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DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo $674 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi


Noticed this sale at JB Hi-Fi.

A few other DJI models also on sale. Eg DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K Drone with Smart Controller is $2678 down from $3099

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    price beat at ow

    • it is only available online. Price beat isn't available for online items.

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        "Our Price Beat Guarantee includes products you find online - as long as the item is identical and in stock. "

        • I meant office works online store. The item is only available from office works on their online store
          "You cannot obtain the PBG via our online store."

          • @Nooblet69: Oh right. Sorry didn't get your meaning the first time.
            I suppose people can still call them to attempt a price beat then collect in store?

  • Store in title.

  • How do I get Karens to not stare at me every time I fly a drone within the restrictions?

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      do it naked.

    • Say hi to them. You never know, they might not be Karens and might be staring at you for other reasons…

    • Karen only exists in Bunnings, so do it away from Bunnings .

  • The Mavic Mini is completely obsolete now that the Mini 2 has been released. The Mini 2 is so much better it's not even worth considering the Mini (1) anymore.

    • Please elaborate on "so much better".

      I won't comment on value because I got my mini 1 for $490, 11 months ago.

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        Quieter, stronger against the wind, better signal , better resolution , controller pad better designed and the number is larger from 1 to 2 .

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      I just read a couple of articles. To me, the only thing better is 4K vs 2.7K video. The rest, like better range, more powerful rotors and raw photos are nice to haves. It doesn't justify the extra $350 for it. At least, to me…

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        Occusync 2.0. Huge difference.

        • That alone is worth the difference in pricing

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            @AL008: Better range, sure, but 6kms out? When will you fly 6kms out? I was flying my P2V+ back in the day and even at 1km out at sea, I was really nervous.

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              @Ameowzon: It’s not as much about advertised range as it is about stability within the range spectrum.

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            @AL008: Nah not worth the price difference of $150 or $275 if you factor in current sale prices. If you want Ocusync, better off buying a used/refurb Mavic Pro if thats your goal. If you're intent is simply to put the quad up a short distance away and take a few quick snaps and videos for social media, the Mini 1 with 2.7k will do the trick. Mini 1/2 also share the same camera sensor module (confirmed by looking at teardown video).

            • @BargainKen: how come same sensor but one can take 4k one cannot ?
              mavic pro would be over 250grams and need paperworks i heard?

              • @ChiMot: That would be down to the SoC which handles all the image processing on the drone. Even the Mini1's Ambarella H22 is technically capable of 4K/60 however would have been disabled due to thermals (The Mini line only uses passive cooling, not active cooling like the larger drones)

                Teardown here: (skip to the 10min mark for the camera module)


                MP is around 700grams

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        read this about Occusync 2.0 from one member

        That's a commonly seen question and also one often I am asked. In fact this is not true. A wider-range-capable radio connection always means it is more stable and reliable. People are always like "I'm not gonna fly this little thing that far so I don't need such capability". But this is a myth. A more stable and reliable signal transmission, i.e. the conection established between the drone and the remote in your hands, always means it has better interference resistance, faster delivery of every bit of the signal (OcuSync is a full digital transmission system other than traditional analogue), and some other advanced features like better resilience. You don't have to fly that far, pushing it to the limit to experience its benefits. By far you might still be wondering what these mean to consumers. Well, in very simple words, better interference resistance = 1. you'll see better and smoother real-time picture captured on your phone 2. your flying will be more secured as you won't lose control of your drone, which happens commonly and intermittently when you fly in high interference area like in CBD (and if you lose control of the drone in CBD that's very dangerous!) Faster delivery = more responsive of the drone and lower latency for the picture and video you're capturing. As for better resilience, that's a long story and long enough to be explained in a paper. I'll try to explain as simple as I can: OcuSync is a digital transmission system that works in a broadcast-alike pattern. The connection established between the drone and remote is simple and reliable but if for some unknow reason it is lost, it has the ability to re-establish in milliseconds, which is critical to flying safety. Mini 1 uses the common WiFi with enhanced signal, i.e. more power output. But we all know that WiFi was not designed for this purpose at all. Once the signal is lost, because of the limitation of WiFi protocol, the system has to re-build the connection right from the lower data link layer right to the top appliacation layer (something like the OSI TCP/IP model if you know what I'm talking about). This is a huge cost of the system resource, resulting in the re-build process would take seconds instead of milliseconds. In the world of flying, this is literally the difference between black and white, life and death. It's the difference between you can recover the control and take your drone with remote back home, and the case you walk home alone with only the remote control.

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          Why do you do this? I'm supposed to be looking at a budget drone. Now I can't…

          • @Ameowzon: yeah same with me now im torn and in dilemma 1st class world problem cant decide.
            but seriously, i think if you can afford mini 2 (even the normal one not the fly more is still ok), then get mini 2.
            no point spending $450 and not happy

            • @ChiMot: I've canned the idea. The problem is the restrictions in Victoria. I can't fly even in open area like Mornington Peninsula because of Parks Victoria where they don't allow drones ( Until they loosen the restrictions, I won't get another drone.

              I kept getting back into this though. I had a P2V+ (sold), 2 Sparks (sold, bought, sold) and now wanting to repeat the same mistake :(

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    get this gc,
    down to 650 * 0.85 + 24 = $576.5

    • max $500 gift card can be used i think according to some comments on the page 3 and 4…
      still not bad..
      what is 24 on your calculation? delivery?

      • 650 gc + 24 cash = 674 (original price). I think they are saying max $500 you can get from Coles per transaction.

        • no i think they are saying you can only use $500 in jbhifi.

  • Amazom now have it at the same price. Going to try and price match at Harvey Norman later today.

  • Same as from dji store :

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