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25% Cashback ($35 Cap) at The Iconic via ShopBack


Shopback is offering 25% cashback at THE ICONIC with cap $35.


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$15 for referrer and $15 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • random question but why is it on some deals that OPs referral shows up, but on others, it doesn't? for eg, Shopback posts dont show OP referral but CR does? anyone know why?

  • The last time Shopback had an upsized cashback for The Iconic, they didn't pay out for a ton of orders which many members on here reported - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532014

    • I’ve had gripes in the past with both ShopBack and Cashrewards, but Cashrewards is streaks ahead in customer service and even honoring claims / goodwill.

      • I am currently having massive problems with Cashrewards trying to not honour a purchase. And the reward is significant and completely legit.

        • Having same problem with a purchase made during eBay upsized cashback promo.

        • Same. For me it was a 15% upsized cashback for Net a Porter and the purchase was over $800. So the cackback would’ve been about $150. The purchase tracked but the cachback amount was only based on normal rate. Gave cashrewards all the evidence, Inc order confirmation email. Not honouring, kept saying NAP is investigating. This is BS. NEVER AGAIN.

  • You can stack this with their current 30% off promotion! (selected styles)

    • Does the 25% off apply to the original price or the discounted price( after 30%)?

      • I would assume the 25% cashback would be based on the amount of your cart after the 30% off promo.

  • site is down for me - bet they are making changes to the discount offering

  • Has anyone noticed Iconic increasing prices lately? I've noticed a few items in my wishlist have increased but not sure if it's just organic or if it's in line with their extra % off sales..

  • Does anybody know if this is capped at $35 per transaction or per Shopback account?

  • While this is a great deal, it's not a great deal if you're buying a number of things because if you return or exchange anything then the whole cashback is void. I find that with buying clothes you regularly tend to send some things back.

    • is that the case? I always thought it was calculated based on the final amount you spend after return window closes which is why the cash would take so long to be available to you?

    • It's a hassle - but you could just place individual orders for items that you might return.

    • I always thought it wouldnt show up if it was an exchange. Uh oh did I ruin a previous CB…

  • +3 votes

    Pretty good price on ultraboost 20 shoes if anyone missed the previous deal, $137.

  • I ended up with some great prices on Oxford dress shoes original retailer round 270 already discounted plus the 30% brought pairs down to around $70 each plus than the cash back so ended up with two pairs for $145 excluding cashback

  • Anyone else received less cash back than 25%? I had a transaction if $220 and only received $17.50 cash back.

  • My checkout failed at payment step. The order is shown as processing but I think it'll probably get rejected. If I make another order, would I still be eligible for cashback on my 2nd order?

  • Both my transaction and my sister's from the 28th have still not gone through with Shopback.
    Reported as missing cashback, sent proof of order, then again emailed with proof of delivery of the items. Only ordered because of the great cashback amount, thinking of returning at least some of the items as I don't think Shopback will properly get back to us before the 30 day returns period is up. Have only received generic responses from Shopback.

  • Order finalised/paid/confirmed at 17.59.

    Email confirmation from the iconic at 18.01.

    Cutting it fine. Let's see what happens.

    Edit: Yep - tracked