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Lenovo: 20% Cashback (Cap $200), Liquorland 22% (Cap $25), THE ICONIC 25% (Expired), Cotton on 25% (Expired) @ ShopBack


Some good flash cashback deals today and tomorrow 25/11.

Today 24/11 -

Tomorrow 25/11 -

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  • Liquorland cashback stacks with the refund coupons they gave everyone for the mountain brews pricing error?

  • Hi Op, do you have any cashback deals for aliexpress?

  • I'm hoping cashrewards can match shopback with iconic. I've got half a dozen purchases that where nit tracked when using shopback.

  • I'm working from an old Lenovo i5 thinkpad with broken screen hinges.

    Is an E14 a good buy given the black friday sale and extra 20% off? It would come down to about 800 depending on the model.

  • If you want a cheap gaming laptop with a mid tier gpu and found that the y7000 deal is sold out, this is pretty much the same machine

  • Have to wonder if Ebay coincidentally gets flooded with laptops after every big cashback offer.

    Looking for a budget laptop that'll last me a few good years, yet to find a deal comparable to the aspire 5 I missed before though. Just don't feel comfortable spending more than $500 on myself :/

    • Would you consider a Chromebook?

      I'm getting my daughter the Lenovo Flex 5 (13.3", flip, touchscreen etc) from JB HiFi tomorrow for $499. Comes with 7 years of update support from Google.

  • Shopback can be applied on Lenovo's education store as well. So it would bring the L28U-30 4K UHD IPS Monitor down to $298 which has the same panel as Samsung and Philip's 28' monitor (UR55) from InnoLux

  • I couldn't find the Lenovo Duet Chromebook on the Lenovo website =/

  • Can I redeem this cash back on multiple purchases from the same store? I.e have 2 seperate iconic orders and redeem the 25% cashback on both?

    • I had the same question…I am thinking it's probably capped total $25 per shopback account.
      So to be safe I have signed my wife up to shopback (make sure you do a referral from your account so you get the refer bonus of $15) and also signed her up to iconic.
      Don't want to run the risk of using her shopback account on my iconic account and them not honouring it.

      I am thinking that this is the fail safe way of taking advantage of the increased cashback!

  • Stay far away from any Shopback x The Iconic upsized deals.

    Literally every single deal there are major issues where orders do not track and the rep does not care.


    • I'm still trying to track a purchase from a month ago, and shopback are being helpful but it still hasn't tracked.

      Find the largest issue with buying clothes online comma is if you want to return one item you will lose all the cashback.

      • Whilst I agree it's a pain and there are issues, mine eventually got sorted.

        Took nearly a month and you have to be persistent with them

        They do make out that somehow you're at fault. Tbh if the rep or shop back genuinely have this many issues with the merchant, why go through the hassle of having the iconic. Because I have never had an issue with any other merchant through shop back

  • Damn, jumped on the 10% cashback + $100 yesterday with Dell. 20% from Lenovo may have been the play?

  • Is this an Intel only cashback, or will and laptops purchases receive cashback as well?

  • OP will this include any purchase from Lenovo website?
    I'm particularly interested in the IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebook 11" - Intel Celeron:

  • Does it work with Blackfriday code from Lenovo website?

    • They've generally told us if the code isn't from another company that gets commission and is a code advertised on the sellers website,it should be ok.


      Any promo codes listed on the Lenovo website will work :) If the code isn't listed on their website, it won't.

  • Does it work with lenovo education portal?

  • My 'The Iconic' order tracked, do I need to worry any further? Given SB's history?

  • I have a student beans account, interested in the USI pen for the Duet Chromebook. It was $41 there but the webcart wasn't working, I am trying the code BLACKFRIDAY to see if it is cheaper via normal website but no luck. Also shopback is saying 6% rather than 20%.

  • Can anyone confirm that you can use both 20% cashback as well as black Friday coupon for Lenovo?

  • I'm not seeing any 20% cashback (cap $200) @ Lenovo on the Shopback page.
    All deals I'm seeing at https://www.shopback.com.au/lenovo show a 6% cashback.
    Will the 20% Lenovo cashback deal automatically start appearing at 6:00pm today?

    • There's a banner in the home page about it, although you click on it and it does not show any additional information. I suppose it will be updated during the day or at 6pm

  • Will the Shopback 22% off at Liquorland promo showup on their site to click thru?

    Edit: YES .. it does! :-)

    • I'm either happy or annoyed…. Went to order 2 cases of Coopers sparkling - 1 case was $59 - 2 cases $40….this is a pricing mistake which probably won't be honoured! Need to order 2 cases to make it worthwhile for the free shipping so can't place them separately!…. So I ended up ordering 5 cases for $100 with free shipping - unlikely I'll get them but if I do ;) !

      • hopefully if it's just you it goes through mate

      • Product Coopers Sparkling Ale Bottle 375mL is no longer ranged in NSW :(

      • Pricing error has now been fixed. Here is hoping the earlier orders go through.

      • Damn. Showing $56 and $112 for me :(

        • My orders weren't cancelled yet but on assumption they will be I've ordered 2 more cases at the correct price $118 (NSW more expensive I guess!) - Now hoping the shopback will track for that order!!

      • As expected…order cancelled.. No customer service contact or notifications from Liquorland… just a PayPal refund…

        Edit - just received email

        Thank you for your recent order with us.

        We have procedures in place to help minimize out of stock situations, however unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we are currently out of stock of Coopers Sparkling Ale Bottle 375mL.

        We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused, as we certainly understand how frustrating it is when a product ordered is unavailable.

        As there is no suitable replacement for this product, we have cancelled your order and issued a refund in full.

        We understand that this may cause inconvenience and as a gesture of goodwill towards your next Delivery or Click & Collect purchase, we would like to offer you a $10.00 credit discount. This can be used online only for any purchase over $10.00 - T&C's apply.

        No stock indeed 😂 (LIES!) lol! Strangely my other order hasn't been cancelled yet…

  • I bought some boozes and choose them from here https://www.liquorland.com.au/specials/bonus-2000?pid=pr_lan....
    I can get 4000 flybuys poits YEAH!

  • Wow, Shopback made me change password, and went in circles for 20 minutes with error messages and emails. Wouldn't let me sign in until 4:01, so missed the 12-4 upsized cashback, AND the item I wanted sold out., Probably why I haven't used them since April (nor likely ever again, time to cash-out)
    At least I got Flybuys, thanks Op

  • 6pm already onli 6% for lenovo

  • It shows 20% but still not clear if it works with BLACKFRIDAY code. I wouldn't buy based on this. It's a gamble.

  • Ahhh!
    Used chrome with all extensions disabled and went into shopback site, clicked on the 20% lenovo cashback. It tracked everything to first page and than I bought a Legion Y540 (15) at $1559 and it did not track till the end.

    Logged into Cashback site and nothing. Says it knows I was on the site at 19:35 but I did not buy anything.

    Whole Point of the purchase today was a further $200 discount.
    I would have bought 1 anyway during Black Friday sales but wouldn't have gone all out with extended warranty etc.
    Not impressed with shopback. Never had any issues with the other mob

    • Normally it will take few hours to a day to get it registered I guess. my question is not that Shopback still have upsized 20% cashback for Lenovo, so I'm not sure what they had during 6pm-8pm

  • worked for me… got 20% off Lenovo.

    • disabled ublock
    • enabled shopback extension
    • activated shopback
    • made the purchase (used BLACKFRIDAY code)
    • got confirmation about 3 hours later for the full $200