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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) Wi-Fi 32GB (Silver Only) US$185.20 / A$254.94 Delivered @ Amazon US


Great price for the new Samsung tablet. Reviews on youtube seem pretty positive.
Will need to purchase from Amazon US, as the price on Amazon US with shipping is still cheaper than the Amazon AU International store.

Product Page: https://www.samsung.com/au/tablets/galaxy-tab-a7-t500/SM-T50...
10.4" 2000x1200 TFT LCD
Snapdragon 662 SOC
3GB RAM, 32GB Storage
Android 10 + OneUI 2.5 CORE
Quad Stereo Speakers + Dolby Atmos
Metal Back, USB C, Headphone Jack, Expandable Memory
7040 mAh Battery

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  • Are these only good for general browsing and light use?
    Wondering what the utility of this is, versus the s7 tab

    • Yes. I bought it for my kids who will most likely playing some basic games / watching videos / some educational apps.
      I would not expect it to handle any advance games.

    • This is an upgrade from the TAB A 2018, which I own and can play Android games on it such as car racing games, flight simulators etc, no issues. The CPU on this is a slight upgrade from the TAB A 2018 model. In answer to your question the TAB A7 10.4 is the budget model and in no way compares to the TAB S7 which I own also. If the TAB A7 10.4 is a genuine upgrade from the TAB A 2018 (which it is meant to be) then it's a great tablet for web browsing and "light" gaming.

      • SD662 is much faster than SD429. SD662 is slightly underclocked SD660 to be more energy efficient. This one does around 165k Antutu whereas the old Tab A8 is around 69k.

        Screen is bigger and sharper (higher dpi as well as bigger). Speakers are much better. Also newer so supported longer. This is also all metal build with plastic around antenna only, and small bezel.

        Edited: was confused with Tab A 10.1 2019 which has Exynos 7904, which is still faster than SD429.

        • Slow down there @Bigboomboom! I don't think there is a TAB A8 unless you mean one of the several 8" models.
          The TAB A 2018 10.5" has a SD450 not a SD429. The TAB A 10.1 2019 is quite different to the TAB A 2018 and the TAB A7 2020. The TAB A 10.1 2019 has a different CPU (Exynos 7904) and GPU (Mali-G71 MP2) to the other models. Also the TAB A 10.1 2019 only has a TFT screen that's smaller at 10.1", whereas the TAB A 2018 and the TAB A7 have larger screens (10.5" 10.4" respectively) and both use the better quality IPS LCD screens. Finally it only has 2 speakers where the other 2 have 4 speakers.

          • @PukeyLuke: You are right, the Tab A 10.5 has SD 450 which has all 8 A53 clocked at 1.8Ghz, which can't really compare with SD662 with 4 x A73 at 2.0 and 4 x A53 at 1.8 though. SD450 is more or less Exynos 7904, still a lot slower than SD662.

    • IIRC this SOC is the Exynos 9611 SD662 one which is roughly equal to a SD660, which is roughly the same as a Helio P60.

      So midrange at best. Can play Asphalt 9 at high settings with minimal slow down. Does stutter when a heap of particles are in the air.

      As past users have stated the brightness isn’t that bright just under 300nits.

      Sorry Exynos one is in the Tab S6 Lite.

      • It's a budget tablet with Widevine L1 and decent performance, better than Chinese tablets if you don't need LTE.

  • Is this better than Tab S6 lite?


  • probably comes with US charger and no local samsung support (local samsung support is the worst at most times).
    any problems direct to amazon.

  • So I was waiting for the S6 Lite to come right on price as my current Tab S does not like H.265 (HEVC) files. Does anyone know (tested) such files with this A7 (2020)?

  • A$286 on amazon.com.au, still sold by Amazon US, but may be worth to wait for any cashback options

  • Thanks!

    Came out for me as $176 US (~$241 AU) with the middle shipping option (before Christmas).

  • Thanks, OP!

    Bought one for US$174.20

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