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The ICONIC: 20% Cashback (Was 3.5%) ($30 Cap) @ ShopBack


Flash upsized cashback between 4-8pm AEST.

Nice cashback to stack with the following deals -

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$10 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Iconic exclusives? is that all full priced items?

  • I have a small doubt .. Maybe it was a well know query which was known by everyone ..

    If I buy few shirt, pants with the discounts provided by them + Shop back discounts … and I end up returning one or two, will I be scrapped of that 30% discount?
    I know cashback is based on the value which I have spent without return.
    But what about the discounts .. Since they have mentioned that its applicable only for min spend of 120…

    Thanks ..

    • Yeah that’s my question as well. I always buy multiple sizes and return what doesn’t fit.
      Will that cancel the entire cashback, or of what I return?

      • Done this on a previous occasion, essentially you'll get a cash back for the entire order at the start and the cashback earned on the items returned is clawed back subsequently.

        • But What about this one ?

          30% off ICONIC exclusives (minimum $120 spend) - promo code SBISTWO.

          If I buy around $140, and get access the 30% discount… While if some sizes doesn't fit and I return the item, they would scrape off that 30% discount since my total purchase is less than 120, lets say $118 ..

  • Any idea if it can be stacked with this


    • I can't find that particular code on Shopback's website, so although the transaction could track, it will end up being rejected unless Shopback have listed the code

  • Can get further 20 percent off Mantra bag from Crumpler as it looks like its on sale here too.


  • only once per account?

  • +2 votes

    Stupid question if I'm using credit thats in my iconic account will the 20% cashback still apply? or its only if you pay with actual payment sources (ie a debit/credit card/paypal)

    • current T&Cs for Shopback x The Iconic (so i assume it wouldnt change for the promo).

      Also minimum spend $120

      Cashback is not qualified for:
      - Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
      - Returns, exchanges & cancellations
      - Purchases using gift cards or store credit
      - Purchases through THE ICONIC App
      - As of 23rd March 2020, orders to NZ will not be commissionable

      • Good call highlighting the minimum spend - need to add to OP

        Of course the pants I want are $119.97

        • If you look at the banner, the $120 min spend is with reference to the 30% off exclusives deal and not the 20% cashback.

          • @dealbot: i get that, but how many times a day do you see lazy OzB users who need to spoonfed info.

            Might also be good to note that you should be able to stack with targeted CommBank rewards cashbacks. Mine is $15 cashback for $125 spend.

          • @dealbot: oh great - new pants incoming

            • @Miso: mehhh you can't even unselect your credit and pay with a regular payment source to qualify for this cashback!

              ORRRR… I buy something that will use up my credit, return it to get a credit again!
              And buy all the stuff I want as a 2nd transaction paying with a regular source.

              Hmmmmm… too hard basket maybe.

  • The last time a cash back sale like this ran, I couldn't find anything to buy. I've now purchased the sale items that I like even though I wouldn't get the cash back offer. Of course, I've voted +ve as to appreciate your effort, and to acknowledge that there may be others who will benefit from this.

  • How come shopback says 8%?

  • Also relevant 4.5% cashback + 20% off selected style @ cashrewards: https://www.cashrewards.com.au/the-iconic#coupons

    Used it yesterday, unfortunately I would imagine the cashrewards could will not stack with shopback

  • Sorry a dumb question.
    How to get the cashback from shopback? Do I need to enter a promotion code?


  • Just saw the price jack back up by 25% on some items. Anyone monitoring it?

  • Not working for me ?


  • You've gotten the deal wrong. The 20% cashback only applies to the Iconic exclusives.

    EDIT: Nevermind the shopback page just updated.

  • Not even showing the store on the Shopback chrome extension for me :(

    Edit: Works clicking through Shopback page

  • crumpler mantra backpacks soldout in black and grey already… so fast.

    they were there around 3:40pm-ish.

    • There was only one in black before the extra cashback started, few more in grey. You can still get all colours on the crumpler website with lesser cashback than Iconic.

