max especially compared to the way the roller works on carpets. A Google search will highlight the issues on the s6maxV

            • @Dezeption: It would seriously be useful if you could post links. I have searched and found a few scattered complaints, but nothing as endemic as you suggest.

              I'm super interested because I want the improved mopping functionality (allegedly) of the s6maxV.

              • @dzhay: The reddit group and the roborock user group. "roborock S5 max/s6 robot vaccum cleaner fan" fb group. Has a bunch of videos anf pics of the rollers not working, the caster wheels broken. Even some reports of no water coming out of the mop.

                Also there really isn't a mopping improvement. That small improvement was the full coverage cloth that come out with the s6maxV but now even the s5max is being shipped with the updated cloth

  • Need to do better than that. S5 max $711 here at gearbite https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583287

  • It's a shame that this doesn't cover accessories

  • So normal prices?

  • nah… prices get a lot better than this