  • Pretty stoked with picking up some Salomon Evasion Gortex boots for $85.99 shipped after all discounts (RRP $290). Very limited sizes left. Lucky they had my size =D


    • Did you use any public codes to get to your final price and do you know if the sizes run large or small?

      • I still paid $115.99 at checkout. I didn't use any additional codes as I didn't want to risk that voiding the 20% ShopBack ($30) cashback bonus. Waiting for the cashback to be tracked however. I've never owned Salomon shoes before but The Iconic has an interactive tool to help you pick the right shoe size

  • Had a 20$ off after subscribing to the newsletter and now 20% off with cash back.

    Thank you OP

  • ordered but no confirmation?

  • is SBISTWO working for anyone?

  • Now waiting for the shopback tracking confirmation….

  • Ordered twice. Dont think it works wuth afterpay… Can anyone confirm ?

    Payment processing error on app. But got email from iconic and afterpay with order confirmation. But ShopBack didnt finalize the sale…

  • Thanks. I ordered, but I've also not received a ShopBack confirmation email yet… has anyone else?

  • Still waiting on shopback cash back confirmation after ordering at pretty much 4pm on the dot yesterday.

  • Anyone here just not receive cashback at all? I've submitted a claim w/ SB but not holding my breath. Will just return the item if SB don't pay anything.

  • my cashback did not track. Raised a claim with SB, they say iconic rejected it because it was not attributed to SB. rep, can we get some help please?

    • +2 votes

      I have the exact same situation. Never had a problem before and know I didn't click through anywhere else. The cynic in me can't help but think it's a way to lure people in and then save themselves having to pay out the $30 cashback.

    • Hi LG-13, sorry to hear about this. If you haven't already yet could you please respond directly to the email you received about the rejection so the team can check on your claim again?

      • Thanks, I have done that. Reason I raised this is that seems a few others are having the same problem. Is there a systematic issue?

  • Mine also got rejected and I was VERY careful this time as well as I've had poor experience w/ SB in the past. I even did it all on a different browser to avoid any potential extension conflicts - but nope. I'm done with SB and will be returning my item from Iconic as well.

  • Another rejection here.
    Not a total noob to cashback game (received $40+ from cashcack previously) - but SB rejected the cashback claim due to:

    1. Using promo codes that are not eligible for cashback - none used
    2. Opening of web pages (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers after clicking through ShopBack - purchase made immediately after being forwarded from SB
    3. Clicking through to another page from a banner or an advertisement on the store’s website whilst shopping - searched for the item, added to cart, the purchased straight away without any other clicks.

    Is it just me that find the experience with Cashrewards much easier?

  • I'm still waiting for a response from shopback about my claim. They said a response can take up to 14 days. If they don't honor it I'm just going to send everything back to the iconic. Cash rewards is much more user friendly and turnaround times are quicker (tracking and withdrawals).

  • Same rejection response for my cashback claim when I did not make any of the mistakes they mentioned in generic response (and I let them know of the 20% off selected styles was used that occurs automatically at checkout):

    "Thank you for your patience!

    Upon receiving the updates from The Iconic, your Missing Cashback claim for Order ID XX was rejected because your order was not attributed to ShopBack.

    While you have made a purchase on The Iconic via the ShopBack platform, the following scenarios may have disrupted the trackability of your transaction:
    1. Using promo codes that are not eligible for cashback
    2. Opening of web pages (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers after clicking through ShopBack
    3. Clicking through to another page from a banner or an advertisement on the store’s website whilst shopping

    Here are some tips to ensure a successful transaction:
    1. Avoid the above-mentioned scenarios during your next purchase
    2. Clear your shopping cart before clicking through ShopBack
    3. Use a Private Window or Incognito mode on your browser
    4. Please disable Antivirus/cleanup or Adblocker application completely as it may disrupt the tracking of cashback
    We hope these tips and tricks will help you in getting your next (and subsequent) Cashback tracked successfully. Feel free to reach out to us at any time should you have any further questions.
    Happy shopping!

  • Is anyone actually going to look into this or are reps just going to be selective in processing claims for deals that have the most outrage on here, lol?